Does The World's Hottest Pepper Repel Mice & Rats? Carolina Reaper. Mousetrap Monday

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Shawn Woods : You can purchase dry Carolina Reaper Peppers through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

catsspat : All the mice and rats are talking about the new spicy food restaurant in town.

silver : the dude nearly dies while the mice don’t even flinch lol

this channel is crap : 4:02 *I never saw that kind of mouse before*

Jay Dawg : What if your mice is Mexican?

Ziovii : This mans got balls, he just threw the pepper into his Mouth

NightmareAlex : 0:50 absolute madman

Saleena Bovette : Eats pepper* Me: yo, don't do that to yourself. 😨

K W : Later that night all the mice and RATS died of heart burn!

Jesus Loves Us : Farmer: Here mice eat these...They're good for you Mice: no u Farmer:*DIES*

BAZ TV : Dude you did not need to eat that

Panda From Atlanta : 😂😂😂 Shawn you didn’t have to eat one!! That was a nice little treat for us

djseriousbizness : Those peppers truly are Satan's testicles

PineappleMan : I didn’t expect for u to eat it Or to even eat it whole

Sask Reenacting : You didnt need to eat it bro

Rophie Monroy : 3:16 He just made a Ritual for the Pepper Gods...

Toasted Fan Art : You know its serious when Shaun actually puts gloves on 😂

Howdy : Just so yall know. A jalipeno is 7,000- 10,000 scoval units. Reaper is 1,700,000

Darth Dogoz : i had a sandwich i made with scorpion pepper for a prank But my dog ate it and he started crying, drinking water and dribbling.... Also making a grumbling sound... Hes ok

Jakol Kalang : *Mans not hot*


Aaron Powell : I can barely eat a slice of jalapeno, I guess I'll putt my man card in the mail tomorrow 😞

Anthony Bush : Puts pepper in mouth ITS OVER NINE THOUSANNND!

iTsBlue : 0:51 now why did you do that? 😂 😱

Super Clean : My gf is hotter

brad ledford : Even when ur in pain ur voice remains calm lol, i like it

Midnight Cravings : *Ratatouille meets Lord of the Ring*

White Thunder : Looks like the mice don't have the capcasin receptors that humans have...

some guy : Shotguns.

Doggo Hecks : Imagine he died on camera while filming himself eating these

sheu238$d : who else felt the chilli when the guy ate it

maryo : 2:03 I don’t feel so good

Frenchiest Fry : What if you keep feeding them until they die from obesity?

Eyes of Supreme : *Did somebody say ring of fire?*

D Mac : Oh my god this was the funniest fuckin thing I've ever seen. When you started out with "well it's three days later" and then proceeded to explain how you cried in front of your kid I erupted in riotous, vigorous, and long lasting bouts of laughter and guffaws the likes of which I have not experienced in many years. You sir are the most unintentionally hilarious YouTuber I have ever seen. Unless it's supposed to be hilarious. Then ur a genius.

Citadel Hotwheels : I would really like to learn how YouTube picks its recommended videos

Cody Columbia : Throws a whole Carolina Reaper in his mouth and while he’s chewing swallowing it, is also randomly touching the Carolina Reapers on the table with his bare hands...Two days later puts gloves on just to handle them. That pepper must have done a number on him.

Be Real : 1:51 😂😂 Seriously?

lazzerwolf 16 : 4:11 thank me for sining my chanell

Lonnie Anderson : How did it feel coming out

BeastMode 21 : What did the mice do to you?

Ensei Mada : Put the pepper on blender, then soak the seeds. Let's see if they still take it.

Anthony Guevara : At that moment he know he f up lol

Atomic29 : Try whiskey

Zoron : Pepper X isn't a reaper it's a new pepper entirely that hasn't been named yet. Also as a fun fact the reaper and by extension the new pepper breed "pepper x" are not really the hottest peppers in the world. They are just the hottest legal to trade peppers in the world because there are some breeds in india etc that have drug like qualities and are illegal to ship worldwide but are way hotter than reapers and even pepper x.

Edgar Bravo : The mice had Little mice gloves while handling the food. 🤷😂

Andrew Dalton Ray : The Carolina Reaper, if that doesn’t stun you nothing will *p.s.* Make sure to have milk with you

Lal Mawia : You should mix cheese and rubbing alcohol ... And see what happens next? ? ?

Aro Raptor : Vegans *TRIGGERED*

WSY 9311 GAMES : I hate spicy things but I want to tastes them