Does Cheese Actually Cause Nightmares?
If you eat cheese before going to bed you deserve the nightmares

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Find out if cheese can cause nightmares or not in this informative and high quality video. #cheese #nightmare #luciddreaming


BoomerangTKO : Thanks Jack this was really informative. Really seems like you did your research for this one. Do you have any suggestions or other techniques I could use if I don't need a poo?

COSMO JENKINS : Damn... I've learned a lot today. I need to eat more cheese if I'm to make more proper nightmare simulations. YOU'VE CRACKED THE CODE, BROH!

Afro Black : Funny video bro... I bring the funny too... Let's stay in touch #pusa

The Boy John : I had that exact dream... THAT EXACT DREAM

Two Sides Does stuff : Omg who else can relate so much😂

Cubaze : idk about cheese but that opening scene will

Dean Guilfoyle : few things we need to talk about...

Viewed This : That was a massive block of cheese. Good luck taking a dump after that 😂

Yoven Sawoo : Bring on Alpha Waifu :)

moleflair : Just more horseshit from the Big Cheese Companies

DrCowmoon : This one’s it. This is the one.

William Layton : Woooosh

Craig Beckett : think I got angina just looking at you nom that block of cheddar... XD