Meet Taco Bell’s #1 Hot Sauce Writer
Meet Taco Bells 1 Hot Sauce Writer

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Katelynne Gaudino : Why aren’t you blowing up by now? This videos are always so funny and you can tell a lot of thought goes into them

Chance.M : Omfg rub me till I sauce 😂

Tudd Fudders : "living mas with other guys" lololol

Taylor Brost : "on the downside I get free Taco Bell" 🤣🤣🤣

BroImpeccable : "Don't be such a Cuntwrap Supreme."

Emilio Fernandez : Please never sell out Trevor!! Otherwise you will not be a Sacbromento

HaikesXO : Next time im at the drive thru I have no choice but to ask for a cuntwrap supreme

Jerry Hernandez : "Jennifer, if youre reading this, it's not too late. PLEASE." LMAO also this was so well made.

ajwad rajput : 2:38 I'm dying at the banned ones 🤣🤣🤣

Bronx Prince : Those glasses 10/10

Apple Trees : Keep up the original content man, you’re the only YouTuber I still see not all making the same vids on a trending topic... Also, why’s my boy Trevor lookin like Logic 😂😂

jho : I'm watching this video in the library at CSU Chico

Winters : Oh shit I thought I was watching a buzzfeed video. Who's Trevor Wallace?

axel flores : 2:37 rub me till i sauce?!?! wtf!!! i loved that!! XDdddd

Louis B : Trevor, you the man Love, Louis

arijana martinez : Chico State: undefeated football champs since ‘97 baby!

Steven Judd : Yo your vids are awesome... like if you agree

Bruno Vazquez : On the upside, I’m getting Taco Bell. On the downside, I’m getting Taco Bell.

Matthew Earwood : The dad videos are hilarious and... accurate but, look under your chair cuz, you get a sub

d3gonzo : I always wondered who wrote these

Shanebagel : Your videos are fantastic man Idk how you aren't blowing up

McSoi : write every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And never forget fourth meal!

Rachael Queer : You’re amazing. I’m so happy I found your channel!!!!💕

BASE452 LIVE : What happened to Logic?

lewandowska : lmfao oooh I grew up near Chico and oh boy..

Smartscope98 : I got 30 seconds into this before I realized it wasn’t an actual interview. I’ve even seen your videos before 🤦🏼‍♂️

Collin Abroadcast : Don't be such a CuntWrap Supreme™

Teebro Rahman : Your work is always great to watch, can't wait to see you go big!

Mr. Shyguy : Damn these great big story vids are improving in quality fast

Daniel Fernandes : Omg!! This is funnier than SNL! Great work bro!!

J4c0b Durham : Hey i love your stuff!!!! Thank you for making me laugh all the time!

Cassandra RoyceRead : bang bang skeet skeet waddup zumiez

B T : wtf why dont u have more sub lmao

Chanson Ching : How do you only have 119k subs?!?!!?!

Christina Peterson : "My stomach is committing suicide every night." 😂

Baruc Castro : This is a no-brainer sub 🤣

Eternal Ghøst : Moisturize me with some hot sauce

Rachel Wharton : Dang, actually had me questioning the tiniest bit whether it was real or not at first 😂😂

Tyler Smith : absolute genius idea

Arturo Hernandez : Now I can make it thru this cold winter week in Texas with this amazing content! 😁

sid the sloth : Saw the chipotle skit and I subscribed, I already knew I’d love this

Reef : My dream state university chico


Devin Larscheid : hahahahaha this so creative, big ups to you dude!! also, what camera is this because this camera quality is A1

Devoni Benoit : Once you join the club of satanic sellouts roaming this planet your numbers will boost. :/ Don’t do it

EBSting : Keep up the great work! You actually have a lot of talent, and I can actually see you doing something like SNL one day! 👍👍👍

Segen Chambers : I’m from chico🤣 great vid

Andres Avendano : Keep it up G!!! Best videos😂😂😂🤘

Basil Shalan : 3 people in this world make me genuinely laugh deep down, and you are one of them