How to tell an Irishman there may be a 'gay' in the family

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Lewys Cousins : *He's a fookin Westlife fan*

I Polaris I : "he has a long list of requirements for the right female" 😂

T.S.O.B GAMING : oh jesus

Princess Loona : "You're doin me a concern!!"


Otto Von Rus : "He doesn't care for the democratic process!"

erka null : Isle of Man, ManUnited , Arsenal... Love it and his accent is adorable

Lee R. : West life fan 😂🤣😂🤣😂

Tryin2fly09 : Oh for foocks sake.. He's a fookin westlife fan!!

Demented Demencia : It's not denial, it's Irish Patriotism!

the lost journal of inception : jerry might like to holiday on the isle of man

Zan Sparedaze : The 'doing me a concern is the best'!

RottedDollFace : 🤣🤣🤣🤣lmao he is so handsome, Irish Redheads are just so lovely.🌺🌺🖤

Robin Bruggink : 'Course I know 'im, yefecking teapot. Dead

A W : "MAN United fan.. ARSEnal fan"😂😂😂😂

polarweiß : He sounds like a angry jordan peterson lolz

FatPasta : I don't understand a fucking thing he's saying but I love it

Cannan Cursed : he's a communist he doesn't care for the democratic process

Oliver Allen : Irish women, I swear.

AtLegendary : Love your guys humor

Villani David : I still didn' t found the right girl, now I' m scared

Athena GM : *St. Fancis of Assisi and our dear Lord* 😂😂😂☠

Berat Biçer : I am turned on by their accent, god i have issues.

Nas 1758 : This is a perfect example of Irish humour...

Eamon Ahern : "😮😲oh Jesus Christ!" 😂😂😂

Job BZ : St Francis of Assisi love it

Sempy : He never blinks wtf

mergirl2000 Dunne : Fine requirement for female. LMFBAO

WileyK : How am i only finding this now! I've done myself a concern!!!

RealWave : ahaha these vids when I come back from work always crack me up

ali Servan : Fecking hillarious

MC Borris : HAH, he's a westlife fan.

Gabe Thornes : This is like the Catherine Tate sketch- ‘have ya heard about our John?... he’s a gay man now’

Agent4777 : Kathleens humour is weak

Natalia : *Y O U A R E D O I N G M E A C O N C E R N*

steven hobbs : This is brilliant

Michael Fisher : His accent is cute.

OG FROGMAN : Her voice gets me so hard

William Mckeown : She should have told him he was a Westlife fan at the very start 😂😂😂😂

splashpit : Goes camping , favourite ice cream is gaytime .

Azoundo : This Irish man is funny.

Vitu : Imagine this fella when he's 75

Titanium Tiara : Oh my gosh HOW did you guys not laughing your arses off??

Emil R : You're gonna make a really good grumpy old man when you get older

John Williams : Aw, Jaysus, Meery and Jooseph!

*KILL ME* : Youtube recommendations work in very strange ways

KUKAKYOTOTOKYO : Comrade Jerry ☭

Patryk Wojciechowski : How to tell an Irishman there may be a 'gay' in the family? Tell him "Uncle Jerry is gay", it's that simple

Appithkia : *"Aaars-nal"* 😂😂😂😂😂

Space Jelly : I'm so happy I clicked on this