The Problem With Our Phones

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Red Outside : A technology that can predict if you are about to commit a crime, might also be able to tell you what you should do to change your behavior so you don't commit the crime. That comes with it's own set of moral implications

JXGaming : we are not addicted to our phones, we are addicted to not being stupid. i barely have any time to use my phone because I use my pc 18/7 .. and also I don't waste my time with stupid videos like this that's why I paused it at the 1 minute marker ... If apes had this mentality they would still rule this earth and stop evolving

Rickey Malcolm : Look the life, yourself as it is, why the hell do we need pity?

quiversa : We should all read Snow Crash, this is the Infocalypse! Consider the functionality and operation of these mobile devices being embedded into the brain stem. We now have a language for interacting with them (the user interface) which has altered how communication takes place, leading to new actions and therefore a human reality that appears different from how it appeared prior to the technology. Think of how civilization came into existence after the Sumerians created written language.

Vedurin : We have always been and will always be in primitive times. Sure, the age of the smartphone is still very young. So we have found only very primitive ways to use them, but we can and should always look out for growth or in better words maturity. I agree that a device such as a smartphone is especially in social situations used as an escape. How many times do you sit at the station or in the train and quickly get out your phone when someone is close instead of simply starting an easy conversation. There are people right in front of you. There is the opportunity to learn and to love someone every day. No dating app, no Forum, no whatever can give us humans what a bit of kind, loving and respectful interaction gives us in just an instant. In a few words. We are probably made to believe that everyone is evil and the conversation might become awkward or whatever ... but think for yourselves ... what is really awkward ? Awkwardness is nothing but a vicious cicle. It's directed by the external influences on you. If your pants ripped during work. Is that really awkward ? No. Not at all. It's a ripped pant. They sometimes do that. Do yourself and the others around you a favor and give them a feeling that such things don't matter. They happen. You could as well just rip a whole in your pants as well, just so that person does not feel so alone with it. It is the impression that such an event deserves mockery which makes our society so dependent on these distancing technologies such as smartphones and internet. Just as mockery does a vicious cicle ... so does compassion. Give compassion and love and you will receive it. Show people that mockery is not right, have the courage and they will hopefully understand that they don't really want it, too. Our problems, as mentioned in this video, are only problems because we are grumpy about not having our expectations met in life. Being liked is one of those expectations. Everyone on this earth, has the right to be heard, to be seen and to be accepted. Everyone is wonderful and interesting. Everyone has the right to say in a kind way if they don't like something and be respected for that. Mishaps exist, they are part of life. Always strife to see how you can solve your problems another way and just get it done. Strife for your goal. Not this way, not that way, just go for it somehow. You might see that you even end up somewhere else but it's the place you'd actually want to be. Maybe you didn't actually know that this alternative would make you happy. Accepting this and learning this is what we are running away from. On purpose or not it plays right into the pocket of commercialists and you would want to play into your own pocket. Not money but actual happiness.

Uju Ugwu : ok, i love the message. but can i just prasie the animation for a second! incredibly and interestingly done! quite captivating. simple, yet very detailed and well done.

Byron Brycen : My problem is that I can't stop thinking and feeling pain.

PapíDimmi : This fuckign channel is so stupid.

Uri Manson : No one deserves pity, time is relative, the future of now is the yesterday of the future's future. Can't complain, now is the best time to live as tomorrow would be the best time to live.

Alex Park : I think we'll be fine with the upcoming nuclear fallout, but thanks for the warning anyways School of Life

Jay Kay : Dude while the rest of us are on 2017. You are in 3056 or somethin tf

neko Warrior : Well i see other humans are more stupid than i thought

TheReal McCoy : Most ironic video av seen in ages

Bean Uasal : Em, a phone that tells us what our partner is thinking ? How about asking. What kind of fresh bullshit is this? That "utopian" vision of the future sounded quite dystopian to me. I'm starting to think The School of Life is a load of old blah.

Conner Fields : I have a "dumb" phone. I compose music on it.

Gabriel Watt : At the end of the day, the smartphone is a tool. Would you accuse someone of being addicted to their car?

roger viduya : this makes me hungry by watching it. Wait! let me order pizza in my food app.

Kurt Simon : Taking time away from my phone is now an important part of my day. Phones pretty much want to sure that healthy. Maybe capitalist can use phones or vitual programs to continue their game...They'd never have to convince a phone since they could....program...their....wants.....hmmmm.

biistful : @3:35 What is that melody or where is from?

WLU : Can we say the same thing about music? Is listening to my favorite music regardless of the instrument used while meditating / doing a introspection corrupting my thoughts or real feelings, like thinking about the sad things that happened to me while listening a happy song distort the insight on what a feel. Is music acting like a scapegoat for my darkest thoughts?

ybbok : Watched this on my phone laughing

Melvin : Humans are learning machines, the more you put in the more come out. First we learn how to learn, than we learn. Our phones, and computers in general, are such amazing machines. We can choose how much we learn and What we want to learn. I have so many times found myself just googling for hours on my phone or computer. And after that, I just close my computer and close that book with it. But a few days later, when I'm just bycicling to school or What ever, the puzzle Parts from the googling sessions falls together making the big picture look a bit more clearer. We live in an amazing time where knowledge is so close to billions of people. It's how you use your devices. A book, a dvd-player, mp3-player, phone, letter. It is all 1 device now and that's why it looks like Everyone is addicted. Nothing has changed except that 1 device rules it all instead of 20.

Saruman The White : I need an exorcism of this smartphone that's making me stupid.

Spencer H : *Logs on Youtube* *Watches this video* *Logs off Youtube*

Tim G : Geez this channel can be very pessimistic

re a : I think the problem doesn't exactly lay on the phones or advanced capitalism, but rather on our lack of struggle to achieve balance.

KarltoonTV : The more advance phones get, the more damage it inflicts on us internally.

n3iTh4N : "Come home to the impossible taste of your own completion. Come home to Simple Rick's"

paper kay : LoL, really? I pity the society you live in. There's plus side to living in a small town with a library and nice cafes in it, I guess. And educated, communicative humans that also really rarely use their phones.

zXeno9 : _Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris._ I'd say it translates to *Man (human), remember that you are dust and to dust you will return.* and i think it confers more potency to the concept (and poetic value to the phrase).

Sebastian Holst : This is basically "car radio" by twenty-one pilots

Steven Dunn : I'm happy when my flip phone doesn't go off in a day

the Baziwka : or we're just bored

NezihBouali : What about pictures, talking to loved ones, podcasts, music, apps like Cracked, etc. No everyone is addicted. But, yes they are primitive. Next step is VR.

Charlie5thumbs : I still don't have one and I will never want one!

Chrysi Meow : but what about my memes

陳思同 : Thanks I won't use my phone that much anymore

gnarth d'arkanen : Problems with phones... They're not substancial enough to drive nails or screws... They don't come with attachments to remove pet hair or get a damn thing out of A/C vents... Not aerodynamic AT ALL... They make a terrible sound and start smoking when you piss in them... They don't run on water... (or under it apparently)... They seem to HATE ice cream... Sure, they're a perfect window to all the knowledge, technology, and skills around the world... until you actually NEED it (like a real emergency)... and then you can't connect either! So... you're still on your own. They don't handle well in the snow... They don't deal with sand or heat very well... Absolutely no personal common sense at all... (smart? pah... it's as dumb as a rock) Lazy... These things... All they do is make noise and flashy lights. They lay about BEGGING for attention, and once you get started giving in to that... It just NEVER f***ing ends! Delicate... Go ahead, keep it in your back pocket and forget it when you sit down... GO AHEAD! They can't drive. Navigation aids are great and all, but you know what else is great? A F***ing MAP! They taste like SH*T! Even if there was any nutritional value (there isn't) it isn't worth trying. They're expensive as F***! Can you believe that price? Honestly, for that kind of price on a damn phone, it should have a hooker paid for a year IN FULL to play with my n**s whenever I'm using it! Irresponsible...Just leave the phone (smart, my ass) in charge of your house for a week and SEE WHAT HAPPENS... hope you don't have pets if you try this... Now, you might argue that not everything in this list has something to do with the so-called "Intended use" or "application" of a phone... BUT it's supposed to be a "smart" phone, so it should surely be able to score something somewhere... It's supposed to be "multi-purpose" but that just doesn't seem to fit either... Think about that. :o)

menghui Li : only after looking this video,I realised that I had been kidnapped by my phone for a long time!

Casey Mcvey : independance is what makes us self suifficent. dependance is like having no own opinion (self) and therefor letting other people decide what happens with you. With phones, the people who make the phones.

2HelpfulGuys : Every one of these videos is an existential crisis waiting to happen

Jim Muncy : Sorry, but I'm calling bullshit on this one. The human race has had tens of thousands of years to improve morally, and it never happens. We are closer than ever to annihilating the planet and everything on it. We are bored, lonely, and ignorant: A cellphone removes all that anxiety and suffering. It cancels the many unbearable hours we must spend waiting -- in the doctor's office, in the dentist's office, for a cab, for a movie to start, etc. It's the best invention ever. It's your mind's friend, teacher, and counselor; for instance, on Amazon's website, you get reviews of products. Those reviews have save me from making terrible purchasing decisions, information I can hardly get anywhere else, and certainly not as quickly. Don't be a Luddite. Embrace and enjoy the latest technological breakthroughs, like CGI movie effects. I remember the old movies and TV; they were in black-and-white and laughably cheesy: Superman would jump through a window and then be seen held up by cables "flying" faster than a speeding bullet. It was unwatchable then and now. No, you can go back to horse and buggy days if you want, say, join the Amish; not me, my computer gives me countless hours of information, discussion, entertainment, and more. And you don't have to put with endless bores wasting your time telling you how the world is, or that I need Jesus to be happy, or that I need to buy that item now before it's sold out, which it never is. We love our technology for a reason: It provides a better life, a more interesting life, a life where you are in charge, rather than being bossed around or led astray. Goodbye 20th century, and good riddance!

Abdurrehman : We deserve pity for having been born in such primitive times

Silentsky : Phones are not to blame for this condition. The problem is that people suck... and its difficult to relate or form healthy and kind relationship with them.

Mike Jadis : The problem with our Cell Phones is that they do so much that they suck at making phone calls

Leon Dsouza : they have bad battery life and cost too much, then lenovo made the lenovo P2 and fixed that

Dhruv Pathak : I somehow one day just switched to a feature phone - something I could use only for calls and SMSs. This video sounds like an afterthought, but nails the point nonetheless. Do we not realise already that we have come to a point that the cost of carrying smartphones has far exceeded the benefits? The choice - to give up our smartphones or not - is ours, but definitely worth attending to. Most importantly, I guess a smartphone is a metaphor for our all-pervading collection of gadgets and even the internet too.

Acejd : Use the phone as a tool, don't be a tool used by the phone.

Kader Akpinar : One thing I agree about the affect of phones is that they not only prevent us from self-reflecting, but also from being present. Whenever we see or experience something amazing, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a photo of it. For example, after witnessing beautiful scenery in a foreign land, most of us don't even stop to soak it all in. It's almost as if the main reason we went there in the first place was for showing off and taking selfies. We witness a personal favorite actor somewhere and the first thing that pops into mind is taking a photo; not thinking of possible questions to ask if we could. How often do we get to witness these things? Then why do we tend to spend them in such superficial ways? I think it's because we're so confident that we have all of the answers of the world in the palm of our hand (literally) that the only thing we can do is try to prove ourselves to others, missing out on life in the process.

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