Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial

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Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik : I’ve been in the ad business since the 70’s and I just don’t get it anymore. I’ve worked millions of hours, attended thousands of meetings and handled hundreds of clients and in all that time, I never thought that getting two youtube jerkoffs to spend 50 bucks on a commercial would get the bigger audience. Thankfully, I’ve been hired by this place called “Correct the Record” to go online and tell you kids to vote for that gash Hillary. Shit did I type that out loud? Oh no Jimmy you did it again, there goes that job. Knew I shouldn’t have gotten this voice to text software. Burp.

The Waifu Master : 1:00 "Did that rhino just order a drink?" *Plays an elephant sound*

Josh Borduin : you probably thought this car ran on gas. NOOOPE, it's just Chuck's Tesla.

Anthony Long : After many years of interneting, i have returned to where i began my journey.

Serena J. Fleming : That girl seems VERY happy to have Chuck Testa in her bed.

someone : if all the ads are like this , i won't use adblock anymore

bullsquid42 : Is there a live bear in my bed? Oh, thank god, it was just a strange man with a giant dead bear and a camera team.

Jeffrey Smith : Imagine shipping to the wrong address and receiving a leopard corpse in the mail...

TheSpaceguy2 : You thought this was a comment? Nope,just Chuck Testa.

YouZettaSonsOfDigits : Donald Trump just won the election for President! Nope. Just Chuck Testa.

Veggieburger : The irony is that the taxidermized animals look more alive than he sounds. He is probably more dead inside than the animals he stuff

CrazyCarMan : Why is a man around the age of 50 hiding in some girls bed?!

Rinku : I've been a fan of Rhett and Link for a few years now, and JUST became aware that this commercial, and the entire meme spawned from their strange minds. I'm honestly kind of baffled. 

Hamlettell : Rhett and Link make the best commercials.

Uziragu : I like how still no one has noticed the SS skull pin on his hat.


CrappyScrap : 0:39 Chuck Molesta

GunSlinginOtaku : Is that Harambe? He's alive!!! NOPE. It's just Chuck Testa.

George X : Half Life 3 Confirmed! ... Nope! Chuck Testa! 

Raven889 : i cant believe rhett and link made this commercial its ICONIC or at least a meme in my family

Mary Samir : 1:01 Hey, it's Rhett and Link in the back. - NOPE! Chuck Testa

Trakais : ''Oh, there is Chuck Testa in my bed!'' ''Nope! Bear''

Comrade Snake : This used to be a hot dank meme back in the day.


EebstertheGreat : I know Chuck said he wouldn't taxadermize pets, but what if my pet is a rhino? Pls respond.

ashleigh_marrrie : I came back here just because Rhett and Link said they made this....and I am freaking out because I've watched this video so many times over the years and never realized it was a R&L original....

Jonesy Films : Just chuck testa in the bed with me. Idk how that's any better but yah.

Valokyas : I think I'd freak out more over Chuck Testa in my bed than a bear.

Rejigged Omelet : "Oh no, there's a bear in my bed!" "Nope! Chuck Testa." **Woman smiles**

Dweeb : - When people say a week old meme is considered 'dead' and here I am still laughing at this -

Therodinn : Why does he have a totenkopf skull on his cap?

Русский монархист : Did anyone notice the Waffen-SS M43 Field Cap he was wearing. It took me 5 years to notice that.

Alana D : you probably thought this comment would be funny.  Nope, it's just Chuck Testa.  :)

Cameron Baldwin : "You probably though these animals were alive." "Nope, THEY'RE DEAD!"

Desiree : Is that a dank meme? Nope, it's just Chuck Testa.


Kath_TheMythicalBeast/ /Linkster : Is this meme dead? Nope. Chuck Testa

Jonathan Maurice-Caren : I miss this meme

Goolog : i like how hes wearing a german field cap with an SS totenkopf on it lol wtf

George Back : "Oh no! There's a Chuck Testa in my bed!" "Noooope! It's just bear"

Trevor Jones : Why can't all commercials be like this? Then maybe I'd watch them.

24Framez : 0:14 Chuck Testa only got one leg

IronPiedmont1996 : I'm I the only one that noticed the SS Skull on his hat?

Mich Tibaldo : You probably thought this comment was going somewhere... Nope... Chuck Testa...

KrossoverGod : Funny how I only recently discovered Rhett & Link and became a fan, but I always knew about this commercial without knowing it was theirs, which blew my mind. the way, here they are: 1:00

Jean van Tieghem de Ten Berghe : Oh look! Cecil the lion is back. NOPE, it's just Chuck Testa

Wynn Berman : I was really disappointed that you can no longer call that number. I tried but, when they picked up they said "Nope... not chuck testa"

Doom Man : Is that the Illuminati?

BeanutPutter : 1:03 Is that Rhett and Link I see?

Swoncos Bread hours : whats with the Nazi skull on the cap