My steering wheel stopped working

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C : I love how his back is facing the road lol

Renton Shill : I know a guy who can fix that wheel. His names Craig

Nicol Foggie : 1. In Windows 10 search bar type "edit power plan" 2. Once it's open click "change advanced power settings" 3. Click + next to USB Settings, click + next to USB selective suspend setting 4. Click drop down and "disable" Might help yer pish

Toby Wood : Captain Edward Smith of the RMS Titanic, April 14th 1912. 1:31

R M : The slow, sad spiral into madness

Valioz : Holy shit, my PC is from scanned computers and does the same thing

Cumshotinder Singh AKA Captain Yoghurt Rifle : Anger crying laughter a rollercoaster of emotions there my friend

Jake Cordiner : this is, honest to god, the funniest thing I have ever seen

xXDazzieXx : SCAAAAAAAN!!!!

grandCurator : He seemed so genuinely upset for a moment there. Glad you can pull through though Limmy.

illwise : 1:53 "What's... What's the ploblem?"

deviceology : Whole life building up to a technology malfunction. This is meta. All we have is now. Lower your expectation level accordingly

james.L : saw you at the rep in dundee a week ago man fucckin brilliant reply if ur a legend

Roddy Evans : I can't tell if this is a skit or if Limmy plays games on stream now.

LilDeb : His life flashed before his eyes

NOT AGAIN : I thought that was just some background to make it seem like he's in a truck. When he actually had to climb out at the end, I felt like an idiot.

Paul Nicol : This has made my day......I can't see for tears here... thank you Limmy you are the hero Yoker needs right now. 😂😂😂😂😂

Citizen Dildo : I thought this was going to be a wee story about a guy whos steering wheel stopped working.

GoogleMe : Your sacked limmy you totalled that lorry man.

D Jones : Scaaaaaaan!

Gary King : Played it off all cool What a champ…

MrDaoJones : First thing I've truly laughed at in months, thanks Limmy.

WhySo Instant : Is this the guy who was raving about tap water and calling it “waaher”

Selrahc 95 : Most I've laughed continuously for some time! Cheers for ever'in ya do Limmy... including crash a virtual truck <3

Jason T : I thought I couldn’t laugh any harder but then he clambered our if the truck SkSKSKSK

zoltansocrates : Like the time jim kirk got tricked by kahn Skahhhhhhhhn!

Scott Weber : Show this clip to your kid next time he tries to talk smack. Not so easy eh

Daniel Flugt : 4:10 New sub: SCANPROGAMING

Finn Reynolds : Rip the driver, Benny Harvey

Steve Perry : I swear, I have been crying of laughter for the last 10 minutes, my jaws are killing me. "Brake, BRAKE..."

Chris : The Wrath of Scaaan

Fish : “Mam? Where’s daddy?” “He’s...” 2:40 “😑... Deed”

Cameron Power : I was expecting an opportunity call in and decide how this adventure went

Night Cat : Haha, the Scan Pro Gaming sub right at the end.

Holodrone : With this, your Twitch is like a season of TV, what a great callback to when your computer was screwed in October, a great narrative!

RiversideRambo : I personally think it'd be cracking if you did it with the camera on the back of your head so it looks like you're really in it. Maybe a little mini screen in the corner with your face showing.

Phil Porter : This is what happens before she teks the weans and leaves.

JamboFN : You need to play ets2 multiplayer

The wilkstar : My eyes are proper stinging from crying at this. It’s the pure panic and pausing it so the inevitable doesn’t happen hahaha

Cupppy : Was watching this as it unfolded, sat on a bus. I was in tears laughing. My favourite is when the trucks on its side and the indicator starts going off.

Fraz : I miss when Limmy was on the telly

gerryjtierney : She's turned the steering wheel against us

DS292 : For driving your vehicle in an erratic manner....I SENTENCE YOU TO LIFE!!!!!

woodesroger : "my life's been building up to this"

Mike Callaghan : That was brilliant. Computer rage

Mullet Head : Ya need the Pete 379 Exd with a 550 pre emmision cat 18speed eaton. Keep 'er from going Belly up & Hamma Dewn Driver! C'mun

Bluenosedcoop : Benny Harvey RIP, MIss you big man, GBNF.

Molly J : Q: What's Limmy's favourite thing at the playground? A: The mood swings

Caleb S : Nobody: Limmy: SCAANNNNNNNN!