Fake Kendrick Lamar interview prank

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ImpatientTurtle : Yeah nah, fair call Lachie. They deserved that. Also how is Lachie the boss when he's clearly 16 years old?

Iamrex18 : Our boy Ben is a tad slow isn't he..

FEAR NO BEER : Triple j going comercial , the end of an era .

Ben Hollis : Bahahah ahhh classic!!!

STAG162 : revenge - a dish best served cold

Paul Golder : Gold!!!!!!!

Amy Nero : I’m surprised they didn’t question the interview when told about it - Kendrick never does interviews- even when he got #1 in the hottest 100!

Jeff Cone : Much disapointment. much laughs.

perfectdiversion : Wow what an awesome counter prank. Quality as usual from Triple j LOL Jks

wayne sirett : These two deserve everything they get. payback. they deserve more payback on top of this.

WaywardVerve : Shrekt

S S : Blah blah this joke is over mate,its really not funny...Just Rubbish like other commercial radios fake cold stories...

10kfreemen : owned

AmazingHadouken : Cheeky

Perth Beatbox : RATTLED

Aaron Hunter : Hahaha Fantastic!!!!

ThEp0iNtMaN : Sweet sweet revenge! Now kith.

Minks Rule : First

Gus Motherwell : It isn’t funny it’s just stupid