Noisestorm - Crab Rave [Monstercat Release]

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Asad Tauseef : Teacher: Start exam *My brain*

phillip .km. : When the teacher goes to the bathroom *Students be like:*

Möth Lepidoptera : When you and mom are arguing and you raise a very good point and you see moms triggered face. 1:15

silent ninja : 1:15 when your dad is on your side in an argument with your mom

Red_Turtl3 : 1:15 when you see a funny comment that doesn’t start with 1:15

TheBackyardScientist : Watching this instead of the superbowl

Maximiliano Naranjo Ortega : 1:15 When thanos saw that I eliminate 50% of the population.

Diamond Master : When you're parents finally understand you can't pause online games 1:14

Just some bush : If I see a crab on the beach I'm showing it this song.

proRyo GD : 1:15 when half of the comments are like this

Thewogboy 4 : 1:15 when you hit 1 subscriber

Night Shade : 1:15 When you pass your exams with flying colors

Jayzx53 : A true masterpiece.

Andrea Sullivan : 1:15 the moment you realize your crush broke up with her boyfriend

Joham _ : 1:15 when Elon Musk buy fortnite and deletes it

Sir William : she took the kids

VQqubicks98 : 1:15 when you got the pacman record on google in the school

Edge Wheeler : 1:15 when your 1:15 comment hits 50 likes

Lebros • : *1:15* when you see a comment without edits like OmG mY mOsT lIkEd CoMmEnT.

Tekashi 6ix9ine : 1:26 when i drop the soap and Something Sticks me from behind

I bet i can hit 1000 subs without a video!!! 123 : Her: I bet hes thinking about other girls... My brain:

nappikaappi gt : Like:Crab rave Kommenttia:baby shark

•Drewy Dewey• : 1:15 When you realize that half of T-Series Subs are Bots *(OuO)*

Random Videos : *CRABS HAVE LEFT THE CHAT* 2:47

Egg 1000 subscribers with no Vids : When thanos snaps HIS finger and i live


Jayden Khemlani : Did anyone notice the special effects or did everyone only come for the music?

Myth : 1:15 when your song becomes a meme

Pika964 : 1:15 When a crappy Youtuber finally gets taken down

Blue Slender : 1:15 When you realize that the sub gap increased


Pedro Coelho : 1:15 when you finish a delivery of 2000 km on the euro truck

Canyoueventakeit : neat raving and 40 million, congratulations Noisestorm

Skinny legend Lily : 1:15% of the comments are about 1:15

Knight t : 1:15 you when you are alive after thanos killed half of population

Davidci Codex : Mr. Krabs is really feeling it right now.

Maximilianmus Army : 1:15 when you win your first fortnite game

ish zi : 1:38 when you have the high ground

Rightaway : When the poop dealer gives discount 1:15

6ix9ineTingInnit : 1:15 that relatable moment when you spend £10,000 on your mums credit card on vbucks


Caused Skate : I am just here from fortnite block songs

Angelina Kajtazi : 1:20 when my dad tries to floss

Fortnite 2 Hard : When you get a like on your comment (1:15)

Dr. Lemonz : 1:15 When T-series deletes their channel

SteamedBunGaming : *_I SURVIVED LIGMA_*

Neil Bonaparte : 1:15 when you win ur first game of fortnite

nekon torpi : Col song... and OBAMA HAS GONE MEME

Skip Wiley : 1:15 when mr krabs gets 99999999999999999999 billion dollars

Julico Gaming : 1:15 when you have ligma but then your doc says you’re ligma free!!