Tyler Cassidy - Boyfriend (Original)

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Tyler Cassidy Music : On the road right now. Check FroggyFresh.com for tour dates. 🙏

Weest : Damn y'all can I get a BANGER ALERT next time?

bode Hilderbrand : 2018... Almost over. Heard this for the 1st time. Wow.

Jazzie Jaz : I came here because of those instagram lyric edits lmfao😂😂

Stephen Sharp : Word on the street is he wrote this song for James' girlfriend

JustinUA : Modern day bohemian rhapsody im tellin yall

Julian Sams : Tyler my man who hurt you

jknocal : I just want to see you smile .. so stick around a while .... BABY

Damki : Ya know, reading through the comments, I just don’t see it.. he don’t sound black to me lmao

wegotdastuff11 : This song is better than all the mainstream music blowing up right now.

AntOwnzYourFace : Isn’t this the guy who was on Tosh.o??

Tyler Cassidy Music : Thanks again for the shine reddit 🙏🙏🙏🙏☀️☀️☀️

ImABananaPeel : Tired of mumble rap and autotune on the radio. Never bought a itune song before, but now I got a reason to.

Kimijah Gowdy : I really thought he was black then I come to this surprised

Aurieon Barret : Bruh he sound like Sean Kingston

Furious Kids : This is mad good, my sister got mad at me for replaying this repeatedly! 😂😌🙊🍦

Sparc Mac : Keep eating ass brother

Jess Editsss : My girlfriends boyfriend broke up with her and I sent her this 😂

Mi Ning Only : Tyler, I’m telling you. You have enough support and you need to get a music video of this on Cole Bennett’s (lyrical lemonade). It would blowwwwwww up! And you’ll be surprised seeing how many new followers you’ll get.

ARMANI JOHNSON : This song is so special

Ben LaCloche : Krispy Kreme is a RnB artist now

Renebean : froggy is a legend deal with it... Tyler has the lyrical charm and voice of an angel!!

xX_w4z4_Xx : almost forgot to listen to this song today jk

Cheezy ASMR : 2018 was the best year. I felt the same about 2013. *I’ll be okay...*

Phylatic Ghost : We’re my tik tok people at

Allison C : this song is my new jam 🤧💀👌 i honestly didn’t expect him to look like that tho, for some reasons i pictured him in my head differently 💀

um k : Am I the only one who thought a black guy sang this.🤷🏽‍♀️

Tessa Lane : *heres song for first time* *subs to him immediately*

Sopé Jones : I fucking love this song

ellie goody : u have grown so much i remember when i was younger sitting and watching and laughing at ur old videos with money maker mike😂😢

helenGD : My ex bf sent me this today lol.. I think he’s trying to tell me something .. 😆

Niom : I didn’t know FPS Russia started a music channel

Hunter H : Amazing I’m actually addicted to this song now

Sweaty Muscles : Damn Krispy Kreme made me cry this time...

Gigi M : That was really good I cant stop listening to it!!

Emil Carlson : Chords? Anyone?

Jhaeda Powell : I thought a black guy sung this song. I love his voice tho (i have never got so many likes on a comment 😂)

Garrett Chapman : Omg.. This is my new favorite song.. Tyler is talented.. I wish you would do more stuff like this.. You got it bro... And this song.. I sing it everyday... Love it

lyricistx : *okay I'm subscribed*

Salamander 492 : I bet if you do more songs like this you will get alot more views and subscribers

JTheGemini : who else is here from that instagram video lyric edit thingy? Who else thought he was black? LMFAOO

jaden kerins : Why am I obsessed with this song now?😂😭

Madi Smify : If I add some edits I can’t make this better 😉

Bopen : This krispy kreme! Damn look at that

braydon nootbaar : Tyler this song got a feature on Ifunny with 40k+ likes. Did you know that?

Osmarc Yee : I really want to learn how to play this someone H e l p!

Hugh Jassel : No lie. This song is damn good

Madison Tarver : This is great 👍🏽👍🏽

Alanah Yeet : i thought a black man sung this omg!! your voice is so WOW🤧❤️

Forest Crunch : banger