hotwheels custom rx7 tcp magic g-face type tt

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RacerRyan 86 : In my eyes, you are now officially the most skilled Hot Wheels customizer out there. That is amazing.

ChasseGallerie : DUDE! That's a 1/64 scale model! And you did this to it! You teared it apart so it would open EVERYWHERE, yet, even if you "damaged" its structural integrety, it didn't crumble apart in your hands! And then you do this customization!?! Seriously, you're a GOD among modelers!

November nitro : Make a model car to show how good you are bro keep it up man

Rhaisya 18 : Custom dewa Sih inimah

Manuel Mares : Te quedan muy geniales los carros eso es arte

Andres Boada : 😯😯😯😯😯😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌

Q Tran : He is the diecast God. The best of the best hot wheels modifier.

husai ni : Yeah this is what i want..


Nissan GTR Godzilla Lovers : What body kit?

wells_ garage : Asli ini keren2 bangetttt

The Lol : Tus custon son hyper epicos. Eres increible porque no haces un colectivo con otros youtubers.

yes아니야 : I want veilside rx7

Horacio Bongiovanni Diecast : Fantadtic

Anibal Babilonia : Amazing! Sell it to me!😎👍

Torry 23 23 : What material do you use for your bodykit. I'm custom and i like so much your car.

Frank Hays : So cool buddy just awesome job buddy u just got a new subscriber buddy keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍

fadatec-Miami : As always your Kustoms are top Notch.....😺👏

Migz Rmz : What do you use to make the widebody kit

hwslabkrusher 2020 : wow!

MZ72 : Is resin more easy to shape or carve? I see your front canard it's so amazingly thin...

Cars &Such : Wow I'm speechless, the amount of detail and craftsmanship put in to that custom is insane. Great custom, you elevate the custom game to unreachable heights. How much time did you put in on that work of art?

TheGreatVoid : Impressive.

sunflower_nini : Wow that's so awesome. How Do you cut out the doors and trunk?

Win a Heart : Crazy!!!

Andi Mardianto : Wow men.. amazing

Diecast Collection Videoarts : Wow, you did an excellent job on that model!

SHINTACHII GAMES : It's a shame I can't actually do that.

Da Name's Ishraq : Uve got to be kiddin me!

Rick M : But... how?!!

Félix Damián Villarreal : where did you get those led´s?

Galuh PS : Tak subscribe lho wesan...master shifu jiann top markotop pokok e..juosss

VehicleAddict 732 : Superb

cvcc5678 : 凄すぎ!!

DeOneDa DOD : sangat mantep banget ini om

Wanda Wibawa : Om bikin tutorial engsel pintu dan kap mobil nya dong .

Doyko Doykov : GREAT!!!

asd w : Motong pintunya pakai apa gan?

ianisai ortiz : esta bien culero

RAUL FLORES HERNANDEZ : Amazing! What putty you use? I'm from México

Jandrors Custom : Puro arte amigo saludos

Yair Vazquez rs : Tus customs son impresionantes!!!!!!! ✌