Does The World's Hottest Pepper Repel Mice & Rats? Carolina Reaper. Mousetrap Monday

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Shawn Woods : You can purchase dry Carolina Reaper Peppers through my Amazon Affiliate Link:

catsspat : All the mice and rats are talking about the new spicy food restaurant in town.

Jay Dawg : What if your mice is Mexican?

this channel is crap : 4:02 *I never saw that kind of mouse before*

Grandma Mc granny : Pepper: Nothing can stop me! Cold milk: Hold me.. Rat: Hold my Children..

Doggo Hecks : Imagine he died on camera while filming himself eating these

NightmareAlex : 0:50 absolute madman

Smelly Socks : My gf is hotter

BAZ TV : Dude you did not need to eat that

DT L : Hello This did not affect the mice and rats because they are unaffected by Capsaicin. Capsaicin is what makes chillies HOT lol and makes you cry hehe. But all joking aside rodents don't have the right shaped taste buds and the Capsaicin does not lock onto these nerve receptors and therefore they have no pain.

Frenchiest Fry : What if you keep feeding them until they die from obesity?

Homie With WiFi : 😂😂😂 Shawn you didn’t have to eat one!! That was a nice little treat for us

Howdy : Just so yall know. A jalipeno is 7,000- 10,000 scoval units. Reaper is 1,700,000

Saleena Bovette : Eats pepper* Me: yo, don't do that to yourself. 😨

Ontario Reenacting : You didnt need to eat it bro

*v Erimi* x : Lmfao "just gonna eat one" *internal dying intensifies*

Toasted Fan Art : You know its serious when Shaun actually puts gloves on 😂

Anthony Bush : Puts pepper in mouth ITS OVER NINE THOUSANNND!

Citadel Hotwheels : I would really like to learn how YouTube picks its recommended videos

Ronan Fernandes : The mice weren't white 😂 They're probs Indian, Asian or Mexican. 😂


Aaron Powell : I can barely eat a slice of jalapeno, I guess I'll putt my man card in the mail tomorrow 😞

BrysonTube HD : Touches pepper with bare hands scratches eye falls on ground mice and rats shove pepper in his mouth “nooooooooooooooooooooooo” mice “ revenge”

OGchoppie : Is it only me or does this guy looks like h3h3productions

TheRussianVillager : My mans just casually eating a Carolina reaper

D.Y. Productions : This guy just says “let’s put it in the mouth” and just shoved the whole thing in his mouth lol

Midnight Cravings : *Ratatouille meets Lord of the Ring*

Specter : *bits into a pepper* (Instant Regret)

Zion : The rats r immune to it there just saved u 5 mins spend it somewhere else

Avocado : This guy is a bloody legend

darkwolf262 : THIS IS ABUSE!!! How could you do that to that poor pepper? I’m outraged!

Andrew Dalton Ray : The Carolina Reaper, if that doesn’t stun you nothing will *p.s.* Make sure to have milk with you

SpiderKidoesMinecraft : That crap must have been fun after this lmao

The Amazing Gamer : Mice: *walks peacefully* *Le pepper appears* Mice: *grabs* To be continued

Lal Mawia : You should mix cheese and rubbing alcohol ... And see what happens next? ? ?

_Phantom_ YT : I have dumb friends they just eat one thinking it’s a jalapeño and they rub there eyes BTW they had to get an ambulance to do something to there eyes

Cody Columbia : Throws a whole Carolina Reaper in his mouth and while he’s chewing swallowing it, is also randomly touching the Carolina Reapers on the table with his bare hands...Two days later puts gloves on just to handle them. That pepper must have done a number on him.

xXFahadGamingXx : This is so smart man keep it up I love this video❤️✨

last XD : A mouse trap

Keiran Lee : Speedy Gonzáles family.

Prince_Taryn : That poor mouse

Ensei Mada : Put the pepper on blender, then soak the seeds. Let's see if they still take it.

Beary Boi : You didn’t grow them in your garden they are a combined pepper made by scientists and farmers in North Carolina.

sheu238$d : who else felt the chilli when the guy ate it

Jessica Fernanda : Rip shawn's barn mice :((

AAron Holmes-Black : Wasn't the video I was expecting... I'll take it though!

maryo : 2:03 I don’t feel so good

FluffySugarz : "let's pop it in the mouth'' *nutting noises*

Kimmy Kat : I'm not surprised. Mixecans and Ratinos love em chilis

Who Cares? : No experience is better than personal experience....