One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 1975 Best scene

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 1975 Best scene

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Deli Sandwich : jack nicholson's face is gold watching these guys go back and forth

Trevor Haynes : Trying to say I'm queer? Is that it? Little Mary Ann, little Marjorie Jane, on the street? Huh, is that it?

Things That Are Fast : I think Jack Nicholson was really laughing genuinely and not acting.

FlametheSeraph : My dad sent this to me saying "This is what all our manager meetings are like"

Caleb Horton : "It's a lot of baloney and I'm TIRED!" Pretty much sums up my life right there.

MultiMullethead : I love the staredown at the end.  the moment McMurphy realizes that Nurse Ratchet is the ultimate instigator. 

Ramblin' Bob : God, there has never been a woman in cinema who's look I have hated more even when she's not looking like anything or saying anything.

Tony Montresor : Why are they always picking on Harding? He's got inTELLigence.

jmiller05 : Louise Fletcher is incredible in this role. That ostensibly calm and stoical demeanour with total malice behind the eyes.

Daniel Crowley : The double layers of Nicholson's acting here is great.

Adam Ohm : Nurse Ratched would make a terrible internet forum moderator.

burgers with goys : What stumbles is this scene is incredible REALISM, that has long gone in Hollywood movies, sadly...

Vera Evans : Nurse Ratchet was a SADIST. By the very definition of it. And perhaps, it ran deeper than we imagine. This, suggested by the Billy Bibbit scene at the end of the movie. Louise Fletcher was BRILLIANT.

oranges 19 : God, that stare down between Mac and Ratched. Intense lol

Mario the Plumber : No other movie I have ever seen has made me want to laugh and cry so much

Freddyfan951 : At first i thought Taber was just being a bully starting shit for no reason, but then i heard him shout "when are you going to cut her loose, already?!". I know in the book, Harding's homosexuality was more overt, but the implication is still here. If his wife is trapped in a loveless marriage, neglected by a husband who can never return her feelings, cutting her loose would be best for both of them. That was an oddly insightful (though brash and perhaps unintentional) thing of Taber to say, even if he was just fed up with the other patient's prattling.

Hop : One could write an essay on the multi-layered brilliance of this scene. One of the finest you could hope to fine on celluloid.

Mark M. : That young nurse is absolutely beautiful.

Alice Marplehorvat : Such a brilliant film. Amazing acting. Jack Nicholson is a genius.

Enchanted Media : Won Best Picture Oscar for this scene alone.

OmihaitaO X : “I’m not talking about my wife! I’m talking about my life. I’m not just talking about one person. I’m talking about everybody! I’m talking about form. I’m talking about content! I’m talking about interrelationships! I’m talking about God, the Devil, Hell, Heaven! Do you understand? Finally?!?’ LMAO :))

Joe Nicholls : The acting in this picture is absolutely first rate, the way Forman layers how each patient reacts to the situation, based on their intelligence is pure mastery

mollie ! : the acting in this movie is just absolutely wonderful and beautiful i love this movie so much

C HILL : Unreal. Sadly, there are nurse Ratcheds among us. Devil's seed.

I am not Bob Dylan : People always talk about Green Mile, Shawsank Redemption, but this movie is a masterpiece.

salvadormarley : The actors in this were amazing.

sweetassugar69 : Mancini. ......I'm tired ...I'm tired. And it's a lot of baloney. Lmao

terrorofsesameST : If I were RP McMurphy in this scene, I'd be thinking to myself "prison doesn't seem so bad now."

Live And Let Live : best scene and best movie ever........obligatorily watch !

pi_ beta : Dear Hollywood: You'll never find acting like this ever again. Give up now. =(

Quick Jack : I susSPECT her.....oh yes.

ConManliness : Today I went to the museum at the hospital where this was filmed. Pretty cool.

hopscotchoblivion : 1:05 Man at first I thought he said Marty

butterflyecho1 : I like how Taber pipes in and all hell breaks loose.

Michael C : BUT...but Ionlywannahelpyou?!

Gurn Blanstein : This movie is nothing less than a masterpiece.

mohamed aly : this movie is awesome

dubstepwolf : this movie is classic.

Kelly Boutross : Brilliantly nuanced acting and almost perfect timing. One of the best scenes in 70's cinema!

Robert Anderson : Anybody realize that Christopher Lloyd's character is committed in his role in this film. Exactly 10 years later he's in Back to the Future, but in BTTF II there's the newspaper that says "Emmett Brown Committed."

Stephen Critchett : "Stay off my side." 😂😂😂

Ilija Matic : William Redfield (Harding) was a great actor... In my opinion he played a great performance in this movie.

chris foster : Hadn't seen in 20 years. Thought Nurse Ratched looked old and ugly. Now she looks relatively young and pretty. Mother nature/time...

Phillip S : 0:58 This year Christopher LLoyd celebrates 30th year of Back to the Future and 40th year of OFOTCN.

Dan Favata : study Jacks face at 3:45 truly great part

TheHasanMurat : They are beautiful women, both of them.

gRosh08 : Like riding the subway or living with bears...

Daniel Paduano : Amazing actors!!!

nycinstyle : This is the first moment Nicholson realizes the extent of Nurse Ratchets manipulation of the patients constantly wanting to keep them unhappy and unsettled and feeling like they can't deal with their lives. Ratchet's intention is to keep patients locked up as long as possible under her manipulative control. A very sad person and a terrible life she leads feeling the need to make the patients feel as miserable as she does. Never ever really looks happy in the whole movie. Except when Nicholson called her Mildred because she (the actress really likes and admires Jack Nicholson as an actor. Nicholson ad libbed that line). You can see her blush. "Jack asked me early on what Ratched’s first name was. I told him Mildred, which is what I’d made up. A few weeks later, we were filming McMurphy coming back from electroconvulsive shock therapy and pretending to be a zombie. Then he looks at me and says: 'Hello, Mildred.' I was so shocked that my face turned red. It’s my favourite moment".