GIANT Adorable Hornworms eating sweet potato! /feeding caterpillars/

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hectorbacchus : What happened to their horns? You should of explained where you caught them😉 Was it a tomato plant? Nice video!😊

TheJewelTheory : When I saw these little guys I instantly thought of that song “IM BLUE DA-BOO-DI-DA-BOO-DAH” 😭 lovely video as always

Abade Astral : Wow! They should have called them Alice worms for they look like the Alice in Wonderland caterpillar :))

Steph Z : You should do asmr videos of them eating lol

Severus Snape : This is some quality cronch right here. Keep up the good work, you funky little blue dudes.

Tamar A : Awwwwwh they are so cute at first I thought they were clay lol....

Belén Soad : they're so cute! 😍 I love the fact that you treat them so gently 😍

Pllum - Shrumpy : So cool!! They are adorable little babies! ❤❤

Kayla Carpenter : You and I are so much alike. Keep doing what you Love. Life can be difficult as you grow older. Try not to let others compromise you, or your gifts. You're amazing and intelligent.

Madison Mosbaugh : Wow how did you find so many I rarely see those here. They are adorable!

CircaSriYak : The sheer horror of finding these monstrosities on my tomato plants is all I think about when looking at these guys So many questions fill your mind when you see them on your plants. Questions such as "WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?" "WHAT DO THEY WANT?" "HOW CAN I LAUNCH THEM INTO THE SUN?"

Oceanstarlily : The sound of them eating!! I love it! 😍

Hermit 03 : Num num. So CUTE!

FantasticBaby1224 : Awwwwww such cuties 😍😍

Moon River : Wow! They’re beautiful! Such a pretty color and markings 😍

Ultimate Panda31 : This is so fascinating! How long do you think it would take them to eat the whole slice of potato?

onyx rexspy b.h.w.t : You don't see those in los angeles

Unsealed Kale : A nice treat on a nice day!! Love these weirdos❤

Chila Chinchila : Neat

BigMTBrain : When the aliens come, KK is the one we should have greet them. She's so gentle, kind, and sincerely curious. They'll assume we're all like that and decide not to eat us.

ViviD NebulA : The little nibbles!!! Haha to cute!!

ghostcrab311 : I have never seen these before. I can't believe how blue they are! I thought it was a filter in the thumbnail, but nope. They're blue.

Nix The Dragon : i finally found a channel like me! someone who thinks everything is cute! XDD

TheAnimewolfchick : I've heard of hornworms but never seen any. Everyone made them sound gross but they're just cute caterpillars!

Benu_Bird : You are awesome. Just wondering- when I was a girl this same hobby and fascination made me strange. I still think nature is so awesome. How do people react to these interests now? Greetings from Belgium!

Raul Enriquez : Bug Catcher kk Creatures is about to send out Caterpie! Do you want to switch pokemon?

Bob Saget : They look like gummy worms lol

Kendra Curtis : Oh my goodness, they're SUCH a pretty blue colour! 😍💙 very nice video, and very cute creatures 😊👍

JeNi Carter : Great video, would have loved to hear some commentary

Ellen Gaglianone : Blue. Precious. Hungry. Babies.

Prinxxce Troy : U should have a huge fan base this channel is amazing🤣

Kai Young : I wonder what they taste like

Vladimir Putin : Such a loud crunch!! Great vid !!

Jimena Vasquez : Aww you can hear them munchen on it ❤️

Zozzdin : Hey just found your channel! Love your vids!😍❤️👍🏻

dangerousideaz : OM NOM NOM NOM! Remember, it is NOT ok give them awesome tattoos with a magic marker.

jessegro4 : So cool. Awesome video

VanillaChinchilla : Wow they are so cool!!

Atanas 18 : I actually have a bunch of those but I feed them to my lizard they are really squishy he loves to eat them

Karlita Aguilar : Whaaaat they are soooo cute >u<

Emma Frew : Hi I have a leapord gecko can they eat those?

# Simča : I have seen one of these worms in my garden. Can you please tell me where are they from? Because I am sure they are not from my country. And I have never seen something like that before. Thank you.

bob : worm asmr lmao

katiemercedes : I hope you haven't stopped narrating your videos!

Scales El shido :3 : I love the sound when they eat is so realaxing for me :)

Lelika : They're adorable!

Wicked Arctiinae : Bardiels first poopworm

Lorna Marks : I like the crunching sound they make when they eat.

諏訪Suwa : You are one cool kid

NoodleDoodler. : They are really a pretty shade of blue