What Every State in the US is Best and Worst At

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RealLifeLore : PSA guys. Being best or worst at something doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. That’s all

Steve Synan : You know Mississippi is effed up when the best thing about that state is that they watch the most porn.

fishinboy_ YT : Here in florida, we don't have snow days, We have HURRICANE DAYS!

Proudmario 1678 : True...we California's suffer with so much fires Smokey Bear could get a heat attack

Vincent Cerone : "In West Virginia you will find" *Country roads*

Joy Wang : You know it's sad when America's lowest obesity rate is 22%.

Dank Matter : Florida has the best news headlines

D Quinn : Montana: highest graduation rate, worst internet access ... hmmmmmm.

あなた同性愛者男の子 : Yo. You need to copyright strike BrightSide. They copied your vid almost word for word and somehow added 6 minutes to it by talking super slow. They claim they did all the research and they have 2 midroll ads meaning that they are getting money off of your work. Sue their ass and make them delete their channel. Goddamn I hate BrightSide. The literal worst YouTube Channel ever. I rather watch five hours of JakePaul than watch one BrightSide Video. Please please please please please copystike them!

Barry Gu : Colorado has the least obesity rates... At just *22%* 😂

Matthew Majors : So Arizona is the real Sunshine State, and not flordia?(edit) also I'm from Arizona

Pipe2DevNull : So with the high amount of caves and the low amount of dentists, Tennessee has a lot of cavities.

GamingSam13 : "Delaware is considered to be the most boring state" Coming from a guy who lives in Delaware, its true 😂

Breno145 : Oregon has the highest rate of sex offenders per capita. Thought I should throw it out there.

Starlightful : Frick California. I'm moving to *space.*

Gerrit Gerritsen : Oregon has: -homeless people everywhere -opioid addictions -crappy art projects -suicide rates -literal riots almost monthly Take your pick.

RomeoAndRandom 99 : 6:34 Oregon is the worst at being the worst

Koski : Maine has the lowest violent crime rate and is the least diverse state🤔

Phatkid : I can understand why Maine has such a low crime rate. It's 94 percent white.

I’m A Snuggle Seal : Pennsylvania vs deer Vote now on your phones

Ldestroer 1210 : I know I’m not the only person that skipped to my state

Jesus Diaz : 4:18 RLL - "Hey Mississippi! You're the best at watching porn!" Lmao 😂

SuperOldschool1994 : Worst thing about California: overpopulation of liberals.

KittyKake 44 : "Oregon has the most craft breweries and is the only state I couldn't find something it was worst in" YAAAAY! PROUD TO BE AN OREGONIAN!

Sweetie Sapphire Ag Productions : *my state* *has lowest asthma rate* *also has most polluted air* love that for Virginia.

God Platinum : *Indiana: highest number of meth labs* 0-0 RUN! THEY FOUND OUT!

Van Hendrix : What US states have the most Toyota Corollas

iindianinkk : "Georgia has the best quality roads, but the worst traffic" pfFFTt yeah because it takes them over six years to make narrow roads wider to allow more flow :^)

cartey-iter : its like, hey we have a terrible government that could collapse at any time, but at least we have golf courses!

blynn415 : *patiently waits for Pennsylvania*

itzsizahere 1 : New York is the best at making your bank account cry

TheNBAFreak : How many Oregon residents left this video proud asf? 🙋🏽‍♂️😂

Jean G : You cant find anything on Oregon? I literally just googled “Oregon worst at” And found that it has the worst mental health in the country... you should try harder...

Sarvin Nepal : Moral of the story: don’t live in missippippi

Revernaut : Maine's greatest aspect is its population diversity. 95% White! Hell yeah! I'm packing my things, and moving to Maine!

Unicorn cats and Glitter : Ohio is sooooo boring NOTHING happens we also have a lot of pollen but STILL the most unnatural thing to happen is someone getting killed in a dumpster

JD's Variety Channel : Arkansasians be dumping their spouse for a dog.


GET MY CHANNEL TO 1000 SUBSCRIBER S : California’s worst... The most libtards living in one area

P Pumpkin : New Hampshire has one of the lowest tax rates and low poverty, Connecticut has one of the highest tax rates and the highest income inequality. See the correlation?

mindugi ;) : 94% of population is white. That's... bad, right?

Doomentio : You forgot to say the negative aspect of Maine.

Catmat caitlin : Kansas is actually really beautiful in its own way because peace and solitude is beautiful

Sahana G : Proud to be a Californian

FlamSalad : Oregon is worst at having the most pretentious hipsters per capita

Thomas Leclerc : what I got from this video: I'm not gonna to live in the US

GET_SHANKED_2004 : Who was waiting for their state?

Eric Swansboro : Lmfao Maine is the *safest* and *whitest* state.. I do believe a joke resides in this statement, but you can think of it on your own ;)

Isaac Alexander : 6:58 as a man in South Carolina I can confirm this......sorry grandma...

walter pineda : Oregon: has the highest population of domestic terrorist, ANTIFA and their HQ is located in Portland. I'll count that as a negative!