Winter Snow Tires vs All-Season Tires vs Summer Tires testing on Ice

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SBLEOO : Gonna get some summer tires for my GF this winter.

DRR : now toss in studded tires. BAM 

Kynolin : I've driven summer/winter tires in Missouri with a sports car. Let me tell you, winter tires you feel like an SUV w/o the ground clearance. With summer tires on the same car, a flat neighborhood culdesac was pretty iffy at 5MPH tops. Word to the wise: Do NOT go out in the snow with summer tires. Just, don't, do it.

Dale McClain : In winter with snow tires my FWD car consistently pulls away from all traffic. I've experienced this on two different FWD cars. Last winter during a major snow event, I was in the left hand lane for many miles passing everyone else on the road. I'm sure many thought I was a maniac they would pass later in the ditch. Snow tires make a major difference.

Moist Gnome : Winter is coming...

Matias Gipler : you are saying that the summer and all season rely a lot on the ANTILOCK system (ABS) yet the clips you show are from tires sliding locked up............................. which is not ABS. its the opposite. why are they locked up if they are relying on the anti lock?

Toni Radanov : Funny detail: If they also compared studded winter tires (Scandinavians like me mostly use that) it'd behave exactly like summer tires on a dry road. :D But those tires are illegal in many countries outside of Scandinavia... just a fun fact for y'all 'muricans though! On ice, studs win by a lightyear, suck on dry roads though.

carminefast77 : i have never bought winter tires. save your money and just use all seasons.

Clydesdale2045 : Love people like Migel who posts something like that and puts in their settings people can't reply.  Migel, Tire Rack is an USA company whose office is in Indiana.  They can ship worldwide.  If you want the metric system stick to the world tyre which is typically how metric folks spell it except for Canada.  They spell it Tire because they used the imperial system, and are converting over to metric but many parts particularly near the border still use imperial.  Canada should change the spelling to Tyre to follow the rest of the world so people like you don't get confused.

Satria Aji Wicaksono : thats why they named it...of course winter tire for winter and summer tire for summer...

dchawk81 : Honestly, I just wait until PennDOT plows. They're out constantly, salting before the snow even shows up and plowing the main roads several times an hour after it falls. A decent all-season is all MOST people need on a front wheel drive. I've never purchased dedicated winter tires for a front wheel drive car, and probably never will. I only have a set for my SUV because it came with them...and they're technically just a snow rated all-terrain. I short: if your tires are bald, replace them, look farther ahead, and slow down.

Highbatros : not all A/S tires are made equal though. Falken's new ziex 950 A/S for example are much closer to snow tires in performance, but are at the same time incredible on the track.

Arthur Royce : I find my current RWD car much easier to negotiate in the winter than my previous FWD car. I do have a winter set of tires, but even without them my directional control is much better. FWD cars plow whereas a properly balanced RWD car can have its nose pointed in any direction. Also keep in mind people with RWD are more likely to put on a set of winter shoes. I pass SUV's and Subies and they get so mad... :)

Alex Alex : how about testing some FWD instead of those garbage BMWs? ofc if u guys are so..."professional" you would know that RWD or FWD makes huge difference on traction, not to mention the tires u used

Shishizurui : i just wish for a 4th car they had a subaru in there.

MusicLover94 : You couldn't see the ABS pulse during the brake test and somehow all the wheels were locked on the first 2 cars during the cornering test... This all leads me to believe that ESP and ABS were used as needed throughout this entire test to amplify the effects of winter tires. Yes, winter tires are obviously better, but I would have much rather preferred seeing a credible test.. Oh well.


xDinox : 2:26 Something you see from car commercials lol

MrRiggyRiggs : Winter or summer tires are a sham! Learn to drive idiots!

epiclego24 : lol red car hit the bourds at 2:40

Sam Chez : Beemers are the best calibrated ones for winter... Xdrive of course...

LiftOrGTFO : This seems very biased. Like they're trying to exaggerate everything to fit their agenda.

42luke roblox : 0:20 never in my life (not videos) I have seen a 2004 ford thunderbird, I always see the old ones though.

Rr rr : All seasons are terrible. They're worse than summer tires in the summers and worse than winter tires in the winter. Why even buy them? Just get dedicated tires for both seasons.

feaqs : No, at approx 2 min into the video, they say that they are using a "studless" winter tire on the blue car. :)

Byron Deithrick : Best winter tyre video on the u tube

Mattyew : 2:40 glad i didn't lend MY car for the test!

airbus214airplane : My lesabre doesn't do well at stop lights. On the slightest incline, they spin. At least if it was RWD, I would be able to stay on the gas. The front end moves into the other lane if I stay on it too long.

Snow Flake : i got some all seasons copper tires they seem to handle well enough on ice, sure your going to slide if you lock up your brakes lol thats why if they lock up let off em so the tires spin to grip..

Start Visit : never used winter tires, but AWD rocks

Michael Compton : This is exactly what happened in my Del Sol before I bought it from a friend. Toyo street tires in the summer, Michilen snow tires in the winter. Gets through Michigan winters better than my Dodge Ram does.

swefilms : studded tires are

swefilms : winter tyres are great and helps u ALOT, but some people are kinda dumb and think that if u have winter tyres u can drive on ice the same way as u do on dry asfalt....

Jormungandr : @spiro37 finally a decent answer, ty.

Jormungandr : Can I keep using the winter tyres for the whole year?

Jormungandr : @spiro37 being softer, won't they have better grip?

Oliver Allen : Summer and Winter for certain.

snowrocket : Great video! The side by side and overlaid comparisons are the best. I did think that it was odd that you couldn't see the ABS pulse the brakes near the end of the braking lane.

snowrocket : @MrBS4 Maybe so, and you did say "most". I've seen some that seemed to work down to a slow walking pace, around 1-3MPH/2-5KPH. However, my observations on this were on packed snow, not ice.

leeogburndrums : great video!

2006DURAMAX : Modern ABS system rely heavily on only four wheel sensors, one on each wheels. It works by comparing each other's wheel speed. On dry roads, the system works fine using this method. The problem on ice or snow is when the driver jams on the brake, it can lock-up all four wheels. From the ABS system point of view, it believe that the car has fully stop and will not active. Only systems with yaw sensor can tell the car is still in motion. Furthermore, most ABS system won't kick in under 15-20 MPH.

JackalCars : Good comparison, all VERY true as i've run tests like this myself, nice job.

trdmomo : yes! even in the spring. mine make this incessant whiney sound at temps over 50 degrees, right before I put my summer shoes back on. i assume its because of the aggressive siping that gives the winter tires their traction.

flippinllama : Dammit, I'm too poor for winter tyres. :(

Juan Rojas : But whats the difference between the actual tires? you didnt show how exactly winter tires work..

carminefast77 : how many times you do this to get the results you wanted? as someone who tested tires in the winter. with only a 5 year quiet clause contract i can now talk. we have had tire companies pay us to do tests over and over 14-16 hour days to get their winter tire to out perform a bottom shelf tire. that being said i have never bought winter tires and live in one of the snowiest places in the us. 200 inches so far this year.

John Farrer : Even in Vancouver which has fewer snow days than London UK, 40% of cars have snow tires. In the UK it is closer to 3% and people say they cost too much, although they will spend £3000 - £5000 more (+ more expensive fuel and maintenance) on a 4WD.

DareToBeDeviant : It snowed Crisco this winter so it didn't matter who was driving with what. Everybody was sliding around, even while stopped, going sideways toward the curb. I'd drive a tank if it wasn't illegal... and expensive. Front wheel drive sucks. I get stuck all the same as a RWD vehicle would. You need AWD with snow tires _and_ chains or consider walking.

jedsebastian : i have ordered a set of hankook icebear 310 after watching this video.

xinhong tong : can you just use winter tire all year?