Meet Taco Bell’s #1 Hot Sauce Writer

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Trevor Wallace : *I'm performing live in Arizona this Wednesday/Thursday (Nov.14-15)*

Katelynne Gaudino : Why aren’t you blowing up by now? This videos are always so funny and you can tell a lot of thought goes into them

Chance.M : Omfg rub me till I sauce 😂

Tudd Fudders : "living mas with other guys" lololol

Emilio Fernandez : Please never sell out Trevor!! Otherwise you will not be a Sacbromento

Jerry Hernandez : "Jennifer, if youre reading this, it's not too late. PLEASE." LMAO also this was so well made.

BroImpeccable : "Don't be such a Cuntwrap Supreme."

HaikesXO : Next time im at the drive thru I have no choice but to ask for a cuntwrap supreme

Taylor Brost : "on the downside I get free Taco Bell" 🤣🤣🤣

ajwad rajput : 2:38 I'm dying at the banned ones 🤣🤣🤣

Bronx Prince : Those glasses 10/10

Apple Trees : Keep up the original content man, you’re the only YouTuber I still see not all making the same vids on a trending topic... Also, why’s my boy Trevor lookin like Logic 😂😂

axel flores : 2:37 rub me till i sauce?!?! wtf!!! i loved that!! XDdddd

Steven Judd : Yo your vids are awesome... like if you agree

d3gonzo : I always wondered who wrote these

SnooperPooper : Oh shit I thought I was watching a buzzfeed video. Who's Trevor Wallace?

EBSting : Keep up the great work! You actually have a lot of talent, and I can actually see you doing something like SNL one day! 👍👍👍

Stevie Emerson : genius

Bruzeks ? : On the upside, I’m getting Taco Bell. On the downside, I’m getting Taco Bell.

Matt Luther : Let me squirt in your chulupa

Tyler Spain : I love masterbating to you. Like if you agree.

Shot By Dale : Is this real.....or

Matt S : I'm a good subscriber

J4c0b Durham : Hey i love your stuff!!!! Thank you for making me laugh all the time!

why me? : Moisturize me with some hot sauce

arijana martinez : Chico State: undefeated football champs since ‘97 baby!

BASE452 LIVE : What happened to Logic?

Chris Spooner : This guy needs a hug

Brian Gregor : Notification Squad!! Where u at?!?!?

Jon Mann : Surprised you mentioned Chico didn’t know people even know nor cal colleges exist

Segen Chambers : I’m from chico🤣 great vid

Conner P : Don’t be such a cuntwrap supreme

PunchOut : CAL STATE CHICOOO OMG !!!! I love mannnnn ahhahahahaha

Nick Halden : How does this only have 25k views??? This is awesome. Perfect balance between believable and outrageous

Dustin Eaton : Im new to the channel watsup Trevor bang bang skeet skeet dude

Rachel Wharton : Dang, actually had me questioning the tiniest bit whether it was real or not at first 😂😂

Bopen : Jesus... I tought this was real haha.

Davidfails : Lol 😂 saucy mood

M2GMAN : why is this actually inspiring lmao

Noah Werremeyer : Is it bad that I was actually inspired to be a taco bell writer after watching this?


Meme ·king : 2:13 grammar

sid the sloth : Saw the chipotle skit and I subscribed, I already knew I’d love this

lewandowska : lmfao oooh I grew up near Chico and oh boy..

Keegan Brocker : Wow content has been great for ever now keep killing it trev

M B : I'll be your ghost writer mr sauce packet man. How about: "For women with extra cheese on that taco" , "This is going to burn later" , "MSG overload" , "Trevor4Prez"

Battl3sh1p : You should have said write everyday breakfast lunch dinner and 4th meal.

Nikki Mori : Let's get cinnamon twisted!


Isaac Van meerten : I know where that Taco Bell is