Dustin Hoffman's Kids Kicked Off His 20-Year-Long Bromance with Adam Sandler

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Yousef M : The way Adam Sandler caressed his knee though... 😂

Apollo GJB : Holy shit, Adam dressed up?!

ZaBiMaRuSz : Adam really love Dustin. you can see it in the way he tells the history

KALUNGI EPHRANCE : Who else loved the movie "Wedding singer "?

Mark Senčar : I think Sandler just told everyone that Jimmy is not "fake", like most of you watching this think, but he simply is a hilarious funny big mouth, that always was a fan of everybody, and cherished everyone. I always liked him.

Samu Puuronen : Adam seems to be like an embodiment of kindness. Something about his eyes and gesture.

biro24 : Wait a minute, Mr hoffman is 80 years old 👏👏👏

Daniel Trevino : "Teach me sand man!" Lmfao

Someone you know : jimmy it's okay not to laugh for everything I think they'd understand

D Ray : Its weird seeing Adam Sandler in a suit

Annabelle Dorj : Dustin is 80! wowow he looks good

Shawn : Dustin looks amazing for being 80 Sandler acts like he's so much older than jimmy by how he talks about his past. They're only 8 years apart

Tanyahachi 07 : my fav Adam's movie is The Wedding Singer and Punch Drunk Love

U.Latif : Why does Dustin look like Alan Rickman in the thumbnail.

Le Nguyen : Adam Sandler hasn't aged in the pass 20 years...

toev : Love how Adam graciously brings it back to Dustin in the end.

ferris5150 : I hope I look as remotely good as Dustin when i'm 80 years old :O

Danny Treble : Adam needs a YouTube channel! This is great

Sam Hubley : Why does Adam keep touching Dustin Hoffman's leg/knee?

GeraldKyle Cristobal : Adam dressing up for a talk show??? Am I in another dimension?

Jayant Srivastava : this is a miracle. a fallon interview without any awkward moment and any musical games. way to go

Lavar Ball : Adam made good movies how can anyone hate the man like if agree

Amanda Reed : I just love Adam Sandler so much.


Alina : Love this stories :)

Nolan Olson : Adams a great story teller

Maria Β : I admire Dustin Hoffman so much. And I love all these three men.

Sam S : Wow, Hoffman is 80. Remember him from Rainman, Tootsie, and other memorable roles. Wonder how this will turn out on Netflix. Will check it out.

Gem Louise : Legends💕

Manny Candelaria : That chris Farley story was awesome.... choked me up 😞💔 I miss him!!!! Kids due your diligence if you don't know.... #Icon #Legend

Unknown User : It was so cute when Adam moved closer to him during his story. I love this.

Lavar Ball : First time he wears a suit intead of mini shorts and a t-shirt

New Message : I'm so old.

chappyfx : where's t-shirt and adidas shorts adam sandler!?

MsDreamscaper : This was a nice interview.

Jon C : Biggest smile I got from watching this is hearing the memories of Chris Farley. Man, I miss that guy!

Keren icehand : Adam is awesome👍

Habshi Tiwari : Adam is the best

Ayan Chakraborty : The laugh from Jimmy is so over the top and irritating.

HOE BUDDEN : He is 80 years yall what the hell he looks young

YouTube ED : Sandler baby

Colt 45 zag : Adam should have his own tonight show!🤔😃

Somerset : I absolutely love Adam Sandler!.. and Dustin of course!

Jackie N. : This is so cute....adam fangirling over dustin.....jimmy fangirling over adam. Awww, all the love 😍💖

alan mailey : that knee slapping

al frusciante : Dustin Hoffman is 80 years old but looks younger than his actual age. Damn.

Andy Hernandez : His mustache 😂😂👌

NIPUN CHAWLA : This is what I call an INTERVIEW. loved it. And the mandatory Chris Farley story at the end too. Love these guys to the core.

NoDak 30 : I miss Farley

Pedro Silva : Some love for Happy Gilmore