Super Mario Bros. Z (Ep 1-8)

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Panda Scythe : Here you all go guys. This is the link to the first remake video Alvin put out. Here is the link to his official channel.

Ssj Strider : I remember this series it was so awesome when I was a kid

Kelpy G : No lie, this was my favorite anime

Isaac Velasquez : Real talk: The first time I heard the "Over 9000" meme was here.

Big-Bonkin-Head : I'm glad I can finally watch this without it lagging or being off sync but I wish I could read the dialog without pausing. I got most of it memorized from watch the original series over and over again but I'm thankful nonetheless


Mariam Oloks : Nostalgia...

Breath of the Sith : This is truly, one of the best internet shows of all time. It made Mario into a complete badass.

Lone Knight : almost 10 years later, this stuff still holds up. and now we got a Reboot incoming, Life is Good. : )

Wìnd : oh man, animations now adays can't beat this. the last one was made in what 2008? I was amazed then and still amazed coming back to it. Everything he puts into this is so amusing and entertaining .

Michael Martinez : have you noticed sonic isn't like his usual self in this series? He isn't so cocky and overconfident. In fact he seems to be bit more humble and has more humility.

Brian Johnston : This is how I would relate the characters from dbz in this fan show in the best possible way Mario- Goku Luigi- krillin/ gohan Yoshi- piccolo Sonic- Future trunks Shadow- vegeta If you guys don't agree lemme know in the comments. I'd like to see your point of view

André Milan Matiello : man i never noticed how this is DARK like, Mecha Sonic crashed the Death Egg into Mobius, blocking the sunlight, like the meteor of the dinos Eggman died from the explosion, but Mecha was too powerful to be destroyed Mecha Sonic then started rampaging on animals... Tails died Amy died Knuckles died even the innocent Cream and the little cute Cheese were victims of Mecha ONLY IN A FEW HOURS the entire planet ignited nothing left alive he had 6 Emeralds, and the last one was with Sonic the Hegdehog Mecha almost killed Sonic, and got the last Emerald then, suddenly, Shadow saves the day by Chaos Controlling the Emeralds almost out of existence, taking them to Mario's World Sonic and Shadow used their last efforts to fight Turbo Mecha Sonic but Mecha Sonic ran away to Mario's World, locking Sonic and Shadow in Doomsday Mobius both hedgehogs manage to go to Mario's World, looking for Mecha Sonic sadly, the series never got to show if Sonic and Shadow returned to Doomsday Mobius, or to the past-events Mobius, since Chaos Control can manipulate time and space if they manage so, Metal Sonic would've never transformed or even destroyed Mobius

President Haltmann : 1:10:29 They Just HAD To Make That Reference At LEAST Once.

jaredhaden1989 : Luigi's expression @ 1:13:20, my same expression when I first saw the best fight scene from this series

Sam Diamond : Rewatching the series for the first time. NEVER realized the Axem Rangers (sans Yellow, who's a recolor of GutsMan.EXE) are recolors of Zero from Mega Man Zero. Probably because I didn't play Mega Man yet when I first watched SMBZ. ....and there's Super Metroid music.

Diet Bleach : Favorite game to play: Super Mario🌟 Favorite cartoon to watch: Dragonball Z💥 Mix them together: Nut💦

lιƒєlєѕѕ 『нαииαн'ѕ ρяιиcє』 : 1:56:47 *When you finally get the balls to talk to the person you like*

Jibzy Luigi : *READ THIS: Update from the creator of SMBZ* I may be shooting myself in the foot here, but I felt like sharing this. As many of you know, on the 9th of October, it will officially be 4 years since I released Super Mario bros Z episode 8 to the masses. It'll also be almost 19 months since I officially laid SMBZ to rest. But, with the assistance of a friend, I was able to reacquire Flash and felt like trying out sprite animation again to see if I could re-ignite my passion to work on the series. As practice, I remade the first scene of the first episode of SMBZ. After a few months working on and off, this is the result. Don't take this as confirmation that I will be working on the series again, but if I did, I would like to remake the series from the ground up. There were numerous things in the older episodes that I felt could have been done better. Namely the fight scenes, the story and the godawful dialogue. _Here are some of the key changes I would implement._ *1: Mecha Sonic will be replaced by Metallix.* For a supposed upgrade to Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic was a visual downgrade. The design for Metallix just looks more imposing than the original faceless design. Metallix was going to appear later in the series anyway as Mecha Sonic's perfect form after he got all the Chaos Emeralds. *2: The Pipe maze episode will be removed* The whole episode in general was filler suggested by a fan of the series because I didn't know what to do for the 5th Chaos Emerald. With that said, I feel it was poorly executed on my part. It was too dialogue heavy. It spouted out unnecessary exposition that had no bearing on the plot. And who can forget the ridiculous Deus Ex Machina moment with Kolorado's stopwatch. The 8-bit parts were kinda cool, but to me it couldn't save it from being a bad episode. *3: Captain Basilisx won't be in the remake* While Basilisx was well received by fans, I feel he was shoehorned into the plot. He just showed up out of nowhere with no backstory or buildup. I feel that also distracted from the anticipation of Mecha Mario's appearance and would have undermined the upcoming battle against the Koopalings. For the time being, these are just ideas. I want to make sure that I would be willing and committed to work on this series again. I don't want to cancel it twice. Until then, enjoy the practice animation. -AlvinEarthworm

Zach Horner : Why've did this beautiful series have to end?

Azraf Shawty : 1:18:28 Ultra Instinct Mario 🤣

Insomni-act : I miss the old series. I personally don't think there was anything wrong with it, but the reboot has started out good as well.

Nabilitys : This should have been the super mario bros movie instead...

Electric Red Thunder : You know,since the show will probably never return(and I’m ok with that,the dude making these is extremely stressed and I don’t want him to kill himself)we can all assume that Mario got killed

Supertime1123 : This is still awesome 2017

Toran Dulaney : Soo Shadow is Vegeta?

DJ Raul : 2:19:30 Fire Sonic HYPPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!

Tafari James : Mecha sonic- goku black/zamasu

Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation : Here's what Dragonball characters these guys are... Mario = Goku. Sonic = Trunks. Luigi = Krillin. Shadow = Vegeta. Yoshi = Piccolo?, (or Dende). Princess Peach = Chi Chi. Mecha Sonic = Perfect Cell. Eggman = Dr. Gero. Bowser = Pilaf. Professor E. Gadd = Dr. Briefs.


Lucas joel :v v: : the best part is the entire movie

nicolas ganoza lopez lavalle : *HOW IS THIS STILL SO AWESOME?????*

cool guy : Oh don't mind me, i'm just here reviving my childhood...


Eryksen Jones : yes i love best crossover story ever

Snack4smash Brah : Rip my childhood youtube series

Miles Tails Prower : lol 38:21

Courage The Gamer Dog : *1:51:48* ANOTHER 4TH BREAK!!

Mateo Cat : ep = epic

SuperYoshiFan10090 Studios : 5 years no ninth episode [PAIN]

10,000 Subscriber's with no Video's :P : Let's hope Shadow gets in Smash to complete the group #SHADOWFORSMASH

HeroOfFire 45 : Hopefully Alvin continues work on the reboot and manages to finally continue the story.

A3000K : Use to love watching these on Newgrounds. Shame it'll never be finished.....

Whis San : A Sonic,Mario crossover eh? Nice.

TylerTheUltra : Wow DBZ is mixed with mario game! AMAZING!

Sulphur Enrico : good job sonic,you let a psychopathic robot turn into a god

Darnyex : Who else watched the whole thing without skipping?

spoopster : Just a 2 1/2 hour *MINI* movie.

GREENWOLF 1337 : take a fanfic, remove the cringe, make it long but awesome, turn it into a DBZ parody, make it involve nintendo and sega, then give it the "early 2000's charm" and you got this gift from above

Mental Midgets : 1:18:13 PURE EPICNESS.