AAMI Last Two Minutes: Geelong v Melbourne | Round 18, 2018 | AFL

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Sam Finucane lunnie : Another Dees choke. In other news, sun rises.

Richard Horvath : Melbourne just Melbourne'd their way out of a win. Again.

Callum Smith : Jordan Lewis’ nightmare against the cats continues

striker161 : How many times has Jordan Lewis lost to Geelong now?

Bossgreenie 57 : As a cats fan through and through even if we had lost i would've been so proud the way we fought back, Zach Tuohy you legend people might think he is but after the siren pressure on just slots it 💪🔵⚪️🔵⚪️ Bad luck Melbourne you fought well tonight finals inbound for you guys head up but go cats lol 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

Th3 Zm0nst3r : damn they failed to kick a goal after the siren against bulldogs but this time they did it.. great job cats

BillyMPF : RIP in the chat for Melbourne

ULTIMATEBOGAN N : Nearly hit the post

daniel anderson : Seven did the right thing to get James Brayshaw this year. JB is one of the best.

Harvey Banger : As a cats supporter, at three quarter time I thought that's it our finals chances are gone Well boy I was wrong!! Never screamed so loud in my life!!!!

Cooper HALL : poor Caden Mcdonald up and coming still up and coming forever up and coming

Deccc B : Crackin game aye

Rory Bray : 14-14 to 16-4 wow

Anthony Khallouf : Match of the year

mungbean74 : The whole of Japan could hear me cheering when Zak put that through! Go Cats! What a game!

Pubg Highlights - Funny moments : I watched this live it was insane I barrack for Sydney but this was unbelievable


Michael Bovalino : most geelong fans always get mad at rhys stanley but believe it or not, he got the ball back for us which sparked our win! 💙🐱

SUB ME FOR NO REASON : What a nail biter

Archie Johnstone : I love cats best game ever ⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵

Jacinta Gibson : I almost had a heart attack! Go Cats! Found a way!

Siddhant Desai : What a win boys☺

The Xvader : What a gAme

huda ahmend : Geelong is still better

DKG : This gets better every time I watch it!!! Go cats for 2019!!!

Izak Peace : Zach touhy

Daniel Webb : Game of the season im a cats man through and through all 37 years on this earth but to come back from a mile down this list just never gives up zach tuoy cool as a cucumber melbourne are a good team and will be there or there abouts when the whips are cracking but this year is just so even its great for the game

Nooby Noob : Where’s Harry

Bro Odd : Melbourne are the new Richmond as most unlucky team

Iznessmaurer : Once Zach marked it, I knew he'd kick the goal. I screamed my head off as the ball sliced through. Fantastic game. Go Cats!

Magnetic YT : We are Geelong the greatest team if all

65TossPowerTrap L : Made it easily.......to be sure!

Alexander Dunn : 3:17 omg!

lakersandi : Nothing is certain except for death, taxes and Melbourne losing - Ben Franklin

MLG Aussie Roo Roo : 300th like

Cassius Clay : Carn the Cataz!!!!

Who AreYou : what a ripper of a game, i ended up getting my tip right

Lil Dex : Jordan Lewis is a big red head


sliat1981 : Dees end Geelong’s season as payback 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

StFidjnr : I've reckon leinster province and co Laois will be pleased about that 'cause he hails from this part of the world in fact Portlaoise

Smars 123 : 2e

Matt Pomeroy : Nice to see JB doesn't leave his tv gig before the game ends!!

vivek sharma : I don't know anything about AFL.. i just heard there was a Brawl in this game.. Can someone give me the link for that ?

gibbo : Losers! Choke artists!

Robbie Saunders : Awww No

Nick Currie : Extremely proud of Melbourne for finding new and exciting ways to lose every week

Viperage03 : Sydney are very lucky, otherwise they would be on the top 6

Zachary Wilson : 1 comment

Boy TJ : First