Toy Story 4 | Official Teaser Trailer

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Swifty Unknown : This movie is also for people that are 20 years and older. Sorry kids.

AbuBakr Akram : This is a very happy teaser with a very depressing undertone.

coolvidsguy 2008 : 1995: You are a toy! 2019: I'm not a toy!

Benjharr : I don’t really trust that spork dude..

Bodee Honeycutt : Where's my Ratatouille 2??? *Huh???*


theCrimsonViper : Disney should have just ended it with Toy Story 3 :'( that was the perfect ending to a perfect saga. Also.. I once had a dream of Toy Story 4's plot. I woke up with my mind blown because that was the first ever complex dream I had. I could remember each detail. If this comment reaches 50 likes, I will comment the dream

yamiGAJw : Can we get a sequel to UP? It should be called DOWN

Woody the Sheriff : I wonder why nobody thought about bullseye because he is missing from the trailer

Kaanturk : Toys Story:Endgame

Auz Payeur : All these Toy Story sequels and you still refuse to make Rata2ille. Unbelievable.

Qwerty Asdf : Didn't expect a plastic fork with an existential crisis to be featured in a Toy Story movie.

Protoss Tassadar : So, my childhood will end this summer 2019 : <

DonLee : All kids playing fortnite and not with toys anymore. That's the plot

Brenda Garcìa : OK... It's only Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the cast of Toy Story playing around... There's nothing sad about it... Relax... Oh... No... I FEEL IT COMING!!... (sobs and sobs of nostalgia)

Movie Master : The cinema is going to be very similar to what happened in incredibles 2. 80% 20 year olds. I can't wait

kreenichiwa k : Let's hope this Toy Story franchise goes "to infinity and beyond"

Grant LeBlanc : I'll be real with you guys, I have watched this every morning since it came out and cried half the times lol

ANTHONY A : Press 8 for best part. You are welcome. Happy birthday, Blake Clark.

hill prenatt : this is gonna be emotional

BlackScape : I’m legit gonna start crying when “You got a friend in me” plays for the last time ever.

Music Guitar Girl : The song make me cry

Epic minecraft dot Net : if forkys names is a fork hes a spork why didnt they name him sporky


FBI : *_Hello Its 2019 Now_*

CptSqu1d : What is supposed to be happening


Jāçkšøñ Ŵøødhøūšē : I hope Toy Story 4 gets all of use crying in the cinema. It’s gonna be the first children’s film where the majority of the audience will be 15 and older. The people younger than that will still enjoy it but everyone over the age of 15 who grew up watching all 3 over the past 20 years are gonna find a special place in their heart for it, let’s hope they don’t ruin it

Cal Baker : What happened to bullseye?

Lil Lord Akira 97 : 0:56 At least, Forky wasn't one of Sid's mutant toys

Lazar : Featuring Thanos

Dumbo trilogy : I want some official clips from Toy Story 4.

Jeremias Melendez : Yes my favorite childhood movie is coming back I love toy story

Bud Lightbeer : Oh my God!!!! Gonzo predicted the future!

Tadashi Satoru : Attention! Bo Peep is getting a redesign in this upcoming Toy Story film. When the next trailer shows up on YouTube, we're gonna see her in this design.

AriswawKuy : Step aside kids, this is our time!

Palo Alto Comics : I wonder who is going to be the voice of Mr potato head man

Nathaniel's Gaming Adventures AND MORE! : This Music is the best

Alpha気 : Can't wait to scrap them fresh 'memes' off of this movie

Darth Elius : toy story 2 buzz lightyear to the rescue remastered

Maximillian Mus : Me? Shook Face? Clear Depression? Cured Crops? Watered Family? Fed Rent? Paid Hotel? Trivago

Michael Mukti : Who waiting this movie

AJaxx : At least it's not gonna be live action.

Prateek Bhatt : Aahhh , this background music gives me good old vibes😍🎶 ."..Can't wait .


YeetGod : So many things are happening here but I don't understand! We need Detective Pikachu on this!

James McKinney : Can we get another trailer

Lewisjewis : This might break the highest box office record

Brandon Keal : Can’t wait for the movie!

kreenichiwa k : Omg Toy Story 4?!?!?! I'm totally tearing childhood! IdontcareIdontcare 😣😢😭😆