Does The World's Hottest Pepper Repel Mice & Rats? Carolina Reaper. Mousetrap Monday

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Does The World's Hottest Pepper (The Carolina Reaper) Repel Mice & Rats? In this video I continue my quest to find something that will actually repel mice, rats, and other rodents. So far I have tested out Peppermint Oil, Irish Spring Bar Soap, Wolf and Fox Urine, and Dryer Sheets, ultrasonic mouse repellers, electromagnetic mouse repellers, moth balls, and the rodent sheriff spray. Check out my other Mouse Mythbuster Videos were we try to repel rodents such as mice and rats: Fox / Wolf Urine: Dryer Sheets: Irish Spring Bar Soap for Mice: Mint Oil: Rodent Sheriff Spray: Ultrasonic Pest Repellers: Electromagnetic Pest Repeller:


Jay Dawg : What if your mice is Mexican?

this channel is crap : 4:02 *I never saw that kind of mouse before*

H i : Pepper: Nothing can stop me! Cold milk: Hold me.. Rat: Hold my Children..

BAZ TV : Dude you did not need to eat that

King Zak : Your buttholes gonna be giving you a little flip for a few days after eating that pepper

DT L : Hello This did not affect the mice and rats because they are unaffected by Capsaicin. Capsaicin is what makes chillies HOT lol and makes you cry hehe. But all joking aside rodents don't have the right shaped taste buds and the Capsaicin does not lock onto these nerve receptors and therefore they have no pain.

Keeran Bansraj : Eats pepper* Me: yo, don't do that to yourself. 😨

*v Erimi* x : Lmfao "just gonna eat one" *internal dying intensifies*

Smelly Socks : My gf is hotter

Brian Tran : This guy is a legend... He ate one of those peppers and he didn't even use it for the thumbnail

Howdy : Just so yall know. A jalipeno is 7,000- 10,000 scoval units. Reaper is 1,700,000

TheRussianVillager : My mans just casually eating a Carolina reaper

Daniel S.P. : You didnt need to eat it bro

Anthony Bush : Puts pepper in mouth ITS OVER NINE THOUSANNND!

catsspat : All the mice and rats are talking about the new spicy food restaurant in town.

Avocado : This guy is a bloody legend


Chicken Nugget : Damn he ate the whole thing and he didn't drink even milk lol wat a savage brother.

Spectre : *bits into a pepper* (Instant Regret)

golf-n-guns : Respect for eating that pepper whole.

OGchoppie : Is it only me or does this guy looks like h3h3productions

Calixto Dahuya : PEPPER:Hey mouse eat me MOUSE:Ok 1hour later *rats dead*

Passang Lepcha : Didn't see that coming🌶️🤤🤤

theforceq : It seems like he ate The Carolina Reaper just to make sure he grew them correctly and to test its effectiveness! xD

Kristian Fabian : Me : liks a regular peper Me : aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh omg aaahh!!!!!! Me : trys a carolina reeper Me: oooooooooooof

Jessica Fernanda : Rip shawn's barn mice :((


Citadel Hotwheels : I would really like to learn how YouTube picks its recommended videos

Ski Gamer : When you film yourself eating a Carolina reaper and don’t put it in the thumbnail of your video...

Michael S : I found a video of you eating a carolina reaper 5 years ago!

JckSwan : Loved the're a madman. LOL

Cats : Peta is triggered

AAron Holmes-Black : Wasn't the video I was expecting... I'll take it though!

Dap 99 Neo : Shawn,, we trust u on that pepper,, u dont have to eat one... Poor you

CeLeRy_ StIcK : Your channel changed from primitive hunting, archery and outdoors stuff to mouse traps. Niceeeeeee Not gonna lie you got me into archery lol and i subbed to you when you had 100k lol

Kielpolo 14 : What about 10 really spicy peppers dried and mixed? Or you can mix a carolina reaper with malic acid

• Đxddy Ąlex • : And when the mice is Mexican? *Rattouille has joined the server*

BrysonTube HD : Touches pepper with bare hands scratches eye falls on ground mice and rats shove pepper in his mouth “nooooooooooooooooooooooo” mice “ revenge”

The church of Corey Davis : "I just wanted to lay on my couch in pain" poor guy. You didn't have to test this one. We trust you

Shavario Seafood Boils : I Think So... Before Video Start! Let's See🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kimmy Kat : I'm not surprised. Mixecans and Ratinos love em chilis

Gabriel : Man the video interested me but i felt bad seeing you like that

Jason S : They might not have a certain kinda taste bud that reacts with the peppers

Michael Geng : My mans just put a WHOLE Carolina reaper in his mouth

Mushroom!可愛い : One day i was on roblox and a guy came over and said: Your spicy. I said: NO I AM MORE LIKE A CAROLINA REAPER! He said: what. Lmao he doesnt get it

Jon Hurd : Lmfao! Omg, when dude eats that pepper tho !!! What a champion....

Leonel Delgado : WIIIILLLDDDD This man did not give us a warning 😂💀 that’s balls of steel

Mhen Sacandal : Eating Carolina reaper isn't a good idea

NightmareAlex : 0:50 absolute madman