Prozzak: Love Addicts - Strange Disease - IPF Trailer 2018

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Sn0wy : Literally just looked up Prozzak yesterday out of all days after many years of not even thinking about them and this was uploaded the day of haha. The chances?

Brad VanSickle : Very much looking forward to this. Super happy with the Prozzak activity in the last year+ :)

Spooky Laundry : Looking forward to this. Love the animation style.

VTranslanka : Again you guys beat Gorillaz to the punch! lol

ExxiiGaming : Im in im down im ready

Demonic Queen : Looks...Weird. But I Wanna See If Simon Ever Finds Love,So I'm In. Also "Fugget About It" Was A Funny Snow.

Vinny Raptor : I'll never forget when I first learned of Prozzak on the Disney channel. I couldn't stop singing get a clue. Then in 2013 when I was 25 I started listening to it again and found myself coming back to it from time to time and learning more and more of their music. And now this! so cool!

Tarra Solo : This will be so fantastic.

KohlDayvhis : Yess!! Super excited!!

MSROCKADA : is that a redubbed version of strange disease?

Artistcrafter1738 : I recently fell in love with the band Prozzak through an internet friend of mine and I'm excited for the upcoming series!!! Comedy is my favorite type of genre ... That's partly why I love Ray William Johnson we need more comedy content!!!

Trevor Schwab : Outstanding.

Sprite Limehead : I'm so late to discover Prozzäk. I'm not old enough to remember their origin. I was barely three when they released Cruel Cruel World. I'm glad I discovered them in time for this and didn't complete unknowingly go along. I wish out of all the 90s and 00s pop my listened to, she'd've showed me Prozzäk's music before.

RyuuHou22 : How is there less than 3k views on this?? ;_; I am greatly saddened.

Hadogei123456789 : Automatic yes!!!

Neon Flights : I just got here and Im freaking screaming. FINALLY!

MilkShakespeare : Amazing!! Keep up the good work guys!!!

Vinny Raptor : The animation looks great.

Katbot : So funny!! Love it.

Ryan Knowles : I can't wait!!

Bees Trees : So excited!!!