Primitive Technology Animated

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DylanHD : Work sets you free? Isn’t that a reference to the German death camps in WW2

Luka Kantar : ,,work sets you free" was written in entrance of German concetration camps.

Onixar : What's the song that plays just before the credits?

Patcheko Kokaysen Noakanos : 🕵

lilpeek : I love you dude

J Petrik : Oh my GOD that was hillarious :D I still love primitive technology though (did you use the Original sounds?)

Miles Edgeworth : Is the joke supposed to be that he's actually imprisoned.... by Nazis? I'm lost.

Toaster with a pink moustache : Oh cool an animatio- WHY IS THE AUSTRALIAN MAN MAKING A BOMB

will will smith smith will smith? : I was watching primitive technology and this instantly got in my notifications the coincidence is i almost never watch him and i already knew him

coffee boat : I love it

YEN : needs more abs 5/7

Petrichor : Song at the end???