Whitney Houston - Star Spangled Banner (Live 'Welcome Home Heroes' 91)

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Greg Hunt : this shut all those naysayers up that she couldn't sing it live, lol. RIP Whitney

Sean Warren : It saddens me that a lot of people turned their back on Whitney (and embrace people like Katy Perry). Whitney had her demions like everyone else does but this gal could sing like nobody else. I miss her and will remember her for her talent and the joy her talents gave me.

Ryland Smith : the greatest singer ever.

Scott D : Thee greatest singer of all time , no question

Ginnie Mae Odums : Still gives me chills. A Voice Straight From Heaven!

ingrid battle : Yes it is. And this version is BETTER than the Super Bowl version. Whitney is the voice. Look at the way her vocal cords rivets as she sings. She has trained her vocal muscles to sing like that. She did that and no one can and will do it better. It was a mixture of soul, angelic, and pure vocal perfection.

ingrid battle : Whitney's singing technique is unparalleled to no one's. The way her lip quivers and her vocal cords in her neck moves like it's vibrating. You don't see this in any other singing. Whitney has rare talent that was cultivated, honed mastered by her mom. This is why no one comes close. They can't. She was one of a kind. Truly custom designed by our Heavenly Father.

MisterZoe : TAKE THAT BEYONCE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHITNEY SINGING IT LIVE!!!!!! Trying to throw the legend Whitney under the bus because Beyonce is in trouble!!!

Sandy West : God's gift to the world for just a little while.

troynellsantana : uhhmm see really didnt lip sync it....her mom said that they wanted her to record a "SAFETY TAPE"...to play during the halftime performance and she did.....but she at the last minute decided to sing 100% LIVE!!!....this was said by Cissy Houston Whitney's Mom...she said whitney NEVER used the tape during the superbowl performance...every note that was sung that day was ALL LIVE!!!...

troynellsantana : for all the people who said she lip synced her superbowl performance.....this video is a big bowl of SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!......sang whitney!!!

TheRetroWoman80 : It sounds almost identical to the original one during Super Bowl except she sang it in a slightly lower pitch. Still, the fact that she HAD to do this (according to that Rickey Minor interview on Access Hollywood) to shut naysayers up is sad. Nobody should ever have to prove anything to anyone else. The judgers in society, I tell ya. You know? The same ones who don't want to be judged.

sweetrose19 : lol i this is so late but the comment about the one person who hates this song is Beyonce was funny as hell.

brondo1012 : This was recorded live for the troops.. They even brought the key down a half step.. The original recording was taped for the Superbowl.. They taped the majority of all of those because they're so widely televized... If there is a mishap with sound, or playback they leave the mic on.. Its just a way to make sure the production goes off without a bobble.. This was absolutely live.. Let's not forget, artists in the 80s and 90s were not privy to software that is used today to fix vocals in studios or live performances... If she recorded it one time, this is the proof that she was able to do the exact same thing

knownbutunknown : Thats how I know there is a GOD...Everytime I hear her sing, I know she was an angel that sang in choir before she came to earth..

vivyenk : im sure the person who hates the video is Beyonce

Weena Bus Company : aside from beautiful voice, she's really good-looking & charming..

Greg Hunt : I wish they would play it again this year just to honor her at this year's Superbowl.


L. LightEyes : How to sing? Just watch this performance and you know your goal.

Jayson de guzman : she did lip synch that performance but not this one...

YPGM Show : truly "the voice"

disasianguy_ : R.I.P legends never die

Jermaine Bullock : @ Ingrid battle, And You have said It All!! And You Summed It All Up Perfectly !! To me Whitney was A Supernatural, And You'll Never See It displayed like that Ever again, In any shape or form, in this lifetime~~~

B. Berya : U was the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest ! and still the one!

jnshot97 : DAMN MY HEART CANT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn Rose : The way she hits that bridge tho!

Plum Jade : Flag scary but Whitney is gorgeous

Sean Cruz : This video quadrupled in length for me because I kept rewinding every part several times. Incredible

Annie Telan : may she rest in peace...you always remembered in your song

zest tee : I think this version is even better than the Superbowl version. No one can ever sing like her. I miss her like crazy

Peter Tj : Lypsinc my ads, it was her iconic voice alright

Jarvis Mccrary : Whitney sung that song it wasn't even music to it most of the song . She had a Voice that was true talent coming from her. All you haters need to sit down some fuckin where don't try to play Whitney.

youwwho : TAKE THAT all you idiot nay sayers! Effortless...absolutely flawless...and THAT'S what legends are made of!!!!!

PurpleisBEAST : she sings effortlessly and its like a Angel has sung to us. May she rest in peace with Michael

youwwho : Love you, Whitney!

CareyP1972 : No one will ever be able to sing the Star Spangled Banner like she does! I cry everytime I hear her sing! She just gives the song a little umph that makes you chill all over.

devina devine : no one's saying couldn't sing it live. they're saying she didn't sing it live. we know she can sing the national anthem live, just not as perfect as what was heard at the 1991 super bowl


putRandi It is. : For any of those "She ain't sing Live ..yahyahyah.." Here you have it.

Concerned Customer : This is better than super bowl

diva doll : USA USA USA USA!

Bianca Polo : I wish she would have sang it a key higher but o welk

Bianca Polo : She knew she was bad. My goodness her gift

tintinesk5 : My girl, my girl.... love you

Peter Tj : Lypoed or Live , it was still her voice no autotune

Douglas Gauze : sounds even better than the recorded version. whitney your the best in my eyes. # 1

marcelo fernandes : que vois ela tia

meialua : :)

B. Berya : I agree....100%!