Elon Musk’s Highs and Lows: PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla | NYT News

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Nils Smith : Can’t imagine the pressure he is always under! Love how he is constantly pushing the limits of innovation!

IdioticProgramming : Man you really disrespected SpaceX there. Making it seem like every second launch blows up, when they've had 58 of 60 successful launches since 2010

DC9848 : Number of Teslas that have ignited are a 0.01% compared to petrol car fires even when taking into consideration the number of total vehicles.

Crispin Cuttino : Elon Musk’s hairline is the greatest comeback in human history

Dheeman Rajkhowa : You call SpaceX's 59 successful missions of which 28 falcon 9 1st stages landed safely, 15 which were reflown, 16 successful Dragon spacecraft launches AND testing the world's current most powerful Rocket AND giving America access to space again instead of piggybacking on Soyuz rockets by beating the Russians at their own game JUST as "few successes"? WOW !!! Way to to go downplaying genuine stellar achievements NYT .

2LegHumanist : "A Tesla car that was orbiting space." <- Time to put some science modules into that Journalism degree.

Sir Blake : Well Elon’s lows are higher than my highs.

Arthur van der Wal : NYT proving once again what crappy 'journalism' is all about

AMADEUZ Connected : Who did his hair transplant? Interview that guy

snowtaku1 : SpaceX's Falcon 9 is the number one space launcher in the world and they're the only company to reuse their rockets, you forgot to mention those details amongst others in your very biaised video!

oxed brox : They will be talking about him long in the future like we talk about Einstein and Darwin now. This guy is shaping the world.

Blue : i love musk he truly is an inspiration! its people like him who will lead us to the future

Lily Ruby : Did she just say “orbiting space”?

Stratos H D : Will always support Elon. He is great and it’s changing the world for the better.

Seanwxyz1 : Elon Musk is a true visionary. He does what he does not for the money but for the advancement of science and technology as he sees them. I wish him well.

Tom : He can make much more money by selling his hair regrow technology.

pokeshark : SpaceX only had recent success? it had over 50 successful launches since 2010, undercutting all the big players in the aerospace industry (Roscosmos, ULA, ESA..)

Rafael Hernandez : No highs were really spoken off such as the model 3 and the reuseability and contracts for falcon 9. The majority of these lows mark decade old problems. Smh

RPDBY : All the best to you, Elon, you are doing more good to this world than any other living mammal.

Tathagata Derek : Why can't NYT be a bit positive?

Michael Morrow : Just like the NY Times to show a SpaceX rocket from 2013 blowing up. They've had no recent failures and LAND the booster rocket; something NASA couldn't do and saving millions of $. WHY does the Times have to be so negative about emerging companies that are pushing boundaries

King Cobra : to succeed you must fail sometimes.

Green Green : If he can colonize Mars, like he colonized his head with hair, we will have a grand time on the red planet.

Mill Burray : He really is something for sure who has guts to proceed regardless of all the pessimists out there.

LORDE 2729 : the media will try their hardest to him down by writing and making videos and articles cuz musk dared to call them out on their cartel like behavior on shaping popular opinions.

DeadTroperSociety : A hundred years drom now, Elon Musk will be remembered as the second Tesla. I imagine there will be a monument to him in Mars once we start colonizing it. Heck, I will not even be surprised if the first city in Mars will be called Elon City.

fento r : Incoming hairline jokes, get your brushes ready, Elon just announced a new company, will be called hairsla

jk1289 : disappointed, one of the poorer quality videos from nyt

renegadeMoscow : When I see videos like this by major news companies, discussing how isn't perfect Elon Musk with his companies, just one thing comes to mind - are you bullying him? Stop spreading sh't about those, who building our better future

VY MaJoris : I have a startup company myself and I hope I don’t run into the issue he is currently facing: Trying to please investors while simultaneously working towards his cool visions.

antonio volpe : the ny times sux

Binesh Thoppil : Is anyone else mildly frustrated by the car " orbiting space ".

happy feet : The guy who will be taking us to Mars😊

Purple Bird : Greatest man of our time, this article sounded like it was written by someone who read other peoples news and new little of the situation however.

Antares 555 : The negative connotation of this clip is a disgrace, to say the least. Highlighting so heavily the actual minimal percentage of " lows" in Elon's achievements makes me think twice about the NYT journalism

I'm freaking awesome : nobody is worried about costs with space X it's the cheapest in the world

Djamal Dg. : Give him all money he wants I would blindly trust this guy

Javier Quintana Q. : I feel something od in this report... first one: the failures SpaceX roquets was during the tests... not now, successful stufs werent mentioned much... second: same situation with tesla some burning videos was shown much than the latest Model 3 video which is weird... I dont trust in Musk as I dont trust much in this Media. We know that Petrol and Gas Car companies are kind of powerful and are inside this Media Too... The only Things I trust are In Tesla, Space X , Solar City and B.Company thats it...

David Vasquez : We need to safe elon musk at all cost!

R Smith : @2:00 how does one orbit space?

Ruben Valenzuela : If i would had the amount of money he has... I Would it do the same for the future of humanity

HalfAss Vlogs : Safety and cost . I’m pretty sure most of the commercial launches that space has done had completed their missions. And who else is doing this cheaper than space x ? Get your facts right . They’ve been getting contracts including government one for a few years now.

Manolo Pinto : yeah dont show the two rocket boosters landing simultaneously while talking over the success of space X...would be way to positive

Bill H. : Other companies have recalls and problems all the time and have been making cars for almost a century (in general).

Sam : Why does it seem like the media are so against musk and his companies

Chad C : Dudes a national treasure

rahul nandan singh : brave and innovative man

Buford Pusser : °♤° There was a time when newspaper writers could frame gems of info while simultaneously cutting the different facets out to create great stories. When journalists knew the subject matter better than the more knowledgeable among us. Those days are gone. 1. SOLAR City is proving out the technology. Slowly ramping the SOLAR Roof. 2. The POWERWALL is backordered by 6 months, the demand is so great. With huge installs in Australia and Puerto Rico. But who cares about the 600 projects in Puerto Rico. 3. Boeing nor LOCKHEED have the rocket lift capability of Spacex. Nor does Russia, China, European Space Agency have the lift capability and the price point of SPACEX. 4. Electric Car range better than anyone else. 5. SAFETY in crash test ranks in top 4. 6. You can plug a TESLA into a light circuit and it will charge. 7. There are TESLA cars with over 400,000 miles on them with only 20% battery degradation. 8. SOLAR and Wind generators are cheaper than Coal by 50% because of TESLA POWERWALL. 9. TESLA autonomous driving is the best on the market. •••C02 is destabilizing the Atmosphere and Oceans by heating our WORLD. Only TESLA is making the BIG difference in how to solve the problem. ¿¿¿You need more intelligence NYT ♧grow some balls. Tell it right. Clickbait don't cut it.

Mike Fleagle : My favorite quote is, "but SpaceX has had recent successes". The reporter is straight-up wrong. They've been the cheapest reliable launch provider for several years, arguably five, at least. Hailing the company's track record as successful only "recently", taking into account their price/reliability/innovation/market-pressure, is akin to announcing the internet a success in the 2000's. To whoever it was at the NYT's that stumbled their way through this story: Did you have any idea what you were talking about? Did you realize that they literally changed the course of history when they landed the majority of an orbital class rocket capable of carrying a significant payload? Did you recognize they were the cheapest launch provider from day one, or that the reason they weren't as "reliable" initially was that they were pushing the envelope so much? (Or that the overriding reason that the Falcon 9's benchmark, the Atlas V, is so "reliable" is that they fixed all the issues with the Atlas 1 through 4 with tax payer funds?) Nope! You just glossed over it. Now that they're doing really well and have the market entirely cornered, SpaceX magically became successful overnight. Good reporting. If you want a decent, "in-the-know" aerospace commentator, give me a call...

Rykahnz : Your latest article on Musk has lost you all credibility and I'll never be able to take anything your publication writes serious again.