The Highlander Mine Part One!

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Exploring Abandoned Mines : We are in Mexico filming some awesome mines. Just got done going down a 550 foot shaft!

James Serediak : Holy crap!!! I'm surprised you fit in these mine with balls that big! Love your channel. P.S. Love hearing the odd F boom. Let us know that your real and not scripted. And crap I get scared for you some times. That false floor you crossed freaked me out.

Aaron Newbill : Scientists say they can see Frank's balls from space

SPFDRum : Another great quote by Frank: "this is pretty fucking sketchy..." One of the many reasons I watch every video!

CumminsDslPwr : If our hero Frank says it's "sketchy", that would mean about 99.5% of us would and should just get the hell out of there and abandon this mission .

TAVOR VICEROY VALDOR : You are the Best Mine Exploration Channel on You Tube! Your videos are EPIC!

Duck Landes : Better to fall in a flooded winze than one that's not. Back when I was exploring mines they would usually send me into sketchy areas first because I was the smallest (5'6") and lightest (135 lbs). And if I didn't die (which I never did) they would follow.

Flofutz : "That's not crasy steep" Films down a 90° Drop.😨

Paul G : It has got to SUCK getting wet right off the bat in the middle of winter. Very happy to sit and watch on the big screen, so thanks Frank. We know you made it because we are watching the video, but you are truly nuts. In a good way.

Rubus Roo : i always wonder about the men who dug these mines, like what happened to them and do they still have family in the area etc

Christian Buczko : Just because you can feel air coming down a tunnel does NOT mean you can get out, there could be a skylight or other passage that just cannot be crossed before you get to the outside, so you should be careful never to goto areas you cannot retrace your steps from.

Eric Doe : I like the new intro!

Create&Imagine2 : As soon as I heard the accent. I KNEW it was Canadian. Love the video.

Sean Fiba : Love the new intro and the crazy places you go. A sony action cam or another water proof one might be good to swith to for those moments you think you might end up swimming.

TAVOR VICEROY VALDOR : Scuba diving a flooded mine with underwater cameras in this clear water would be epic, I wish I was there with my dry suit and my scuba gear

Open Minded Air Head : 5:07 5:08 is why I'm happy to sit around home and just WATCH! At least you can swim in water, Can't be said for air though, Hey Frank. I sure hope the Iron Balls you have don't rust mate. Safety first as always.

Ray Morrell : Totally addicted, love it from scenery at start to mine itself. Awsome thanks for sharing your adventures

Thomas Humphries : Frank, I am putting it on my bucket list to go to Canada and meet you in a many beers should I bring? 50?

Daniel McArthur : I just wanna say thank you I probably would never see any of this if it wasn't for you and people like you so thank you So cool

oxskirra : Love the new intro Frank, and the colors, so jealous for the colors tou get to see and share with us all. I dont know who is crazier; you going in there or us watching you goong in there lol. Anyways great vid looking forward to the next show, be safe bro

DigitalNinja : Love it, Cant go down there any further it too crazy. 2 mins later you are down the sketchy path lol. Stay safe brother you dont need to impress us with stupid stuffs :)

J C : You need a camera housing, the ones used by scuba divers. And to keep kegs at the house, fill with salt water or 2% Borax mix.

Pat Denney : Extreme Adventure! WOW! I almost fell off my chair you had me sitting so close to the edge.

Paul Oneill : Frank I love your vids hope to see many more but sometimes the risk for video adventure is just to risky I totally get rush wanting go were no 1 been for long time show history amazing feats of engineering of the old time miners. You keep pushing ur limits or danger you will push it to far. It's kind law of averages you think it to sketchy just leave to nxt person or maybe if you dont you didn't for reason. You talk yourself into doing wat dont really want. Just take care loved it as always. 👍🇮🇪☘

Road Rash : Was that a saw blade at 22:00 ?

WacKEDmaN : whats the sketchiest mine youve been in? "this is pritty fucking sketchy!" LOL.. youre right Frank! you are getting crazier every year!.. great vid..yet again!..thanks Frank

robert ross : to bad it count bin scaled 1st for safety/ them lose rocks on the ceiling are dangerous

Barbara Robinson : Frank that was a nail biting, breath holding, edge of the seat episode. Perilous, treacherous, exciting, funny all rolled in to this explore. The scenery at the beginning is beautiful, the mine is amazing although not for the faint-hearted; the colours and rock formations are pretty cool. Thank you! Stay safe! I can’t wait for part two. 👍 ❤️😀

Rob Toplis : I HAVE A GENUINE CONCERN YOU COULD ACTUALLY DIE DURING 1 OF YOUR EXPLORES. All the Praise and Compliments you've had are well deserved and I enjoy watching your videos. U truly are the best mine exploration channel...!! I've noticed u exploring places there would be no rescue from and your Hardcore, bad to the bone.... Please take a pause though bud to hear my warning or levels of craziness your going to though bud. Your a Top bloke and would hate to hear of you meeting a terrible fate roling the dice like your fearlessness drives u 2 do! We want you alive and as skilled n experienced as u are there IS A REAL RISK U COULD DIE so pls turn back every now n again! A concerned fan... :)

David Nicholson : This is amazing Frank. Submerged false floors Bloody Hell! Stay alive at least until I get to see your cool museum. Thanks Frank.

lotus : Great video. Hard to tell up from down in big flooded part

Pavel Mayorov : You showed us a lot of tunnels. And everywhere we can see ore chutes, closed tunnels etc - so I have a feeling you was able to film 10% or less...

Evanscreek Brahman : In before the you know who! :-)

wurlingdervish : 14:27 Gold

Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah : I needed my Frank Fix.

Patrick The Destroyer : You had me at Highlander

kodaspaws : Are you wearing a wet suit ? Watch out for hypothermia. Plus, you should at least have a buddy. Explore in pairs.....

Thomas Humphries : Which mines seem to be less kid friendly? Mexico or canada.... my bet is oh, canada

Ask Jeff Williams : and the Brass Ball's award goes too......Frank ......yep think we would of either brought a raft or scuba tanks but Slim hates water.... thats gotta be one f the wettest mine we have seen you in some deep winzes there sonny Jim.... a lot of leaching going on .... to bad that mine isn't dry ....powder boxes everywhere..... love that flow atone.... good job see ya next week.

Troy Marinos : Great video Frank! Have you ever considered doing some highlight episodes? For example “Top 5 Deepest Shafts” or “Deepest Winzes” etc.

Kage Shi : That is a Speed repel Belay, If you basket your tie-off you repel with both tag ends and can release your tie-off remotely. I've ran down vertical slopes with those it is fun. Ausi-Repel FTW.

Bernard Gonzales : Another winner, but are you out of your f***en mind Frank. You know how to entertain but that was going too far. Stay safe my friend.

BIGBADWOOD : Wow another great 5 star video .... Thanks and stay safe !

iam Ra : Yes! I've been looking forward to these new videos diggin this mine so far. how old would you say this one is? the carts shown are welded & w/bearings. but part 2 you had said they were pretty old. also really curious what the oldest mine you've explored thus far? & again, thanks for the vids!

Exploring Abandoned Mines : An oxygen monitor.

Paige Lee : Crazy how flooded this mine is creepy deep. Be safe

moab wheeling : Looks so awesome down there Frank . Cant wait for part two . Take care and have a great weekend !!

Susan Jones : Seriously..have you ever gotten hurt down there? Thirty years ago I might would have joined you.

Nathan Jackson : Frank, you should take an inflatable rubber raft with you. Bring a bike pump and an inflatable raft that way you can cross submerged areas more easily and safely. Just a thought.

Gly Coolness : Frank, YOUR A NUT! Lol! But I love it!! Now where did I put my anxiety medication?? Wow...that mine is LOADED with artifacts! Most mines I’ve explored since the 80’s don’t have near as much leftover equipment and artifacts. I’d be like a kid in a candy store in a place like that! I gotta get up there and pay you a visit ....maybe show ya how well I can dog paddle a winze. Lol. Take care!