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Cross Entertainment : I guess he was in a... (Puts on sunglasses) pressing situation!

Jeff Gottwald : Basically the plot of Death Note.

Гражданин Мира : "no deal, I choose the button" =D

I hate unicorns : Years later from when I first watched this and it's still funny.

Navic : My teacher showed the class this in class. OG math teacher.

Yazen Alomary : it was supposed to be like a moral puzzle *presses button* solved

Kill a Commie For Mommy : he just killed around 12 people

Joeri20cm : This is one of my favorite videos ever, if i want to laugh i just rewatch this over and over :D

Anti-Gravity : I wonder what would happen if you pressed the button 8 billion times. Would it kill some alien humans somewhere far away or what?

Claire Smiles : God I wish that box would kill me

Melissa Dunn : I think RT did it WAY better

MauiWowieOwie : Roosterteeth did it better.

Simon Lee : I miss picnicface

E-Man Martr_187 : Remember watching this on Tosh.0

Liv : thank u hawpcast for telling me to watch this it's fkin gold

sydneycastelfan : is there anything funnier than this?

Nathan Brooks : better than the movie

Wunderful : XD this is totally me

Brandinisnores : my finger got caught in this box *DONT! *

westkk99 : he murdered 13 people

Aubree Grossman : Still funny

خالد القرني : my brother died because of him

Wunderful : Me

GH NaTHaN : This is a reference to Roosterteeth

Domas Smaliukas : This is a pressing matter.

gpoop23 : So this is how I know that guy from Mr. D!

patronsaintofpoison : Does anybody know what the song is? I perused the comments looking for an answer, to no avail. Thanks! "NO DEAL!" *deliberate tap

Jose30Yoga : Isn't that guy from Brit N Nick?

The Avatar : If they planned to look clever, it was an Epic Fail !

jotaBDN : me siento representado en este video

Jevon Mayes : 😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂

Madeline Brigit : I couldn't stop laughing

Alegria : I'm Mr. Matheson

Wunderful : Solved

The Bukkakian From The Planet Dillhole : Better than that movie with the old guy missing his face.

dan marguera : anyone knows which song is the ending credits song? :D

TheProkonover : I would smash that button over and over.

truthsmiles : I died when he pressed the button (I got better)

galactamutt : The filter in this video looks like I'm dehydrated. miss these vids

BlurthaLegend : Isn't there an animated version of this?

dijtee : Me XD

Azaela Dryad : Why though just why.

L4rever : чо не по русски(((((ничо не понял🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔лоис кто с пикабу😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Seth Gaertner : Is this the dude from buzzfeed?

Amber Knight : Someone ought to ask... Why didn't the man in the suit close the box?

jbrisby : I'd pound that thing like an orgasm button.

Captain Doomsday : I'd basically be the same up until the point where he refuses the money.

Evan Wenden : You my good sir, have just earned yourself another sub!!!

TrashTierTimmy : The guy with the glasses is in Mr D

Bad Times, Inc. : I'd also do it, all things considered, it's a pretty sweet deal.