Gerard Butler in Central Park!

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JayJay M. : Gerard Butler sitting in the Central Park like a normal Guy and is so nice to this Girls. Very gorgeous. They can be happy that they meet him..that was luck. I don't need a Autograph only a hug and talk with him and I'm the luckiest Woman in the whole World :)

BallymurphyBabe : I’m so touched at how kind and open he was. Just another bloke 😁 God Bless You Gerard 💕

Sydney T : I would faint before I could even get a few feet near him

Butterfly : oh i wish i could have been there to meet him and he is so sweet and sincere he is the only superstar that i really want to meet he is down to earth

Mimi : Lucky girls! He seemed so sweet and genuinely nice. I'd love to meet him.

Lone Wolf Girl : OH MY GOD!!! i literally screamed when i saw this!! how lucky could they be??  if this happened to me i could have a panic attack! oh  gerry is so sweet! so down to earth!  i love him a billion times more after this video!! 

Syia Messi : im so jealous😭 they are so lucky...aNd yeay its only me in this world that say gerard have similiar faces with james mcavoy😍😍😍

Adrian D. Vine : blonde girl: I'm 17 Gerard butler: So...who do I sign this too? lol

Mala Dragana : He is such a sweetie...

Erika Nann : So Lovely!!! From beginning to end. Gerard is so sincere and the girls so cute.

KHAN G : Butler you did extremely best in the movie Law Abiding Citizen.

Alfred Castillo : He looks like he's a great guy and cares about his fans that's great.

Mar a : Amo este video y no me canso de verlo ni de comentarlo; como una Uruguaya que está perdida por este hombre, me siento completamente identificada con lo que siente Mili; yo hubiera reaccionado igual que ella.

Kathryn Osborne : He's just gorgeous, and he seemed so nice. Some celebrities are really snotty and stuck up but he seemed so happy to chat with you. You're so lucky x

Suzmarie Squires : Gerry butler os so sweet to young people

Zoe Snyder : This was so adorable. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. I would love for him to come to Buffalo, NY so bad.

Laura Lee : Lucky gurls

Marina S Antonsen : this is so cute and so sweet

Karen 75 : he's always so charming!

stefanie böke : omg this is soooo cute

Erica : 💗💗💗💗💗

jimdreferee : I bet he banged the blonde

HoxenStorm : If this was me I would literally pass out

Laurie Tijerina : So sweet Gerry!

bluewaffle74ab : He should of spartan kicked her

Isabel Almeida : Q hermoso regalo,,, De Escocia para el mundo,,,, te amo desde Ecuador😍😍😍😍

Comments Enabled : he's gay ladies. duh!

graciela ruggeri :  Que afortunados !!!! From Argentina,que emoción!!! (mi país) El es tan atento OMG. He's so sweet. I love him <3

Regina Iguez : Cada vez mais eu amo esse ator sua alegria e bom humor é mesmo contagiante. Ele é verdadeiro gente boa!

Prettiest Unicorn : Welcome to New York City, the capital of the world.

Emily101 : Him:" 17?oh......."

Рустам Кадиров : Нда, возвеличивать человека только из-за того, что он снимается в фильмах, глупо.

alejandra far : Me encanto que suerte chicas

Hichem Dib : hi is just a man

happy Cristine : Hi, Gerry.

polina hatzopoulou : why she cries?

sticky m0t0 : damn that blonde is sexy

EvilKris : 17? Damn if those girls had been about 6 years older I reckon they'd have gotten a lot more than an autograph. Pretty sure he had the hots for the brunette

gjcs1955 : Roky, it was not a staged event. He was talking on the phone. Millie (the blonde) recognized him. We waited till he fineshed his conversation. He sat down to finish talking and we approched. I am the one behind the camera.

mari carmen alcala : Paseo por el parque me encuentro con este hombre me da un abrazo y ataque catatonico seguro. Que simpatico, que agradable, que guapo, que........ todooooooooo

Roky Erickson rocks : I just can't believe no New Yorkers approached him. How long was he sitting there? Hmm, was this a staged event?

Guillermo Ceballos Serra : Podes ver a Milagros en 22/9 en Hard Rock Cafe - Buenos Aires

Italiannessa : ¿Qué suertudas! Y ¡Qué hermoso hombre! Muchas gracias por compartir la experiencia, por darnos a conocer la parte humana de Gerard. Cómo no admirarlo. Mil gracias.

Kimberly Nix : ok with that voice you can tell hes from Scotland ohh i could just listen to him 24 hrs lol silly me

Kimberly Nix : i wish that was me!!! but i really would have done better than that....

Missy Morgan : I would die :O he's wonderful

ArreisNevar : Those girls are so lucky! I wish that happened to me!

underlord2 : Great actor-Great guy.End of story.