Toy Story 4 | Official Teaser Trailer

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Swifty Unknown : This movie is also for people that are 20 years and older. Sorry kids.

Carlos Vargas : They said that toy story 4 is more sad than the last one. The only thing that comes to my mind is that something will happen to the toys 😪

Michelle Reyes : oh my god im gonna cry, my childhood is coming back

ofek zohar : TOY STORY: ENDGAME

ItsYaBoySausage . : Wait bullseye isn't there. I hope he's in the movie

Auz Payeur : All these Toy Story sequels and you still refuse to make Rata2ille. Unbelievable.

Anakin Skywalker : Toy story1: about what toys do when no ones there and when toys get lost Toy story2: toys get broken Toy story3: toys react when kid gets older

idontknow idontwantpeopletoknowitsme : To all those saying where's bullseye... I gotcha an answer. He is the one recording duh.

catm : Disney Headquarters Mickey: Minnie! Come quick! Minnie: What is it, Mickey? Mickey: Toy Story 4 isn't the 1st in YouTube Trending! Minnie: W-what?! But Toy Story is pretty popular! What could the people possibly be more excited for?! MEANWHILE IN WARNER BROS HEADQUARTERS Warner Bros Employees: 🎵 I WANNA BE, THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAAAAAAS- 🎵

Antonio Flores/The Dark Master : Wait, where's Bullseye?

SportsCrave : The cinema is going to be very similar to what happened in incredibles 2. 80% 20 year olds. I can't wait

Avalanche : This is 5 times better than this year’s YouTube Rewind!

Abel & CAIN : Literally, can't wait for this to come out

Andy62515 • : did anyone notice that when every one bumped into each other, buzz and Jessie did not let go of hands, everyone else did

snack : Kinda depressing how this got like no where near the amount of attention as Pokemon or Lion King

Maximillian Mus : Me? Shook Face? Clear Depression? Cured Crops? Watered Family? Fed Rent? Paid Hotel? Trivago

Justin Ngo : Is anyone talking about the fact bullseye isn’t there!

John Carpenter : I don't belong here I'm not a toy!

HamPs : The story should be about how smartphones and internet have ruined children’s childhood

GTA Gameplays : Where is bullseye?

JellyBeanTV : Wow Woody and buzz have not aged a day

Rhys 'Yeast' Ross : Does Toy Story take place in the same universe as Sausage Party with the talking products and stuff? Of course, with a lot less.. Realism..

osiris towers : But but.. whos going to voice the irriplacable Don Rickles as Mr. Potato head now???😭

Vanessa Russo : So Proud of Disney!!! Great job, so excited that kids and teens that never expeienced it like we did now get the freshest new movie for the next generation.

Muscle Skunk : 0:57 I don’t belong here

Autistic Al : This 24 year old is already hyped. I'll be the guy pushing kids to the ground to get a ticket 👌

ItzFort : 0:57 me at school

runescaper1333 : So anything becomes alive after you put hands and a face?

Grace Bukowski : For those who are asking how Forky is alive and how he even exists, I have actually come up with an answer. You see, the reason why Forky is alive is because of Bonnie's imagination and for the toys in toy story to come alive, they have to have the owners of them to have imagination and for them to really believe in them. So this is why Forky is alive, it's because of Bonnie's imagination.


AriswawKuy : Step aside kids, this is our time!

Lolbit 25 : It’s really nice of Disney to bring back all these old movies that no one really remembers except for the 2000’s kids. THANK YOU DISENEY + PIXAR!!!

Dumbo trilogy : I think Pixar youve already filmed Toy Story 4 i bet it will be like Tim Burton's Dumbo.

ForeveRR : Andy 😢😢

Impractical : *I D O N T B E L O N G H E R E*

Chelsea & Franz : y’all gonna make us cry again huh

Potato :D : Next summer is too far 😢😢😢😢😢😢

Evan Mitsakis : This movies gonna be an epilogue I can see. You don’t HAVE to see it, but it’ll provide something important I can tell

can we get 6,000 subs with one video? : what would you want? like-Wall E 2 comment-Up 2

Lolbit 25 : WHERE IS BULLSEYE?!?!😱

MMOByte : Please let it be good. Please let it be good. Please let it be good.

Donald Haley : This song comes out at the end of Hereditary

I’m in every Comment : This song reminds me of my childhood with toy story

DotNetWolf : I decided to wait until I saw this trailer in Ralph Breaks the Internet. As great as it is to see another film with these characters again, I'm really REALLY concerned. The fact that this is supposed to be a continuation of the third movie, which I already thought did an outstanding job putting some closure on the life cycle of toys and their owners as well as expanding more of the world they live in. I feel like making this movie is going to be the greatest mistake Disney has ever made depending on how this will turn out. Toy Story 4 is either going to end up being just a decent as Incredibles 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet with the way they have been handling their sequels lately, or so bad that it can really tarnish the reputation of Pixar and its legacy.

Blen dy : Its like there in heaven.

Sam Matheson : My Inner 5 Year old just came out for 1:26 Seconds

Dumbo trilogy : Im going to see Toy Story 4.

Anden : I don't trust the new guy -.-

Unknown 775 : This song is sooo sad idk why though🙁😔😢

Kübra Gürpınar : I am so happy yassss finally...