My Grandpa Taught me to Knife Fight!

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My Grandpa Taught me to Knife Fight! Watch Ultimate Expedition Episode 1! - #UltimateExpeditionShow

Comments from Youtube

B Dogg : I could easily whoop Chuck's ass....then I would wake up from the dream.

whatthewhat : Really enjoying your stories thank you very much for sharing

K K : Chuck Rocks! Love that he steps in to help and defend others.

Satanic Panic : Id sneak my grandpa some of my granmothers whiskey on a friday night and he would teach me pressure points and close combat fighting he learned in ww2! 92 years old and still going strong!

LKA Fighter : Chuck's the man. I'll forget about that time he painted his toe nails.

BoBo Manny : I like knives, I would never use them to harm mostly collect them

AbsoluteZ3R0 : They know they're scared because when they see those ears, they go running

The Bee : Absolutely agree!!!Thats reality right there!!!Well said,Chuck!!! ;)

speechy_keen : Every single time. My respect for this man increases tenfold with every upload.

Paul G : Wow Chuck has a youtube channel, how did I not find this before now!, Huge fan Chuck. Subbed.

lawndogmoon2 : I like the stories.

guitarfpv : +respect for Chuck Liddell. His a machine and never gives up!

FedorMachida Last : I knew who Chuck was from watching him fight on ESPN, when I was a kid. He fought in the IKF. He was powerful, colorful and charismatic back then and I knew he would be a great MMA fighter. I also watched Cung Le fight in San Shou. He was awesome as well. Too bad he got into MMA at an older age.

Chris Albert : Absolutely the biggest legend from the UFC if this guy was around now when the UFC is massive he would of been bigger than conor.

Barry Hemmy : Good on ya Chuck-You will always be a legend!big appreciation from Australia

Little Donal Troll : you're the best chuck...I just remember the 💰 than I won when you beat hell out overeen.

ANIMAL!!! : Standin up for the little guy. Thats why I look up to you Chuck!

LordOfTheZombiez : Hey man, I have nothing but respect for you. Can you make your next video on why they asked you to turn back? I get that you were sick. I also get that you are a "heavyweight" so climbing is way tougher. I just think you telling us what the sherpa told you would help keep everyone up to date.

Albert The Gator : This channel has quickly became one of my favorites.

Kevin Morley : Gotta love Chuck!

thepackfan52 : I love Chuck's personality lol he is the man

LordOfTheZombiez : Don't stop fighting. No one can control bad timing. I really look forward to your next high peak.

Nicholas Quintero : That's crazy my grandpa taught me from simple marksmanship to simple squad assault positions and how to fight using a bayonet and straight blade knife. WW2 vet stuff I guess he was passing down . Trying to live up to that level of bad ass got me into MMA in the late 90s-early 2000s.

flyingeagle357 : You should have brought a knife to this tito fight...

skankhunt69 rustyshackleford : That would be cool chilling with the ice man.hes seems like a nice guy

Ax Greenious : Chuck reminds me of the Bear Faction in the game, Escape from Tarkov.

ERIKA DOWDY : I never backed down either! U cant! Sign if weakness

Rich Harrington : Yeah the man Chuck Liddell keep it up man I like these videos you're still kicking ass throw Steve-O off the cliff or the dudesons as a prank lol

Clouds Below92 : Chuck you gotta good heart man. God bless

cpt bigbombs : "I never used a knife i always thought i was better with my hands" i understand you completely Chuck.

TurkishKB : Legend! Hope i get to shake your hand one day! just kidding were fighting! Just kidding hand shake! just kidding choke hold!

grandprismatic : So very true, most people these days feel if they have a weapon they have the upper hand. If you are that dead set on fighting someone else use your hands. Don’t be a pussy.... years ago if you had beef with someone it was 1 on 1 and a fist fight. That’s the way I grew up and squashed beef with someone. Even if we kicked each other’s ass, afterwards a handshake was given out of respect. That usually ended it and sometimes ended up being friends with that person. If I royally jacked you up, I would at least help you up.... it’s a respect thing. These days it’s guns or 3 on 1 BS. Hell gimma some sparing gloves let’s see how much badass you are. Lol people amaze me smh

joe mace : chucks the man yo love that guy

The Baphomet : Omg I thought this was only in my family lmao

john kusher : You're a great man chuck! Thats what I will teach my two boys

Grim Reaper : I could easliy kick chucks ass... What?...i could...

Thrasher209 : I could easily whoop Chucks ass all day long.... on the PlayStation

Chris Tsang : Dude I could fight you with a sword and still get destroyed.

Andy Toledo : Chuck you are my role model! I love the way you fought.

joe scully : Brooklyn!!!!

Scott Bryant : man your great lover your fights

Doug Fisher : Hes right about the judicial aspect. People who win fights even if they didnt start them will get charged. Pick your fights...

joe scully : More situational stories please! Just for the purpose of self protection. A lot to be learned from them TY

Real Levelz : Of course it’s not with me because imma kick your ass.....perfect!

The Sleep : Chuck is legend

MrColdwatercanyon : My grandpa taught me Okie judo witch was a combination of dirty fighting and self defense he learned in Marines. He challenge us kids lol

Ronnie C : I dont care what people say Chucks the man hes the reason i started watching the ufc hell i even named my dog after him.

Jason Hakala : You rock Chuck!!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Richard Hanjeleer : Rule 1 of knife fighting: Don't get into knife fights.