My Grandpa Taught me to Knife Fight!

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Krazy Kids : Chuck Rocks! Love that he steps in to help and defend others.

Martin Contaoi : Charlie zelenoff wants to fight you. 😂

S 1 : Let's hear some street fight stories

B Dogg : I could easily whoop Chuck's ass....then I would wake up from the dream.

Chris Albert : Absolutely the biggest legend from the UFC if this guy was around now when the UFC is massive he would of been bigger than conor.

lawndogmoon2 : I like the stories.

whatthewhat : Really enjoying your stories thank you very much for sharing

Satanic Panic : Id sneak my grandpa some of my granmothers whiskey on a friday night and he would teach me pressure points and close combat fighting he learned in ww2! 92 years old and still going strong!

Thrasher209 : I could easily whoop Chucks ass all day long.... on the PlayStation

LKA Fighter : Chuck's the man. I'll forget about that time he painted his toe nails.

AbsoluteZ3R0 : They know they're scared because when they see those ears, they go running

speechy_keen : Every single time. My respect for this man increases tenfold with every upload.

Paul G : Wow Chuck has a youtube channel, how did I not find this before now!, Huge fan Chuck. Subbed.

Andy Toledo : Chuck you are my role model! I love the way you fought.

LordOfTheZombiez : Hey man, I have nothing but respect for you. Can you make your next video on why they asked you to turn back? I get that you were sick. I also get that you are a "heavyweight" so climbing is way tougher. I just think you telling us what the sherpa told you would help keep everyone up to date.

Ronnie C : I dont care what people say Chucks the man hes the reason i started watching the ufc hell i even named my dog after him.

Djuan Rodriguez : First

Little Donal Troll : you're the best chuck...I just remember the 💰 than I won when you beat hell out overeen.

Silent Gaming : chuck im a big fan id like to see you hit the punching bag a few times or tell a fight story.

Flea Market Fitness : Your Grandmother and mother are a lot a like.They both married bums!

Kevin Morley : Gotta love Chuck!

Chuck Beef : I don’t think i would fight a weaponless Chuck Liddel even if i had a sword.

Barry Hemmy : Good on ya Chuck-You will always be a legend!big appreciation from Australia

Farmall Fanatic : In the Army, they taught us to never fight an element bigger than you. If someone has a knife, its a huge advantage for them.

ERIKA DOWDY : I never backed down either! U cant! Sign if weakness

Clouds Below92 : Chuck you gotta good heart man. God bless

Mike Benjamin : Hay Chuck you are my favorite fighter I had no idea you had a channel.100 thumbs up.I was the same way I was kicked out of 3 schools for kicking the shit out of people who were bullies they picked on my friends and I warned them to leave them alone they never listened so I handled it.I am 50 now and my back is scrapped 6 diseases in 4 inches of my lower but what can you do your in great shape hell yes you can win I know you can just be smart and you will kick his ass from one side of the ring to the next.I CAN'T WAIT for you to shut him up.braging about all his money please shut him up,show the world you can get up in age and if your healthy still kick some ass.

UnaSolida : Lol, my grandfather told me "never get in a knife fight, the loser dies in the street and the winner dies on his way to the hospital."

Selaphiel V. : Baree hannddsssss mitts mfffff

Active Bryant Systems : man your great lover your fights

joe mace : chucks the man yo love that guy

BLADES OF STEEL : I chuck knives

Eminent Devils : Of course it’s not with me because imma kick your ass.....perfect!

Xtreme Pro Exotics : Great video

The Amazing Lovro : HAIIII

Richard Hanjeleer : Rule 1 of knife fighting: Don't get into knife fights.

The Baphomet : Omg I thought this was only in my family lmao

john kusher : You're a great man chuck! Thats what I will teach my two boys

TurkishKB : Legend! Hope i get to shake your hand one day! just kidding were fighting! Just kidding hand shake! just kidding choke hold!

Chris Tsang : Dude I could fight you with a sword and still get destroyed.

Albert The Gator : This channel has quickly became one of my favorites.

Erik Mc : I get it.

Doug Fisher : Hes right about the judicial aspect. People who win fights even if they didnt start them will get charged. Pick your fights...

murcroadster : Yup all the guys that pick on little guys are big pussies. My dad told me a story about how he used to defend the nerds and little guys at his school from all the jocks. Needless to say he knocked out so many people all because they couldn't leave someone alone. Even had to break a guys leg that wouldn't stop. That man still walks with a cane today, Because he pulled a knife on my dad for getting knocked out because he was picking on someone half his size.

Melon Patrol : 1:17 welcome to my life haha. had to take my case to trial to finally prove that it was the other guy who started it

LordOfTheZombiez : Also, when your not climbing mountains, if you showed us normies what your daily diat and workout consisted of, a lot of us would love that. "ppl in the comments feel free to give me suggestions, my wedding is in 4 months and as someone who has been looking for solutions, I'd love the feedback.

LordOfTheZombiez : Don't stop fighting. No one can control bad timing. I really look forward to your next high peak.

guitarfpv : +respect for Chuck Liddell. His a machine and never gives up!

thepackfan52 : I love Chuck's personality lol he is the man

joe scully : Brooklyn!!!!