Castle Griffinsteed
Guy narrates a game he created himself One of my Go To videos that always makes me happy when I need it

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What horrors lie beneath? What the hell is going on? Connect with me! Music by: Kevin MaCleod


JoeScotterpuss : Jerma, calm down. You just ate like, at least two months worth of chips in 3 seconds.

Arsse : Jerma you MADE a whole map and a 9 minute video that im sure you had to re do a lot to make a "I'd rather have chips" joke This is why I love your videos

Tsar Butterfly : Jerma, how did you get early access to Elder Scrolls VI?

Zap Cat : *expects a medieval adventure, sees a shotgun*

Jack Ramsey : "You never know when you might need a rocket launcher"-great grandma Griffinsteeds

Sianostrakarenrenren : "No man enters, no man leaves. Once you enter..."

BigBossStudios : "there's hundreds, of not thousands of them!" *3 kills later* "ok they're gone now"

Venoxide Gaming : Best line is "Their blades have no effect on me because they're just idiots."

DarkOmegaMK2 : The longest and most elaborate joke about chips

sparkie1j : jerma should do audiobooks

Ollyoxen : "Get away from me!" *Sprints towards creatures while holding a shotgun*

Michael Lacy : Castle Griffinsteed is a finished game.

New Germania : TES 6 wont be much different than this

ninetails593 : Al Gorro the Lesser Demon. He causes global warming.

Dylan : Jerma is an amazing youtuber. He made this map just for a 9 minute vid

Dudeface Everyone : I need a- oh give me that shotgun. That works

SoylentGamer : I want to play D&D with Jerma as the DM

Kie2Gaming : "Only two ways to go, either Left or Ri-- OHH COINS!!"

Xiao Andy : *1124 Soffer's Sleep, The Second Cycle of the Moon* It is with great pride that I announce that I have been chosen by Our Gracious Lord Soffer to venture into the Unknown; a most treacherous place, a place where none of my glorious kin have ever ventured before. Not even our shamans, blessed by Our Gracious Lord Soffer, are able to penetrate its depths. I do not know what I shall encounter there, nor am I frightened. The Griffinsteed name shall be upheld, and my name will be a legend to be passed down for countless moon cycles. Already my beloved kin are performing the Ceremony in preparation for my departure. May Soffer keep watch over them as I journey into the Unknown. *1124 Soffer's Sleep, The Second Cycle of the Moon* Already I have encountered one of the many secrets the Unknown hides. I had heard legends regarding the mythical Castle Griffinsteed, the magnificent structure where my kin once resided, before it was swallowed by the inexorable Unknown. And yet those legends are a pale mockery of the truth. The castle looms over me, and I cannot see its end; it simply stretches on, a marvel of architecture. I will not allow the Unknown to separate my kin from their rightful home. May Soffer grant me strength as I purge Castle Griffinsteed of the tainted Unknown. *1124 Soffer's Sleep, The Third Cycle of the Moon* Stationed outside the castle were guards, no doubt servants to the Unknown. I raised my sword to slay the fools, expecting the first trial of my skills as a warrior of the Griffinsteed to prove a challenge. But to my surprise and bemusement, they simply stood, voicing cries of pain and requests for mercy. One of them called for the "kops", which I can only assume is some kind of elite servant of the Unknown. Their screams did not deter me from the task. Those who serve the Unknown deserve nothing but the cold metal bite of justice. I am currently inside the castle, marveling at its beauty. Praise be to my ancestors, who built this structure from the sweat of their brow. Soffer bless their work, and may He protect me from the Unknown. *1124 Soffer's Sleep, The Fourth Cycle of the Moon* The Unknown is an insidious place. Just moments ago I encountered a congregation of wizards, practitioners of the evil, chaos-laden magic of the Unknown. They were huddled around a strange device, likely a communicator to the Underworld, through which they pleaded for help, calling for "nine one one" and "the poll ease". Alas, those fools do not realize that nothing can save you from Soffer's might. I cut the fools down one by one. But now I hear a high pitched noise outside the castle. I fear their ritual succeeded. May Soffer protect me from these forces. *The Fifth(?) Cycle of the moon* Curses! I was injured by one of those heathens! He --shot me with a pistol-- must have been another wizard, as he lifted some curious contraption and pointed it at me, and suddenly pain blossomed in my shoulder, blood leaking out of my sword arm. With a bellow of rage I charged at the man, bowling him over and killing him, taking his --gun-- weapon. I know not what it is, but I will have to use it. My sword arm is lame. May Soffer effect quick healing upon it. The pain is unbearable and I can feel my conscious slipping away. I do not even know how much time has passed. I can hear --sirens-- noises in the distance I WON'T BE LOCKED UP AGAIN I AM SANE I AM SANE I AM *57th cycle of the moon I think?* I killed them one and all they stand no chance against I Carl Griffinsteed I will purge this place of the Unknown I will save my family YOU HEAR ME I WILL NOT BE STOPPED this castle never ends this castle never ends IT NEVER ENDS Evil rabbits performing ritual sacrifice the taint of the Unknown has spread into animals but I am the sword of Soffer I shall cleanse these animals DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE AHHAHAHAHAHAHA DIE DIE DIEIEICI SOFFER BLESS ME AS I SLAUGHTER THESE HEATHENS THEIR BLOOD SHALL APPEASE YOU MY LORD AT LAST I HAVE FOUND YOU --DR.-- DEMON LORD ALGORHO YOU WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF THE GRIFFINSTEED NAME --YOU WILL -*-NEVER-*- CURE ME-- I AM NOT INSANE YOU ARE SIMPLY A FOOL I AM CARL GRIFFINSTEED CHAMPION OF THE GRIFFINSTEEDS GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME YOU FUCKS SOFFER WILL KILL ALL OF YOU *Carl Griffinsteed* *Subject #2524* *Diagnosis*: Illusions of grandeur, possible schizophrenia *Currently under the care of Dr. Algorho* *Additional Notes*: Appears to possess a fascination with medieval customs and traditions. Often claims to be a warrior from a medieval society. Staff are --encouraged to play along with his delusions in order to facilitate cooperation-- not to play along with his delusions under any circumstances, as seen in Incident-2524-3, where Dr. Algorho pretended to be a demon at Subject 2524's request, only to be physically assaulted by Subject 2524 immediately. Subject #2524 was found wandering the streets of Manhattan, belligerently attacking passerby with an iron pipe. Upon confrontation by the police, Subject #2524 fled into an apartment complex and was able to come into possession of a firearm. Subject #2524 proceeded to kill several policemen before being apprehended. Appears to possess a complete disregard for human life, as seen when he murdered his own grandfather for a bag of potato chips. Most treatment has been ineffective. It is unknown whether he will ever be cured.

Ahmad abdal : is this a prequal to castle:wolfenstien?

Sam Gavars : this was the first video of Jerma's I ever saw and looking back I wouldn't have wanted it to be any other one

Bàmboo - : For some reason I feel like Jerma made this game because NO other game would do this 5:14 Yep.

chershey : Sir Griffensteed for Jerma Rumble 4

calzone jones : didn't do so great in the live action rumble

Garch012 : Carl Griffinsteed for Jerma rumble 4

The FullCrumb : This went from Medieval to Ultima in no time at all.

Pancake : I guarantee Jerma gave this more story than the actual game ever could have had.

TheidealHeight : Jerma is a gift to this world. What a freaking ride

Tooth Frame : your grandma had serious balls

LukeDaDuke : I think J just murdered a bunch of homeless dudes in an old abandoned castle then just stole all their change.

Basteal : This is required viewing material for all my friends.

Rebuilt Skeletal Structure : So it was YOU who ruined last years Renaissance fair. For shame.

A Box : Carl griffinstead for jerma rumble 4

SpikeTheController : I can't wait for Castle Griffinsteed 2: Return to Castle Griffinsteed.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : This needs to be a major motion film.

dom : I died laughing when he grabbed that shotgun

quintus : watched this, bought game guru on sale, still havent done shit with it thank you for the spontaneous inspiration and waste of money jeffrey

Lundeh : Jerma may be one of the only people who uses game guru correctly. It's not supposed to be used for profit, it's supposed to be used to mess around with.

LK335q : 2:20 A dumpster? In a fantasy world? What is this, time travel?? Edit: And then I get far enough to see him use a shotgun. What did I even expect?

Dakota Dabear : I guess you could say This game is literally all that and a bag of chips! 😎 *insert csi Miami intro*

IntelGameZ : Wait, 2:20 there's a dumpster. Technology really was *trash* back then, huh? And then he finds a shotgun.

Brett Hartsell : Beware Al Gorro! He tortures millions of innocent people with tales of global destruction but never actually does anything about it.

Glen Dorner : *turns around* AH SATAN *immediatly kills with rocket* that was easy *walks into bunny dream land*

PunketSly : I've seen this video like 4 times already, it never gets boring

Johnson : how did you get access to the new call of duity so fast???

Vaksharules1999 : Does Jerma play D&D? He'd make a great dungeon master

sunnysurfer101MA : is this the new book you're working on?

Cheese Crumbs : Jerma used this shitty game maker "software", thought up his own story for the game he made, and was more entertaining than the game itself.

Mr.Spookyman : "Its all about the coins."