The Highlander Mine Part One!

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One of the scariest mines I have visited. Large unstable stopes and deep water make this an exciting mine to visit!

Comments from Youtube

SPFDRum : Another great quote by Frank: "this is pretty fucking sketchy..." One of the many reasons I watch every video!

Aaron Newbill : Scientists say they can see Frank's balls from space

CumminsDslPwr : If our hero Frank says it's "sketchy", that would mean about 99.5% of us would and should just get the hell out of there and abandon this mission .

TAVOR VICEROY VALDOR : You are the Best Mine Exploration Channel on You Tube! Your videos are EPIC!

Flofutz : "That's not crasy steep" Films down a 90° Drop.😨

Duck Landes : Better to fall in a flooded winze than one that's not. Back when I was exploring mines they would usually send me into sketchy areas first because I was the smallest (5'6") and lightest (135 lbs). And if I didn't die (which I never did) they would follow.

James Serediak : Holy crap!!! I'm surprised you fit in these mine with balls that big! Love your channel. P.S. Love hearing the odd F boom. Let us know that your real and not scripted. And crap I get scared for you some times. That false floor you crossed freaked me out.

Create&Imagine2 : As soon as I heard the accent. I KNEW it was Canadian. Love the video.

R4gE : 17:25 turn it up i hear a weird scary sound man shit like a ogre yawning

Paul G : It has got to SUCK getting wet right off the bat in the middle of winter. Very happy to sit and watch on the big screen, so thanks Frank. We know you made it because we are watching the video, but you are truly nuts. In a good way.

Ray Morrell : Totally addicted, love it from scenery at start to mine itself. Awsome thanks for sharing your adventures

JohnnyD RC : Hay Frank, I was thinking about what to do, I fly rc airplanes and drones and I thought you could use this, We have rc boats that you could put a camera or Gopro on and a light to search for ways through, and there are subs that you can send down shafts or winz.

Rubus Roo : i always wonder about the men who dug these mines, like what happened to them and do they still have family in the area etc

Thomas Humphries : Frank, I am putting it on my bucket list to go to Canada and meet you in a many beers should I bring? 50?

Daniel McArthur : I just wanna say thank you I probably would never see any of this if it wasn't for you and people like you so thank you So cool

theshyguitarist : I understand about exploring and the excitement of it all, but I'm starting to see some risk taking that has me concerned. Anyway, be safe.

Eric Doe : I like the new intro!

Barbara Robinson : Frank that was a nail biting, breath holding, edge of the seat episode. Perilous, treacherous, exciting, funny all rolled in to this explore. The scenery at the beginning is beautiful, the mine is amazing although not for the faint-hearted; the colours and rock formations are pretty cool. Thank you! Stay safe! I can’t wait for part two. πŸ‘ β€οΈπŸ˜€

TheSWolfe : If any topside observers ever witness a horde of ghosties pouring out of an old half-collapsed mine adit into the forest deep, there's a pretty solid chance it's because Frank's in there & has scared them all away. U do possess a hefty portion of calculated crazy, Frank. I was actually holding my breath for a minute, there.

Open Minded Air Head : 5:07 5:08 is why I'm happy to sit around home and just WATCH! At least you can swim in water, Can't be said for air though, Hey Frank. I sure hope the Iron Balls you have don't rust mate. Safety first as always.

oxskirra : Love the new intro Frank, and the colors, so jealous for the colors tou get to see and share with us all. I dont know who is crazier; you going in there or us watching you goong in there lol. Anyways great vid looking forward to the next show, be safe bro

Marius Tamulis : I wish you have some gopro with waterproof cage or something like that. Would love to see how it looks under the water. Also no one doing this so this might be something new to see. Good luck and you are a steel man

WacKEDmaN : whats the sketchiest mine youve been in? "this is pritty fucking sketchy!" LOL.. youre right Frank! you are getting crazier every year!.. great vid..yet again!..thanks Frank

Sean Fiba : Love the new intro and the crazy places you go. A sony action cam or another water proof one might be good to swith to for those moments you think you might end up swimming.

DigitalNinja : Love it, Cant go down there any further it too crazy. 2 mins later you are down the sketchy path lol. Stay safe brother you dont need to impress us with stupid stuffs :)

Belov Blog : I know for myself how hard it is to make such expeditions. Is there ventilation? some gas?

Pat Denney : Extreme Adventure! WOW! I almost fell off my chair you had me sitting so close to the edge.

lotus : Great video. Hard to tell up from down in big flooded part

David Nicholson : This is amazing Frank. Submerged false floors Bloody Hell! Stay alive at least until I get to see your cool museum. Thanks Frank.

Brad Leonard : I have to imagine that the batteries you have to power your light is equivalent to air tanks for divers. Surely you are as good a done if either run out. Can you imagine how black it must be down there? You’d be helpless.

Curtis Gregory : alright i have to ask.. i mean i know its nice for us for you to narrate.. but do you ever catch your self at home narrating all you do. " Alright looks like shower floor might be a little slick might want to be careful there." not making fun just picturing what its like in that mine by yourself talking the camera.

J C : You need a camera housing, the ones used by scuba divers. And to keep kegs at the house, fill with salt water or 2% Borax mix.

Ben : ya got me fiening for some cave adventures! need a newbie cave lmao

robert ross : to bad it count bin scaled 1st for safety/ them lose rocks on the ceiling are dangerous The one : I bet your loving it I am.?

HeroicUser : Tfw you're wading in lead enriched water.

blackleafy : OMG you are totally crazy crossing that false floor

Peter : Motion sickness squad πŸ€’πŸ‘

Pavel Mayorov : You showed us a lot of tunnels. And everywhere we can see ore chutes, closed tunnels etc - so I have a feeling you was able to film 10% or less...

Oscar : 21:51 Strange sound in the background moment after you talked about the danger of objects falling on you. heh ^^

Christian Buczko : Just because you can feel air coming down a tunnel does NOT mean you can get out, there could be a skylight or other passage that just cannot be crossed before you get to the outside, so you should be careful never to goto areas you cannot retrace your steps from.


Mark Rose : 18:18 ... I'm waiting to start hearing drum beats...

Scotty Man : You must have some kind of a death wish. What are you really expecting to find? I'm sure anything of real value would have already been taken out...

fmxrider429 : I knew you had big balls Frank, but walking across a submerged false floor, hell yeah.

Chris Cherry : You crazy as a

Kevin Jones : "That'd be crazy wouldn't it? I'm getting crazier every year!" Yes. Yes you are Frank but that's why you're the best.

bcherbs : Hello from Terrace! just subbed awesome channel

TheDutyPaid : That intro volume is a killer for headphone users.