Bruiser - Police

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jeb31415 : David Mitchell hardly does anything in these sketches and yet he completely inhabits his character.

ChuffTV2 : He's pretending, I saw him get changed.

Hugh Daniel Smyth : "First things first; your Kevin. No one can take that away from you."

PacificRimNZ : WANKER!!!!

aerialkate : David Mitchell is surprisingly effective as the heavy, here.

Mihoshika Furude : "Because if they don't stop pretending not to, then they wouldn't sell and drugs, and that'd... just madness. It'd be, ya know, Monty Python."

Thundermoth : Did they script this or just let him talk. Brilliant .

BigMintsBrainbox : The way Robert Webb talks strangely reminds me of attempting to converse with friends while under the influence of lsd and pot.

Dani-Saur : This was so hard to watch oh my god

Aboubacar Amine : somehow David Mitchell is the best part of this.

Bill Patrick Jones : Bent copper definition: 'Not that he's a homosexual, although is but don't worry about that, but what it means is he isn't a\ policeman.' 'he is a policeman' well he is a policeman but it means he's gay (...) corrupt!'

Letty Lunasical : This reminds me of every painful training day I've had from work.

Yeldur : Watching this actually hurts my head.

TheLivingHeiromartyr : When was being a 'video pornographer' illegal? XD

Comatose Creations : It's always a children who suffer.

Pivitrix : I haven't slept in 2 days, listening to this mess is literally driving me up the wall.

Ryan : Nudie Rudy Titty Films

0 Stuff : DO YOU DO POISON?!?

somatiform : "uhh yeah I was just being nice.." hahaha, I love his delivery

AliTheAllStar : My god this is funny where you're slightly high.

Jacob Winter : "Nudies"

aditya thakur : Oh man David Mitchell's few words in this sketch are just priceless. Great timing.

meddle : David Mitchell was Jesse pinkman 9 years before Aaron Paul

Boomcake : protruding bottom, need I say more

Aditya Patil : IT'S JUST A PLANK BRO

Natalia Storm : While this isn't completely without humour, it does get a bit tedious.

duccio : Takes the accusative.

frogflame : So do you do poison

Riggs : "He's what we call a bent copper. No that doesn't mean he's a homosexual. I mean he is..." lmaaoo

Katie Stewart : "If I were children, then that would be... surreal."

Bulhakas : These sketches sound a lot like The Office bits. It's like they drew inspiration from Ricky Gervais's style.

LP SP : "It''s like chalk and . . . " *deep breath* *much looking at corners while beginning to mouth words* *concerned focus* *one last pause of self doubt* " . . . cheese" "...lager." *millisecond blink* "CHEESE, chalk and cheese."

Donnie Dorko : I am actually dumbfounded at how good he is at playing an idiot... That is brilliant!

giantred : "If I were children that would be... surreal. No."

Patrick McKeen : you can't watch anything else with this guy after you watch "do you do poison" cuz now i'm sitting here waiting for him to pop up and yell "do you do poison"

A Raad : Fatwa!!

TheLordSod : God, this is so 90s

Acked :94: : I feel the safe word was "POLICE BRUTALITY!"

1misanthropist : "No one can take that away from you." hahahahahahahha I'm dying over here.

DarkDove_ : I love the redhead

Daniel Mcginnis : so rich. rich humor

Apeksim : Robert Webb is me trying to explain stuffs to uninitiated strangers.

gbonkers666 : Love Olivia Coleman!

LP SP : I love the idea of some doofus officer's idea of "nasty cop" just being to shout *"WANKER!"* loudly out of the blue

Riagán Mac an Bhaird : This is so brilliant.

disco5005 : This guy keeps going back on himself and it sounds so much like me

Niharika Manjunath : Im laughing so hard right now

jim jimjim : Actors from Peepshow and The Office here. Early days :). Olivia Coleman was also in The Office.

Kyle Netherwood : Starbursts are most definitely not better now

Toby Slater : "Now the other drug-dealers, they're not pretending. See, they're not police officers. As far as we know. I mean. I'd be very surprised."