Noisestorm - Crab Rave [Monstercat Release]

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Adrian Ventura : 1:15 when you're one minute and 15 seconds into this song EDIT: also me when i saw these 550 likes thanks xd

Yan Zhang : I liked the part when the crabs danced

CrazyShaq : 1:15 when u look at your phone and ur crush has slid in your dm’s

Greninjamaster897 -Subscribe! : OBAMA IS GONE!!!!!!!!!

Melanie Stephens : when you win at fortnite

Vatsul Dube : 1:14 When you didn't pay for CSGO and now its free

Lionela Armendariz : 1:15 when you go home and see no one is home but you.

RogueScott : Who else set as ringtone

BLUE HACK : This song if when school is over

Henrique -mito : Cade os brs ☻☻

Not ahotdog : *When ur lying down pretending to be dead and the school shooter finally turns the gun to himself*

Some Random Callie Fan : Teacher 3 seconds off the classroom be like: 1:15

Henrique -mito : 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

Melanie Stephens : when pewds is still winning

Gameboy6567 : 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

JINXSPR0 : 1:15 when Thanos is gone in *Avengers: EndGame*

SirBallBag : When your dad comes back from the shop after 19 years 1:15

KomandantMirko : 🦀🦀🦀 KNUT IS BANNED 🦀🦀🦀

Bart Koppens : There is a place. Somewhere in the Indian Ocean. A secret to all of mankind and the perfect spot for the endangered rave crab to breed. Once a year they all come together to find the right female rave crab. Here, a rave crab dances for his life to gain access to the heart of the female he desires. Then, if his dancing rituals have worked and if the female is prepared, the crabs start mating. The baby rave crab nest they produce will be protected at all cost, preferably in the shady sides of the caves near the coast. The parents take care of the babies until at an age of just two years old, when the youngsters will be ready to leave their nests. From this point on, they will be gathering for the crab rave every year to maintain the raving tradition, not only to have the greatest fun, but also to ensure the future of the next generations. Live happily and rave on everybody ~sir David Attenborough, 1922 - colorized~


Because I'm Batman! : **Pewdiepie hits 75 Million subs** 1:15

Swagalis Goodra : Obama is gone

XxITSYOBOIxX 752 : Play this at my funeral with a caption saying “HE’S DEAD FINALLY!”

AaránGamer79 Fortnite y más : *YOUTUBE REWIND IS DELETED*

Ali-A : Ali a anyone?

Lustrals Kaze : 0:58 wait for it...... 1:09 wait for it..... 1:15 MEME REVIEW

LK -_- : 1:15 when 69 gets lifetime

Cynex beats : I played this during my class presentation Yep boys we failed, but it was hella worth

Domdidaxx : Imagine going here on vacation, and on your second day the crabs emerge.

Samuel Swearingen : O B A M A I S G O N E.

Silver Metusala : When your drunk dad comes home and beats your mom instead of you. 1:14 Now that’s an epic victory royale

xshadow wolfx : 1:15 memes

TheAwsomeGamer Like&Sub! : 2:15 when ppl stop making 1:15 jokes

donthumpyoutube donthumpyoutube : *EPIC*

MajiiAgony : When your hot pocket is done

Daniel Ippolito : Memes aside, it’s actually a really catchy tune!!!

Your Average Four year old : 1:15 *Kodak Black is in prison!*


Colleen N : 1:15 When T-Series YouTube Channel is deleted

T Gaming : If you only had 3:15 minutes to live

PauperGames : 1:15 when you’re still a virgin gamer

chiken : OBAMA IS GONE

tobotomizer : trash meme

Jenni : Now THIS is quality content

Danielle Deatherage : Talking about dropping it when it's hot

AndreeH : 1:15 when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out after waiting for six months Edit: i'm getting dem *likes*

Purple_ Leopard : 1:15 when school is out

Sebastian Kunzel : 1:15 when her parents arent home

Posso : When you're mom say u can have a mcdonald

christian sanchez : pim pam trucu trucu pim pam trucu trucu