The Problem With Our Phones

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Claire Dim : "Remember you are made of dust and will be dust again" *sets phone wallpaper*

Siddharth Patel : So should i use my pc instead??

SylenDraws : Good thing I'm watching on my tablet instead

Educate Society : Let's not compare our phone to past devices but to how it can be used in the most optimum way. Great message!

Kory Mann : I'm watching this video on my phone 📱

Bulba Tube : I hate my phone; yet feel naked without it

Darkness Prevails : They don''t keep a charge for more than 2 hours. Thats the problem with our phones.

SylenDraws : I feel like one day humanity will just be people hooked up to a super computers who's only purpose is to please us

Fuzzy Pixelz : They're a double-edged sword with the right edge hidden from most of us.

Matt : Giving up my phone for 3hrs a week has helped create a lot of difference, especially with being calm and more open. No one is saying let go of tech, just do a small change, it'll come a long way.

Gonzalo Gallardo : I'd love it if phones in the future became something like a customized life coach. After all, they already know everything about us.

VCG Construction : Who is watching this video on their phone right now?

Abby Lyons : Phones really are amazing... but so are we!!! 💕💕💕

Pursuit of Wonder : The argument regarding phones being distractions from the self that prevent us from being able to consider, analyze, and resolve our anxieties is interesting. My question is, what if our anxieties can not fully be resolved and removed from the self? What if sitting with our negative thoughts only serves to reinforce them? It seems everything we do in life, whether it be hanging out with friends, family, and lovers, watching TV, working long hours, drinking alcohol etc. all serve to fill our time and energy and distract us from thinking about the mere futility of the fact that we will all soon return to dust. And so how can we be selective and say that cell phones are the primary culprit of our distraction?

Continual Improvement : The problem with my phone is that it challenged Chuck Norris to a fight...

That Habit Guy Channel : The problem with a phone is that I know, via the internet, I have a record of anything that's ever happened in human history. It can solve any problem, answer any question, reach out to anyone that I've ever known. And still I use it to kill cartoon pigs with cartoon birds.

Alvan Kana : The visuals made it unpleasant to watch.

Dantick09 : Morning notification "you are gonna die :) "

Siddharth Patel : 271th

Thanh Thúy : "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device"

Daniel L. Lombardo : speak for yourself. I use a phone but also sometimes sit in my room and think. it's getting tiresome all this criticism directed at phones. Phones are not what we use, they are a tool for accessing, producing and manipulating information. if some lack control regarding their use, it would be some other dumb thing that same person would be doing without a phone.

Yuliia Litvinchuk : I use my phone to distract myself from my ongoing anxiety. And from being alone with myself. Sometimes I think being addicted to the phone as well as any other gadget is quite similar in its roots to being addicted to alcohol, drugs etc. Avoidance of suffering.

TrueStoryDash : FINALLY! YES

Parallel Universe : I'm a phone addict, I want to restrict myself

Amber Light : We don't need more advanced phones. We just need to use them wisely. Capitalism doesn't lead to utopia, it leads to a dystopia with people having a goal of life consume, to buy things. We are not the things we've got. We are the things we do.

stealthkiller17 : I completely disagree. It´s not our phones, that are bad. It´s the way we use them. Also, not losing yourself in your own thoughts can be very helpful.

PsychologyHelp : Another loaded viewpoint from School of Life. What's wrong (in your view) isn't mobile phones but the natural inclination to escape. An ideal way of living for you is to live presently/focused/on-the-go all of the time but life is far more complicated and complex than it has ever been before and to be totally present all of the time is somewhat overwhelming for the human psychology. Escape, in my eyes, isn't lazily avoiding life but a proactive valuable protective mechanism that prevents one from being overly involved in day-to-day living and prevents one from overvaluing the importance of their 'real' (yet non-permanent) life they have.

tektekfighterb5 : Watched this on my phone

Abdul H : Lol I use my phone. I don't suffer from any of this at all. Hahaha. 1. I don't have alerts to anything except Twitter and YouTube of which I only subscribe to things of science, technology and futurists. Insta and FB I use on the comp and only check up about 3 important people. 2. I don't have 30 friends that I talk too daily, I have one good friend that I talk too once or twice a week. 3. I don't take pictures of my food and I don't take pictures of my self. (selfies). 4. I have a red light filter on ALL THE TIME!!! STOP DESTROYING YOUR DOPAMINE CIRCUITS PEOPLE.

dochmbi : We are going to invent technology that will transform who we are, fundamentally. Eventually we will be able to complete take control of ourselves. Perhaps have artificial bodies and brains, perhaps little tiny robots that repair us constantly from the inside, perhaps a control panel program for your own brain. Perhaps simulated realities. Either way, the days of humanity are numbered. The post-human future awaits.

MC : gimme that touch on this like button of this comment ( you sexy beast)

Prison Mike : in prison we dont have phones. you guys got a good life

luiOef : Don't even have a phone while watching this I'm using my mind so who really wins 😎😎😎

danea macandail : m e m e n t o m o r i

Health Chronicle : People cannot go to poop without their phones. Thats where the problem starts. On some level, each of us knows the problem with phones, but no one has a solution. Because phones are such an integral part of who we are now. Like if you can relate to this. We also make animated health videos on our channel. Do check it out if you get a chance.

MC : i'm watching this on my phone ....

Treeman : 2meirl4meirl

Luke Bond : The funny thing is the same thing could be said about books. They can and are used to escape from reality and are used to quickly reference things.

wolven moonstone : the problem with our phones is that we use our phones as destractions rather than a tool

Buckyj99 : Thats a lot of BS

Abhilash S : I am just a cave man holding a phone..

KINGgamer 7007 : Ha I thought this video was gonna be about like if there was something wrong with phones physically not like this leave a like if you did too😂 Also sub please I'm trying to win a bet where you get the most subs without making videos I'm doing the bet with my brother but if you don't want to that's totally fine

Antonio Golubovic : That's why i don't have a phone already 5 years.

MC : like me

MC : love you

MC : love me

MC : like you

fatboy fat : Most likely to get lost deep in these comments, but if anyone is worried about the time they spend on their phone and wants an insight into why social media is so captivating then listen Episode 71 of The Waking Up Podcast with Sam Harris entitled 'What is Technology Doing To Us?'. He interviews Tristan Harris, founder of 'Listen to philosopher Sam Harris speak with former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris about the arms race for human attention, the ethics of persuasion, the consequences of having an ad-based economy, the dynamics of regret, and other topics'. Tristan also has a 14min Ted talk 'Here's what it might look like if technology were designed to help us spend our time well'

Yuli Vale : Exceso de información, información que no vas a usar, con algunas excepciones. Solo entra cuando necesites algo muy específico que ya hayas pensado por ti mismo y estaba fuera de tu alcance. La razón esta ahí (en tu cabeza) no en esa maquina todavía imperfecta. Se supone que es una herramienta que te debería ayudar y no esclavizar. Ahora tendré horarios para encenderlo. Bye

Daniel Kramer : Released on the same day as the Apple iPhone event. Coincidence? 🤔