How to Nuzlocke Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu!
How to Nuzlocke Lets Go EeveePikachu

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Click▼ Follow PokemonChallenges: WATCH LIVE: TWITTER: DISCORD: -------------------------------- Here's how you Nuzlocke the new main series games Let's Go Eevee and Let's go Pikachu! If you're looking to Nuzlocke or challenge yourself on your first Playthrough/Walkthrough the Blind Fold the way to go! -------------------------------- More videos: BEST Nuzlocke Variant - Hardcore Nuzlocke Rules Ratta Solo Run Elite Four Sweep! Best Pokemon for Nuzlockes that YOU need to use: 13 MISSES IN A ROW?! - Unlucky Moments in Nuzlockes - Episode 3: Can Sentret get Revenge on Red?! - HeartGold Sentret Solo Run Highlight #19: -- Watch live at


Captain Oblivious : Orrrrr~ orrr~ close your eyes and lay your head back :)

SatoshiEK : You guys are laughing and all, but I'm doing this for real.

The Johto12 : Lmao I've been joking about this for weeks

Grumpy Pants : I think given you cant grind xp from wild pokemon any more you should just choose one per route

Valerio Gerace : Ez Clap

EHeroAndrew : The only rule available for Nuzlocke for these games is the Death rule: when your Pokémon dies, you release it

JinjoVitis : Great idea.

stian Nøkleby : Wait the game is out now? I thought it dident come out before tommorow?