Call of Duty 15 : Black Ops 4

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This time everyone has built in juggernaut. dunk store goons fluppy jesse sean sterling woa leah


zw4ngsstörung : man this game really makes me FEEL like black ops

The Ecxie : It been a while since it sounded like dunky was actually having fun at a game.

Max : I wish I could play this game but I'm not black like you Dunkey. When are they coming out with a white ops?

vmp916 : I love the smell of black ops in the morning

Jarl Balgruuf : The game really makes you _feel_ like Black ops

Sleyer404 : Fans: donkey and assault rifle dont work well. Haters: HE CANT AIM! Me: lemme remind you hes playing with a wiimote

Snow Man : 2:44 This game really makes you feel like Spider-Man.

Justin Slater : Dunkey when are you gonna do a 500 followers face reveal?

Boughie's Things : * Plays game of hardcore Domination * * Map is firing range * * Enemy gets attack helicopter * * Whole team get spawn trapped by helicopter for rest of game *

Minerbros365 : “This game makes you really feel like Black Ops” - IGN, 2018

Avery Clariday : 3:21 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 really makes you feel like Tracer

Masta Peece : For every dollar that donkey kills with the assault rifle, i'll have 50 cents

mraaronhd : 0:59 I'm sure that's what Santa says every time he throws a Black Ops 4 game down the chimney! XD

Felipe Lima : 3:19 looks balanced.

Kevin Zhou : This is a game that definitely makes you FEEL like spiderman

Spoony Irish Bard : *both shooting each other for roughly 10 seconds behind shields with epic music playing in background* "Overall time to kill is still low, which ensures matches don't sta—"

2SideTails : One of Dunkey's funniest videos-- im literally crying

Zeon : 0:28 who else got that reference lol

guitarboy4000000 : At first i thought "call of duty 15" was hyperbole, a joke about how many call of duties there have been, but this really is the 15th installment

Jazz : Black Ops 4 really makes you FEEL like Black Ops

Synesthesia : Goddamit what PSX game music is the one from the assault rifle bit? FFIX?

Daniel Bedford : 4:37 reminds me of tryhards in GTA online

Nosevelt McGoldstein : I'll have you know it's actually Puerto Rican OPs 4

Yabatron And Factness INC. : I do not watch Dunkey because he is Black Ops

AceAlbatros : Can’t wait till they add Knack to the Battle Royale mode like they did with Thanos.

Jared White : Say what you wany avout COD, but if you are looking for some dumb fun with friends, its a damn good choice

Isador : People forget Dunkey got his start playing MW2 before he ever installed League of Legends. Guy can play CoD.

SW : Assault rifle never seen represented so accurately

Saturn : at the end "SPIDER-" laughter

Iiro Nissinen : "It makes you feel like Call of Duty"

celu : the final fantasy music hit me hard. why you gotta do that

Christian Soto : These clips are actually kinda cool, Dunkey is a lowkey savage.

Dee Tee : Nearly pissed myself when he got on the assault rifle

peteriscool : LMAO 1 minute and 50 less seconds and it could be 4 minutes and 20 seconds long!!

Toxic Pyro12 : The best game in the FIFA franchise

Arihant Jain : Black Ops Roomba xD

xx Fenixxx : 3:40 holy spirital 💩best gun in game

Danny Caracciolo : I didn't know Montangue from R6S was in this game too

novasix 666 : This game really makes you feel like spiderman

rokamo : ever since dunkey mentioned it, there are grappling hooks in every game

Treegonaut : Dunkey: "I'm already Tracer." -Black Ops 4

George Stathopoulos : Did dunkey just get a quad feed...? Lmao

Christopher Gonzalez : “Rock and Roll Motherfuckers Rock and Roll” *Such* a good callback

annabelleshaus : You played *the* basketball music

Nose : Im a black cop

BarrettDeBest GWACK : It ain't call of dooty It's rainbow 6 siege twitch knockoff

Tww 3k : It aint dunkeys' fault tho.....he *was* usin tilt controls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Patrick Simpson : b l a c k c o c k s 4

WhatAreWii : dunkey should try playing on the asian servers