Every edm song ever

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Thomas Shimmield : I am super into EDM and this makes me laugh so hard XD

J Vargas : 4 men choking their chicken, this belongs on pornhub

Wolffang731 : Hey, maybe, I dunno...link to the original owner might be nice? Juuust a thooooooought

Gabriel Seidl : This is true art.

Feda : When will this song be out?

James McClaren : The chicken drop broke my YouTube mobile at the end lol

McHoodiePug : This is so true

shamrock : if you close your eyes it sounds like an actual EDM song. if you open your eyes it still sounds like an EDM song xD

Samuel H. : Every edm song? Lol you have a lot to learn about edm my friend.

Non-Miked Shitshow : 2 funny

Some Random Idiot : 11/10.

James Rivera : That's my jam!!!! #iwantthosechickenstho

Ismael Larios : I hope diplo plays this at his next performance


davidlongoria : nice one! love the video! Loved your video! . I subbed your channel. I'll watch for your next post.

Vittix K.J : Geniale

SirAndacar : It'll be a platinum release within the week.

JK Tech : Yelp so true

JK Tech : Melinda lol

JK Tech : yelp true

JK Tech : Yelp

JK Tech : Ainsley

JK Tech : lol

JK Tech : brown

JK Tech : with

JK Tech : and

JK Tech : and

YenKor : lol!

Catrina Tran : Omg lol 😂

Shaylah Nunan : Go auntie ten

iddqdidkfa : Boots and pants...

Toy Bonnie : first

zangrith scra : amazing

Steven Wang : Raveology. By DVBBS (cover) by 4 chickens

Mackitten Mackitten : Lol

Neftali Martinez : EDM is so stupid

Myne : Every pop song ever *SHIT*

Dragon-Lord Ember : I wanna do this in school