Gerard Butler in Central Park!
Gerard Butler meeting a couple of young girls in the park

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This is the day we met Gerard! He is GREAT! - April 15th 2009 -


JayJay M. : Gerard Butler sitting in the Central Park like a normal Guy and is so nice to this Girls. Very gorgeous. They can be happy that they meet him..that was luck. I don't need a Autograph only a hug and talk with him and I'm the luckiest Woman in the whole World :)

Sydney T : I would faint before I could even get a few feet near him

Lone Wolf Girl : OH MY GOD!!! i literally screamed when i saw this!! how lucky could they be??  if this happened to me i could have a panic attack! oh  gerry is so sweet! so down to earth!  i love him a billion times more after this video!! 

Butterfly : oh i wish i could have been there to meet him and he is so sweet and sincere he is the only superstar that i really want to meet he is down to earth

Kathryn Osborne : He's just gorgeous, and he seemed so nice. Some celebrities are really snotty and stuck up but he seemed so happy to chat with you. You're so lucky x

Mala Dragana : He is such a sweetie...

Syia Messi : im so jealous😭 they are so lucky...aNd yeay its only me in this world that say gerard have similiar faces with james mcavoy😍😍😍

Defenders ISI : Butler you did extremely best in the movie Law Abiding Citizen.

Erika Nann : So Lovely!!! From beginning to end. Gerard is so sincere and the girls so cute.

Alfred Castillo : He looks like he's a great guy and cares about his fans that's great.

Adrian D. Vine : blonde girl: I'm 17 Gerard butler: So...who do I sign this too? lol

Mimi : Lucky girls! He seemed so sweet and genuinely nice. I'd love to meet him.

Mar a : Amo este video y no me canso de verlo ni de comentarlo; como una Uruguaya que está perdida por este hombre, me siento completamente identificada con lo que siente Mili; yo hubiera reaccionado igual que ella.

HoxenStorm : If this was me I would literally pass out

Zoe Snyder : This was so adorable. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. I would love for him to come to Buffalo, NY so bad.

Suzmarie Squires : Gerry butler os so sweet to young people

Marina S Antonsen : this is so cute and so sweet

gjcs1955 : Roky, it was not a staged event. He was talking on the phone. Millie (the blonde) recognized him. We waited till he fineshed his conversation. He sat down to finish talking and we approched. I am the one behind the camera.

mari carmen alcala : Paseo por el parque me encuentro con este hombre me da un abrazo y ataque catatonico seguro. Que simpatico, que agradable, que guapo, que........ todooooooooo

Roky Erickson rocks : I just can't believe no New Yorkers approached him. How long was he sitting there? Hmm, was this a staged event?

Guillermo Ceballos Serra : Podes ver a Milagros en 22/9 en Hard Rock Cafe - Buenos Aires

Italiannessa : ¿Qué suertudas! Y ¡Qué hermoso hombre! Muchas gracias por compartir la experiencia, por darnos a conocer la parte humana de Gerard. Cómo no admirarlo. Mil gracias.

Kimberly Nix : ok with that voice you can tell hes from Scotland ohh i could just listen to him 24 hrs lol silly me

Kimberly Nix : i wish that was me!!! but i really would have done better than that....

Missy Morgan : I would die :O he's wonderful

ArreisNevar : Those girls are so lucky! I wish that happened to me!

underlord2 : Great actor-Great guy.End of story.

Valery Vishnevskiy : Вот же ж пристали, бляди.

夢愛 : なんて羨ましい((・ω・!!彼は本当にかっこいいですね…XD

Kathryn Osborne : Oh Wow. Amazing video. He is just gorgeous. So in love with him! Lucky lucky ladies!

francesca fatima zahra ouajihi dalaa : he's such a nice guy, talented, deadly sexy and polite

mikey p : well if they are such fans they will watch tv interviews or listen to radio lol

Simplemente yo : wow que miedo... si yo llego a ver a Gerard Butler en persona, en frente mío, me quedo desmayado. Típico eso cuando te pones nervioso y no te salen las palabras. Me pondría super feliz!, pero esa suerte de ver butler me pase también a mí

Simplemente yo : Gerard Butler es guapísimo, inteligente, se ve que es buena persona. saludos desde paraguay!!

Tare Neko : You'd be surprised how many 'fans' (to this day!) actually think he's American. Then they get the shock of their lives when they hear his natural accent for the first time.

Isa Castle : Que suerte de ustedes chicas! Se nota que es un hombre muy humilde y carinoso! Ojala que algun dia llegue a conocerlo tambien. Saludos!!

Isabella Rodenas : The phantom is here

Erunis100 : i love him so so so so so badly. i just... omg. he is so beautiful and kind and natural and scottish and manly. i just... oh my god. ijust died with this video. you guys are so lucky!!

Kate Smith : You are so lucky

bahar alay : yaaa ne kadar şanslılar gerard butler gerçekten çok içten ve doğal birisi ve bu onu benim için çok ama çok özel kılıyor çok seviyorum on numarasın

luls20 : Podés ver mas de ella en / milagrosweb es cantante!

luls20 : genia! siii! millones de gracias!

María Burgos : En el minuto 20 aproximadamente creo que hablan de ustedes

lvhs1 : Lucky girls! ;)

FlowerPowerII : poor man that his stalked everywhere. Can't stand women bahaving like this. He's just a person, give them privacy.

courtney wargo : Omg omg omg I want to be them!!!!!

Wiccana Equinox : OMG!! I would like to meet him someday too!! so nice , adorable..Awesome !!!

Megan Bradley : I am sooooooooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linette Marie : What a lucky girls!!!!!! He seems to be so adorable!!! Just love him!! <3 I´d like to watch this video with subtitles because my mind is trying to catch up english language ... anyway , just thanks for share this video!!