IMPROVE your videos with SPEED RAMPING transitions! | Premiere Pro Tutorial

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In this weeks video we are going to learn how to improve your videos by using speed ramping as a transition between two clips. This is a great technique that can be used to improve upon a standard cut and create a flow throughout your video. We will be using Adobe Premiere Pro to slow down and speed up our clips between cuts whilst also syncing them to a song. I use this technique all of the time, its a great way of making a mediorcre clip look amazing and creating a subliminal flow throughout your videos. This video will teach you : How to speed ramp in Adobe Premiere Pro How to slow down a clip How to speed up a clip How to create flow in your videos How to edit to music How to edit to the beat How to cut video to a song Equipment used : Canon 80D Canon 50mm f1.8 Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 RODE NT-USB Microphone Aputure AL-H198 LED Light Neewer 32 Inch Octagonal Softbox Umbrella If you enjoy the video then drop a like, let me know in the comments why you liked it and subscribe for more videos coming soon :) Follow me on social media to keep updated! Instagram : Twitter : Facebook : Track List : Nymano - Green Tea Follow Nymano

Comments from Youtube

TrypillianArt : Hey, is there a way to enable speed ramping on multiple clips at once. also is there a way to copy the speed ramp keypoints and speeds from one clip and paste them on another clip? this would be useful for me for certain projects and save a lot of time

Danilo perez : You honestly deserve more subs bro

Vatsa : Awesomd video!! Subbed. Please check out mine tooooo