Tyler Cassidy - Boyfriend (Original)

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Tyler Cassidy Music : On the road right now. Check FroggyFresh.com for tour dates. 🙏

Weest : Damn y'all can I get a BANGER ALERT next time?

Julian Sams : Tyler my man who hurt you

Renebean : froggy is a legend deal with it... Tyler has the lyrical charm and voice of an angel!!

sad kidd : honestly thought a black guy was singing 😂 this is really good though *well here’s an edit (can i have as many subs and likes i got on this comment)

um k : Am I the only one who thought a black guy sang this.🤷🏽‍♀️

Sparc Mac : Keep eating ass brother

Jhaeda Powell : I thought a black guy sung this song. I love his voice tho (i have never got so many likes on a comment 😂)

qυєєи lσlσ : I thought a fat black man sang this tbh😂 but this so good😩😍

Jeffrey Verity : Take my money, where is your album?!

smol fluffball : A clip of this song was featured on iFunny last night. I heard it and wanted to listen to the full thing. This song is great. Keep doing stuff like this man. You've got talent

Tyler Cassidy Music : Thanks again for the shine reddit 🙏🙏🙏🙏☀️☀️☀️

addy son : this is how your boyfriend friends start texting you when y’all break up 😭

Panda Love : Okay can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that this song is actually relatable and beautiful???!? It’s so good and I love your voice omg

Владимир Путин : You are the reason I haven't bombed America

Aaliyah Cesaire : The people that unliked this video can 2:16

Em B : Me and my friend keep blasting this song in school because we love it so much 😂😂

feeliit : Hardest pianist in the game

doctor dread : Anyone els here because of ifunny

ashley hamelin : Okay but I actually thought a black guy sung this (banger)

Nakida York : You should make an instrumental to this song people would enjoy listening to this song

Lil Caterpillar : I’m addicted to this song ❤️🙌🏻

Mckenzie Desiree : People all over insta made edits of ( 0:38 - 0:57 ) so i looked it up and this is goooood!

Mikey Mike : Im not going to lie. I listened for the laughs but its actually a damn good catchy song

Milk : bought this on iTunes,it’s a banger🤠🤩

Natalie Delgado : The faces he made while singing were sooo cute ♥️

Promise Jones : He sound black when I first herd it

Woah Billie : When I first heard this I thought it was a black guy tbh. But this is amazing man😍

RAMBOsayWHO _ : 90% of comments, “I thought you were black!” 7% of comments, “What happened to you?” 2% of comments, “Good job on this amazing song.” 1% of comments, this.

braydon bootbäar : I thought that your name was Krispy kream?

Lorhea Wood : There's this app called tik tok and thus song is on it

Averey Powell : Literally the best thing I've ever heard.

Niom : I didn’t know FPS Russia started a music channel

Caitlin B : yo I fr love this ‼️❤️

Lance Sims : Yo tyler i know this random but ive never wanted someone to make it more then you keep grinding brother

Jordyn Wetson : bro you hella facts lmfaoooo high five man

deadly poison 9000 : I’m in love with this a song now👏👏

Hugh Jassel : No lie. This song is damn good

itsaheckinshib : LOWKEY BANGER

Lewis Brooks-Smith : Yes Tyler! Going through a similar problem at the moment and been hearing soo many depressing songs about this subject but you've covered it in a way that's got me feeling great! Thanks man I really needed this. Good to see you're still on the grind much love! 😊👍

Jake LeBlanc : Lyrical genius. That sums it all up

Corbin Thoreson : damn if anyone going to make it....ITS FROGGY FRESH

jocelyn rose : it's impossible to listen to this too much

Casidee Heng : I saw this song on instagram and I fell in love it😍😂😍

doctor dread : Hey was there a reason for this song. was this song ment to be heard by someone in specific or did you just make this song

R.A inc : Congrats on 1 million views sir! You're the man Krispy

Mr Dragonkilla : He could beat up your boyfriend even if he had one thousand knives.

Savannah Alvey : OMG I’m in love with this your voice is amazing😍😂😂


ok bear : mr steal your girl lol