Winter Snow Tires vs All-Season Tires vs Summer Tires testing on Ice

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S Svoboda : and they probably sold that wrecked red car as new

Juan Rojas : But whats the difference between the actual tires? you didnt show how exactly winter tires work..

MrRiggyRiggs : Winter or summer tires are a sham! Learn to drive idiots!

Joey Andres : Jesus. Night and day.

Dennis Obryan : Maybe I should drive my motorcycle in the winter haha

devin Espinoza : This cars are AWD or RWD?

Oliver Allen : Summer and Winter for certain.

Snow Flake : i got some all seasons copper tires they seem to handle well enough on ice, sure your going to slide if you lock up your brakes lol thats why if they lock up let off em so the tires spin to grip..


Danielle Wheeler : why not use winter tires in summer?

DoubleM55 : Idea behind this test is great, but execution is flawed. You can't use separate cars to demonstrate differences in tires. Also, you shouldn't have obvious distinctions between your test subjects (Red car, black car, etc.), you need a double-blind test, so you can be certain that all bias is eliminated. I think it's great to see different tires in action, but it would be even better if all tires are randomly selected and put on the same car, and test is performed multiple times. Then it would have scientific value.

Josip Ricov : Winter tires should be mandatory in all states with snow! You must have winter tires set and summer tires set. Winter tires pay off not ending in a ditch with smashed car.

Denis Goguen : I always use Michelin X-Ice on my cars and mini van....I find they have the best traction on ice, slush and snow

Guido : 2:26 Something you see from car commercials lol

Rr rr : All seasons are terrible. They're worse than summer tires in the summers and worse than winter tires in the winter. Why even buy them? Just get dedicated tires for both seasons.

Chris Bogausch : Blech! BMW's AWD SUCKS! Get an Audi or Subaru!

carminefast77 : how many times you do this to get the results you wanted? as someone who tested tires in the winter. with only a 5 year quiet clause contract i can now talk. we have had tire companies pay us to do tests over and over 14-16 hour days to get their winter tire to out perform a bottom shelf tire. that being said i have never bought winter tires and live in one of the snowiest places in the us. 200 inches so far this year.

Vafel : whats it like to drive studded tires on pavement.

LiftOrGTFO : This seems very biased. Like they're trying to exaggerate everything to fit their agenda.

Bertl Barm : cheat. at the two first cars u stepped on the breaks, the weels stand still round the bend

Will Cment : je suis désolé mais cette comparaisson qui n'est faite que sur la glace n'es vraiment pas juste. parsque peu importe si j'ai des pneus d'hiver ou non quand la chaussé est glacé je reste chez moi xD la majorité du temps la grand route est sur la sphalte et ou sur la neige , ces assez rare une chaussé que glacée et je me demande aussi si ces vrm des pneus dhiver a neige utillisé ici ou des pneus a neige/glace en plus ...

JackalCars : Good comparison, all VERY true as i've run tests like this myself, nice job.

Anna Mertens : congressional i really prefer it very rxch hair ! !

Start Visit : never used winter tires, but AWD rocks

SBLEOO : Gonna get some summer tires for my GF this winter.

Satria Aji Wicaksono : thats why they named it...of course winter tire for winter and summer tire for summer...

Alex Alex : how about testing some FWD instead of those garbage BMWs? ofc if u guys are so..."professional" you would know that RWD or FWD makes huge difference on traction, not to mention the tires u used

Ibe Van Geel : Seems like Tirerack is pretty clueless and did not use serious All Season tyres like the Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons. They perform much better than what is shown in this video.They probably used summertyres with an optimized thread pattern but without adjusted rubber compound.

MusicLoverYT/ DJ-Ramesh : At 3:02 the black car was drivin and the guy said the blue car

napraznicul : soooo much bullshit! why the fuck driver with all season brake violently when steering ? you make that movies only for very stupid peoples?

migel prager : use the metric system assholes ! Your stupid units say absolutely nothing to the rest of the world ! :/

ndk2k4 : not all A/S tires are made equal though. Falken's new ziex 950 A/S for example are much closer to snow tires in performance, but are at the same time incredible on the track.

DRR : now toss in studded tires. BAM 

flippinllama : Dammit, I'm too poor for winter tyres. :(

Kynolin : I've driven summer/winter tires in Missouri with a sports car. Let me tell you, winter tires you feel like an SUV w/o the ground clearance. With summer tires on the same car, a flat neighborhood culdesac was pretty iffy at 5MPH tops. Word to the wise: Do NOT go out in the snow with summer tires. Just, don't, do it.

Matias Gipler : you are saying that the summer and all season rely a lot on the ANTILOCK system (ABS) yet the clips you show are from tires sliding locked up............................. which is not ABS. its the opposite. why are they locked up if they are relying on the anti lock?

elsydeon666 : This is likely the only time you will see a BMW with horrific understeer. Usually Bimmers tend to be tail-happy, but the red and silver cars murdered cones like it was their sole purpose for existence.

Tips&Tricks : those bmw were all rwd or awd?

hotspur666 : All seasons are utter garbage in winter and slippery as teflon on ice...fact, it is criminal to call them winter tires, they will kill you just like totally bald tires. With my studded tired van, I must be careful not to get rear ended by these idiots if I brake too hard!

Dale McClain : In winter with snow tires my FWD car consistently pulls away from all traffic. I've experienced this on two different FWD cars. Last winter during a major snow event, I was in the left hand lane for many miles passing everyone else on the road. I'm sure many thought I was a maniac they would pass later in the ditch. Snow tires make a major difference.

Toni Radanov : Funny detail: If they also compared studded winter tires (Scandinavians like me mostly use that) it'd behave exactly like summer tires on a dry road. :D But those tires are illegal in many countries outside of Scandinavia... just a fun fact for y'all 'muricans though! On ice, studs win by a lightyear, suck on dry roads though.

3Vimages : Good video but way too slow speeds on that ice track to be representative.

Amaan Ali : Idiot you just need grip. For safty not powerr people are dumbass I sware ur sooooooooooooooooo dumbbbbbbb

Shishizurui : i just wish for a 4th car they had a subaru in there.

ChildOL : Get some tire chains

thebunnis : Nice catch Harold, except if you watch for the reflection, the brake lights dont come on till after he's plowed through the cones, so your argument is invalid.

carminefast77 : i have never bought winter tires. save your money and just use all seasons.

David Imm : So many of these videos put out by tire companies to get you to buy another set of tires. Don't listen to them. I have all wheel drive, all season tires. Can't even get them to slip on ice, I've tried. Please notice all these videos being made by people trying to sell you another set of tires.

erin richoo : Question for tire rack, what all season tires did you use? You know better then anyone that there are dramatic differences in all seasons! I have perili p7 plus and they are arguably one of the best all season tires that money can buy, they are one of the top rated tires on tire rack so I would be very curious as to what tires you used so I can do my own research.