What Every State in the US is Best and Worst At

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RealLifeLore : PSA guys. Being best or worst at something doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. That’s all

Jobin : I hear Alabama has the best family relationships

Kay Drawings : Alabama: 0:15 Alaska: 0:25 Arizona: 0:37 Arkansas: 0:48 California: 0:56 Colorado: 1:17 Connecticut: 1:27 Deleware: 1:41 Florida: 1:57 Georgia: 2:04 Hawaii: 2:15 Idaho: 2:23 Illinois: 2:31 Indiana: 2:38 Iowa: 2:43 Kansas: 2:52 Kentucky: 3:03 Louisiana: 3:10 Maine: 3:26 Maryland: 3:35 Massachusetts: 3:44 Michigan : 3:53 Minnesota: 4:03 Mississippi: 4:18 Missouri: 4:37 Montana: 4:43 Nebraska: 4:49 Nevada: 4:54 New Hampshire : 5:06 New Jersey : 5:14 New Mexico: 5:19 New York: 5:43 North Carolina : 5:53 North Dakota: 6:01 Ohio: 6:11 Oklahoma : 6:20 Oregon: 6:34 Pennsylvania : 6:42 Rhode Island : 6:52 South Carolina : 6:58 South Dakota: 7:04 Tennessee : 7:14 Texas: 7:19 Utah: 7:33 Vermont: 7:42 Virginia: 7:51 Washington: 7:59 West Virginia : 8:05 Wisconsin: 8:24 Wyoming: 8:33 Please don't hate if I got it wrong LIKE THIS THO IT TOOK 30 MINUTES

Jacob Park : 0:35 bro Alaska has like 10 people, if one person commits a rape or something then 10% of the people living there are rapists

Raccoonz : Who else watch this just to see their state

Wyatt.Gr1se11 : Y’all notice Maine is 94% white with the lowest crime rate? Just sayin

Steve Synan : You know Mississippi is effed up when the best thing about that state is that they watch the most porn.

AntiCaesar The Skeleton Firebreather : Indiana: best at growing corn, worst at being remembered

BonziBUDDY : >be maine >have the lowest violent crime rate >also have the least diversity hmm.jpg

Cassie Turner : Who was just quietly waiting for their state to show up😂

proper Doge : Im not gonna lie about Georgia we have bad traffic

Dank Matter : Florida has the best news headlines

Jason Gonzalez : Stay out of texas we fed up with all the new people

that one guy : And California is the worst state for how much SJWs there are

Von Anus demina : Why did they only say positive things about Maine?

MetalSandman999 : West Virginia: Most equal education performance by race. But...doesn't West Virginia also have one of the overall worst ranked education systems in the country? So, it's just equally bad for everyone, basically?

Pipe2DevNull : So with the high amount of caves and the low amount of dentists, Tennessee has a lot of cavities.

__{.-.}__ Hi : Texas 39%of the population if you count all the dam illegals

The Mr.squeaker : I live in Pennsylvania and I almost ran of deer like 12 times

Politically Incorrect : Oh no! Maine is 94% white! Who cares..?

Random Falling Stuff : Wait... invasive snail problem? *_I’VE LITERALLY ONLY SEEN A SNAIL LIKE THREE TIMES IN MY ENTIRE LIFE_*

RomeoAndRandom 99 : 6:34 Oregon is the worst at being the worst

Thunderbuddy : I only watched this video to see California

FlamingPuffz : 7:20 I guess we give the best blow jobs here

I'm a Chicken : Its hard to wrap my mind around the fact that in the US a lot of your states are bigger than where I'm from ( Ireland ) and have a higher population.

Noah Adams : Bright side stole this vid. 😡🤬

Jesus Diaz : 4:18 RLL - "Hey Mississippi! You're the best at watching porn!" Lmao 😂

Cherbonyl : no wonder I’m so flawless, I was born in oregon

William Sauls : Wait maine has the lowest violent crime rate but has the least amount of blacks.🤔

Not- a-Troll Honest : Wait Maine being not as diverse is a bad thing?

Vivi D : Good video but Maine is wrong. New Hampshire has more white people with 96%.

TheNBAFreak : How many Oregon residents left this video proud asf? 🙋🏽‍♂️😂

Sick Dog : Bright Side copied this video too...

Xbox user : Florida is the best for high school football

IixStarShinexii Xoxo : Ohio is a good state. The scenery is nice, the people are cool, the beer is cheap, and my low income family still has good neighbors. <3

Mowgl- j : Least crime rate and and has the most whites. Anyone else catching a trend here?

JD's Variety Channel : Arkansasians be dumping their spouse for a dog.

CvxZo : Yo bright side completely copied this this video

Coyotewolf10// : Sorry but Wyoming doesn't exist. ~(˘▾˘~)

ImBrettr : Bright Side COMPLETELY copied this video 😑

Pc Potato Chip : texas had good homes with low prices I say this because its true and i live there

AMERICA!!!!!! : My state minnesota was both good in my book

キラー Darko : FR! In Misssouri its $2.60 a gallon. Sometimes $2.40. We sure aint complaining lmao

AmirPlayz : I live in Oregon GG

Michael Jackson Nation : Arkansas - The worst college football team of all time

Doomentio : You forgot to say the negative aspect of Maine.

Sparks : Let’s go Minnesota

Avery Roy : I knew my state would have tornados, and teacher salary. (Oklahoma) WE MISSED 2 WEEKS OF SCHOOL FOR A 4K PAY RAISE.

Radhakrishnan Mohan : Wonder which state has the most number of corolla owners.

qwerty boy 478 : Here in florida, we don't have snow days, We have HURRICANE DAYS!