"Zambia loves escalators, just don't be gay" - TREVOR NOAH (It's My Culture)

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Yes I’m Blessed : 🤣😂😹 I wonder how many kids are going to be named Escalator.

JEMETs Utopia : Is that balls I smell on your breath 😂😂😂

Charlie boy : They used to have a 'gay squad' in the UK police before 1968 too. Hilariously, no officer was allowed to serve more than 2 years in the unit for fear they would be 'converted'!

Greg M : "It CAN BE TEMPTING sometimes, but don't be gay." Yes, it CAN be tempting, but not as tempting as riding an escalator.

Masechaba : "You over there, what is the purpose of that flamboyant scarf" 😂😂😂 still kills me

JCLeSinge : I knew a S. African called "Stafnus". Named after the Staff Nurse who'd delivered him as a baby.

Jayfive276 : He's not exaggerating about the name thing, the current Zambian national football team has a goalkeeper called Toaster Nsabata and a talented midfield currently playing for Spartak Moscow called Fashion Sakala.

Sya Mtshali : Have you been gay this evening?

sakura heartfilia : Why you want free things on free things ?? 😂😂 I love it !! 😂😂

1 CrimeDrama_Girl : "You're going to jail!" "😍😊Oh nooo😏😏!". 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Tomáš Tesař : so, escalator is going to be a really popular name soon?

Tsar Fox : "I know it can be tempting, but don't be gay" Spoken like a man who has a terabyte of gay porn stashed on his hardrive.

Darina The Eagle : That moment when you live in Russia and can relate to Africa... *rainbow tears of discrimination*

Emii D : Am Nigerian and police officers do stop you if you are dressed too fancy or act even slightly feminine. They proceed to check your phone and ask about your girlfriend before asking if you are gay.

CanyonDragon : I hope someone asks me to ride an escalator with them one day *_dreamy sigh_*

officialdahan : "they took picture of escalator using iPhone" - Trevor Noah

Big City Dance Academy : In Jamaica, if you take a girl to KFC it's a big deal, so I guess I get the escalator example

Heidi Lawrence : The worst thing about this stand-up routine is that ever since I first saw it a month or so ago, I often find myself humming, "Escalator, escalator, escalator, escalator..."

DJ AUDIO1 : 32 people who clicked "thumbs down" were TEMPTED. 🤣🤣🤣

Silvia Ndugo : What is that i can smell on your breath.. is that balls 😂😂😂😂😂

Scar Lord : No matter how many times I see this I still laugh my lungs out

Honza Sirmayter : lol I am Zambian and this stuff never gets old :D :D

Yasemin BAHAR : I think he’s in too deep!

KoroWheke : I once knew a kid named Wellington or in full "Mt Wellington Bus Stop" - I never figured out if he was born there or made there

lil brownboy : Best comedian like if u agree

Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows : Wait so the guy actually said _"I know it can be tempting but don't be gay"_ ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂I rest my case

hedgehog the sonic : *I'm going to take you to the escalators* i will use that line!

El Turista : Poor gay community! It´s so sad a lot of humans are still primitive by judging others. Every soul must follow his/her own path.

I Chillz : Am Zambian and i ain't made at this it's funny but extremely exaggerated like the name thing is only common on the eastern part of the country the police don't have a gay unit they will only arrest you when you come out as gay publicly the escalator joke is true

Lawrie M : I’d marry any guy who took me to the escalator

Samya Ahmed : How do you police gay? 😂

Lisa M. Stewart : I love the African-Accented English here. He sounds different on "The Daily Show." Kinda like me. When I'm around my southern family, my country patois is FIERCE. Haha.

Simon Frederiksen : People stand in line for the newest model of some phone, for days - no different.

Thomas Smith : Republicans love escalators, just don't be gay

Apocalypse487 : China does that too. They give weird names like gummy, milk, Yogurt.

Masuka Mutenda : Coincidentally, one today’s Facebook memories from 8 years ago, on 18th November 2010 says: ‘I was today reminded once again, that Zambia is a developing country: people were taking pictures on the escalator at the brand spanking new Manda Hill Shopping Mall. I had never heard of this tourist destination before today. Rotfl Lmao. Hilarious!!!’ I saw this on my timeline and immediately remembered this clip from Trevor Noah. He had his show in Lusaka about a week later, so it was still a thing by the time he visited. 🤣🤣🤣

Veteran Nintenerd : How long has this YouTube channel been a thing?? Does Comedy Central own it? Or has Trevor been living a secret double life as a YouTuber where The Daily Show is just a front?

sasharae99 : The part about "don't be gay" is one of my favorites from Trevor! 😂😂

ClockworkHime : I can't even.. so funny.. but tbh in my island we have only 1 escalator built about 8 years ago! people still go to the mall to entertain their children by letting them ride it.. and people still have a hard time stepping on it 😂🤣2 months ago I was trying to help an old lady for 15 minutes to disengage from it and stand up!

Mad9977 Productions : "i think he's in too deep" 😂

Army's BLINK Then they REVULV ONCE : In zambua gay men get 30 years in jail but in america rapists get 9 years......

Ashkin Joy : Even in India some Punjabis have some names like Lucky, Happy etc.

All Abored : Africans make the best storytellers.

Defiant Music : “Can you blown on this?” Made me lost it 😂

Elliot Hamilton-Boucher : It breaks my heart I can't travel to countries like Zambia. There are several childhood dreams of travelling Africa and the middle East that were stopped at puberty for me. I would stay abstinent during my travels but I am married to another man and couldn't risk.

Adrian Kowi : Trevor Is hands down the #best full of intellect, impressions, he is well informed he is just the all round comedian #Much love

Wayne : Tooooo funny & this coming from a Zambian

Michael Johnson : “I don’t even eat chutney”....!!!...OMG! Too much (smh). Love you, Trevor.

Faruq Hunter : So i remember clearly in the United States when people used to be just as amazed with escalators

SkoczMiNaPukiel : this is serious, I remember how I loved elevators and escalators when I was a kid, I could do it forever, and I'm not African 🤣