Shin Lim: Magician Performs Jaw-Dropping, Unbelievable Card Magic - America's Got Talent 2018

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Cole Adams : Here’s your winner of AGT 2018

MoneyGrowersPH : i still have no idea wtf just happened.

Tsetsi : He looks like a young Asian version of Michael Jackson...

Jaysauce : Shin Lim? More like i dropped my chin.

Srinivasa Rao Bandaru : Shin Lim made all the singers disapper with his magic.

Aaron : If you look closely you can see that I have no clue how he did that

sunhilram : He’s so uncomfortably sexy

Just-A- Random-dude : He keeps touching his hair Maybe his hair is made of cards Edit:285 likes woah

Riya S : if you think you are good at something, know that there's an asian out there better than you at it

kunal gawade : He is an average student studied from Hogwarts 😂😂😂

Superheroes Magazine : i'm so glad he won and not another dumb singer with a sad story

qiaomei zhang : Me: I swear the next thing I see is the pictures on the card morphing *chuckle *Shin Lim makes the 6 of hearts morph into 9 of hearts Me: Oh ok then

T3WGaming : To everyone trying to say that the table is the gimmick: You're not too far off, but it's not the table that's the trick. The specific mat shown also isn't the gimmick. I'm not going into any specifics, but Shin probably told the producers beforehand to pick the 9 of Hearts so the trick would work correctly. But even so, the slight of hand is amazing in this. Even if you know the trick itself, it would still take years to perfect it to this kind of level. A trick can be common knowledge but the real talent is performing it so well that it could impress people who know the ins and outs of the trick itself. I've followed Shin for years now and even bought The Dream Act he did on Penn and Teller to fool them the first time. I know all the tricks he used in that act, and there are no uncommon gimmicks involved. I even with this act, I only saw one major gimmick. The smoothness of his acts are what's impressive and why he won. Everyone knows the "I picked your card out of the deck" trick but why do you think there are so many variations of the same trick? There are amateur magicians doing a simple pull from the deck, to professionals who can find your card then make every card in an unsealed deck that card with its name written in sharpie on the side of it. You get the point. The point is, it's not about knowing the trick or not. It's about how smooth he did it. I've been doing card magic for over a decade and still can't imagine ever being on the level Shin Lim is. He truly is one of the best magicians out there and hs fundamentally changed the way the world sees card magic. Gone are the days of old card magic where the tricks are not flashy or visually stunning, which is a disappointment to an extent. But in comes a new era of magic where everything is very visual and when done correctly can really make the spectator feel truly amazed. It's a whole new level, and I'm excited to see where Shin and even magic in general will go from here.

Sesto Sili : he has tons of card decks in his hair and every time he touches through his hair he picks some up...

kem zew : BEST SLEIGHT OF HAND MAGICIAN IN THE WORLD. Please vote for him, he got to win this.

Y Xin : I figured it out!!!!!soo he He just put the doohickie around the watchamacallit then the the thingamabob went thru the loopy thingy and kazaaamm...

Promas Zanda : You can always spend your time trying to expose a man with a trick up his sleeve but this guy Shin got too many of them. Super talented! Congrats on the win!

Tipsu : I’m a shin lim fan so do not hate me after i say this Did he actually miss the timing at 4:19 lol 😂

Clexaholic911 : I'm so happy he won! I saw him on fool us with penn and teller b4 he injured his hands a long time ago and im glad he's getting this fame and recognition he deserves-his speed and fluidity of slight of hand is out of this world

Doung David : _Please everybody help vote for _*_Shin Lim_*_ to win this season_ ♥️🙏😭

Xyz Xyz : Im pretty sure that's Jesus.

Kenneth Tang : He is attractive and handsome, but, somebody explain wtf his hair is going on?

Tiffany : I remember when he first came on to AGT my mom told me to change the channel bc card Magic’s stupid and look at him now

PorterG : See this is talent, not that screaming thirteen year old girl

powerrangerfan : Ive been following Shin Lim since before he went on Penn and Teller's Fool Us where he fooled them not once, but twice in two different episodes. And I'm so happy he won AGT this year, seriously. Because he legit is amazing and has always been. Totally deserves this. 100%.

Alejandro q : FACT: Americans knows how to vote. PERIOD.

Cristiano wallace hiu : He beat harry potter and dr.strange at the same time

jj chapoteau : At 2:38 something pops out of the black mat. You can see it in between his left pointer and middle finger. I'm sure these things look like simple cards and mats but they are probably on some Tony Starks level of technology full of censors and what not.

cjscott89x : The dice had the same number on all sides, so it would always roll 9. Tyra Banks was told beforehand to pick hearts (notice Shim aiming the 9 of hearts right at her to remind her). The cards were all hidden in that black mat. A minor mistake at 2:43 reveals this. If you zoom into the mystery card during the flip, you'll see lines, and a point for the numbers to rotate on which suggest it's mechanically engineered to switch like that (the question mark on the back was probably the lever). I thought this was pretty cool, as I initially thought it had to be an electronic card with a screen. The sleight of hand is absolutely incredible. Props to Shim Lim for the amazing performance!

Madi Bootsman : I dropped everything I need to pick up my jaw and my phone now

2vain4u : the hans zimmer of card tricks

Your Local Car Guy : There’s no way he could have used any regular magician skills to change that 6 to a 9. No possible way

Scope951 : For those of you wondering the name of the second song that starts at 2:55 is the Planet Earth II theme by Hans Zimmer. If you haven’t watched Planet Earth, go watch it now. You’ll be left even more speechless than when you watch Shin Lim’s performances

Kirt Perez : After ty rolled the dices you can see that all sides of the dice are the same. One is all 4s and the other all 5s. The 6 card turning to a 9. The dot on the question mark is a slider that you push down on the straight part of the question mark, notice that he flips the mark upside down towards him. And then all other tricks was just stage planning and his really good sleight of hand ability. Grats to him though, im just a narc and repeatedly watched this like 5 times lol.


I'm a Lesbian : I hate it when people watch magic videos in slow motion trying to look for flaws for criticism 😡

Paul Adriano : He already looks like a JAW

Health Fitness : This guy is too good to be real.. I think he had a good deal with the devil,empty soul, enjoy it while it lasts 😎

krishtian Sev : Doesn't matter what you guys think now. He won

条薯 : 1:23 no one noticed all the sides of the two dices are 4 and 5?

GD Dyno : 0:35 could’ve been so bad if he didn’t catch the card

Scope951 : Nobody is going to talk about how he pulls two LARGER cards out at 2:46?

Naj Rey : You've been tricked!!!! but not me. I'm just gonna believe him if he performs on any table..

YouTube Got Talent : The Winner : Ladies and Gentlemen (just My Opinion )

Gi NaH : Someone with real talent actually won? Not going to watch AGT anymore!

Veda : At the start when we was receiving cards, I saw that the cards came from the piano

MikaChan : You know what. I just. I give up. Yeah I just. Bye. This is too good. Just. Bye.

Pistolero : Все очень очень тупо, просто поглядите весь ролик на скорости 0.25, сразу все поймете. Есть карты с черной рубашкой, они у него исчезают, когда он их на черный коврик бросает рубашками вверх. Остальные карты он тоже со стола достает. Ну про пианино я вообще молчу, там все видно и понятно на 0.25. На медленной скорости даже видно, как на последней карте из 6 в 9, там сердечки на леске. Ловкость рук в общем как и всегда, чудес не бывает )

Nolo Lopez TV : Who will pay ticket to watch him live in Vegas? 🙋‍♂️

Yasùe 'Iisrayiyl : Pero que verga acabo de ver!!?