Tony Ferguson ● The Weirdest Fighter in MMA

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Fahad_Nomna7 : 0:28 to 0:33 he play Dark souls a lot...

Michael Rojas : You say weird I say creative.

bleach fam : Im glad someone likes tony as much as I do haha feeling lonely against this hype wave that is khabib lol 223 is only 1 week away!!

Gregory Scott Fitness : Hard not to be a fan after this

ScorpionXII : "It's Tony time b!tches" - Much more catchy than Khabib time.

King Kenny SLaY : SO CRAFTY

Jean-Philippe Daneault : Tony's scrambles are just out of this world. No fear in that guy

Victor Lara : Tony may be a pretentious weirdo but he always fights like he's fighting for his life.

Amayzin MMA : Nothing wrong with being a little weird :)

Our Lord and savior Colby : Most entertaining fighter to watch

A Skeptical Human : My favorite part is 0:50, when he tries a spinning back elbow, and Dos Anjos shakes his head like "Nah, that didn't connect. Nice try." Then he does the exact same thing and nails him with the elbow, lol. That and him dancing against Dos Anjos and just effortlessly dodging his punch and then slowly spinning around. Gold.

K : Tony is going to be the hardest test for Khabib and Khabib the hardest test for Tony. I can't wait to see this fight because i have no idea who is going to win. Tony has great submissions and just punishes you for every second you have him on his back. But Khabib's ground and pound is almost otherworldly. His wrestling is so solid and smothering that i hope Tony tries to keep this fight on the feet. Anybody have any choices for who they think takes this fight? For me it's 50/50.

Salman Khan : By far the best ufc uploader. YOU ROCK

Aditya Kapoor : The way he flowed in the RDA fight was just so good to watch.

Anfernee Clarke : "What is cringe? 🤔" -El Cucuy

Eduardo Flores : So his creativity in the octagon is called “weird” but Conor doing touch-but with that guy with the pony tail is called “revolutionary” Damn you guys are unbelievable

Franklin Bluth : Khabib is not ready for this. #AndStill @Coloredspaces

Eduardo Flores : I think you mean “the most creative fighter in MMA. This guy has his own facility at big bear where he trains with specific coaches and so far has beat guys from ATT, Jackson-Wink, Blackzilians and AKA.

Can't be touched : Being weird is a positive thing today,atleast you are different from ever other zombie!!

c : those rolls are beautiful

schuletrip : I hope Tony wins, I've thought about it and couldn't decide who I would prefer to win. I hope Tony beats Khabib now, because let's face it, Tony is the more exciting fighter and I think everyone is automatically assuming Khabib is going to ground and pound him. Tony is incredible off his back and can pose serious problems for anyone. And he's far superior standing up.

Brian Warner : RDA was just like I don't know what to do with this guy...

Tony El Cucuy Ferguson : Conor don’t want this work

Leo Shakur : 25-1

Aroldis Xanman : I can't wait. Tony via 4th rd tko

Nick Degele : It seems tony has everything to beat khabib. Great jui jitsu elbows off his back if khabib postures up possibly a kick to the face. Better stand up then khabib by far. Not sure why khabibs the favorite

Zakariya Ali : Dana ain't ever booking this fight again 😂

Jake Paul : Nate Diaz was offered this animal for an interim belt & he refused, I totally get it, it’s all good bud

Tomer Bearkenblit : The most creative fighter*

Suss Monkeys : dudes style is sick

Will Hitchcock : Could you just imagine if Bruce buffer would have gone: IIIIIIIIIIIIIt's KHABIB TIME!!!!!!!

Natasha B. : His strange style is what makes him so hard to predict. Usually, you could study a normal fighter’s patterns but Tony’s uniqueness makes him unbelievably tricky to fight. You never really know what he’s gonna catch you with, and his gas tank is nearly unlimited.

Viewing : People can hate the guy but he brings the skill in the octagon. One of my favorite fighters, Including Khabib. it will be a awesome fight!

Gerald : tony time BITCHES

Some Black Dude : I know tony is a grappler but his striking is still incredible to me

King Me : Tony is gonna get smashed for 4 rounds and then pull off a late submission when khabib slows down. Just like Sonnen vs Silva I. Don't @ me.

That one Sherpa : He's really unpredictable

Matthew Summers : Who came here to see his weirdness after he pulled out...

Chibi : Probably my favorite fighter right now just beacuse he's so werid and unique he's gonna take this W against Khabib

The Don : Tony is gonna strangle Khabib

alnadri ismael : its tony time to k.o

ToXic : His style is so unique. He moves so fast on the ground. Tony by dec

Bason Journe : I haven't the slightest clue who will take this fight but if they're offering Tony at +230, that's a hard one to pass up...

Andres Alvarez : Tony Ferguson is an excellent fighter - very entertaining for sure

Jordan Hardie : 26-0

Won'tRespond : Awesome. Great Work.

julianwhitee : Beautiful video! Tony is my favorite fighter

Press Start For Serotonin : Tony is a mad genius. Once he defeats Khabib he'll get the credit he deserves.

Leo Shakur : Good video 💯💯

mmatrainee : Switched my opinion... Now I'm leaning towards Tony... Arghhhhh!!!! One more week!!!! Can't wait to see if Khabib just shuts him down also... Who knows