GI Joe - Pork Chop Sandwiches

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Porkchop sandwiches NOTE: I didn't realize my upload of this several years ago has now become one of the default sources to watch this bit of brilliance. 100% credit goes to FenslerFilm, with whom I am in no way affiliated. Visit them at and their YouTube channel at Please do not contact me about advertising or revenue-sharing. I do not own the rights to this video, and I will not solicit payment or accept profits from the work of others. This video is subject to removal at any time if requested by FenslerFilm.

Comments from Youtube

nicoleab88 : you not cookiiing ye dood

Royberg : "You detect it. Did ya no goin' and you tell me do things. I dun runnin'." Poor kid... there's no bus that's short enough for him.

DirtySouthGaming : I can't even think about fire without wanting to go "PORKCHOP SANDWICHES" 

hi i'm emily : My God, did that smell good.

TheBrothersCompound : i quote this randomly till this very day.


BluDog35 : Still amazing 10 years later...

wryterzblock : That GTFO rant is my alarm. It is surprisingly effective. :D

Shane's Book Corner : this is an absolute classic and has a lot to teach our young generation about cooking as well as pork chop sandwiches

Herbinator_88 : I think what the kid meant was: "The smoke detector went off, and I wasn't sure to go, but you told me to go, so I ran."

Doofus McFuzzbag : My god did that smell good...

tubenachos : That blank stare at the end got me

Ozzmosisf35 : This video has changed my life.

John Henley : At my work, they announced that there would be a pork chop dinner coming up soon. I yelled out "PORK CHOP SANDWICHES!" My boss corrected me and said it was just chops, no bread. Nobody else got the joke. FML

Monke Phukr : "yur naht cuken?" "yah, dood"

ilikecakecuzitscake : Someone tab this for bass? Thanks so much, I love you.

HaloedG : No matter how many times a patron orders porkchops, no matter how many times I relay this reference, I am still met with blank and clueless stairs...those PSAs had life lessons I still use today!!

Cavey Möth : I love how calm and friendly the fireman looks as he yells and curses at the kids.


Felipe Revuelta : Detective no go in and you tell me do things I done run and

TheSquishBucket : n-detect it d-d-to no go in n you tell me do things i done runnin

Harpoon : That closing-in shot of Blowtorch saying "Porkchop sandwiches!" is so amazing for some reason...

Doug MacRay : After watching this at least 200 times, I feel confident saying this is the funniest thing ever to grace the Internet.

DBT57 : This video forever changed the way I react to smoke detectors.

imamoose007 : "detect it, di do go in, you tell me do things, I dun run in." Kid, you're a few apples short of a bushel.

Zesty Magic : "my god did that smell good!" lmao

kacie bombastic : 2006 god bless

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is boring you idiots : My GOD did that smell good.

Charlie Bear : If the G.I. Joe live action films were more like this, they'd have been bigger successes...

Scotty Sammi : I made porkchop sandwiches for lunch today. My god that smelled good.

j_lil : It used to take sooooo long for this to load on ebaums world.

Joobie Joob : I could not believe they used the " Porkchop sandwiches" reference on Borderlands 2, LMFAO! I nearly lost it when I came across a grenade mod on Borderlands 2 and saw in the description: PORKCHOP SANDWICHES!

Golden Terrabyte : Detect it, d-no going, and you tell me do things I done runnin'

12QWASZXQWERTYUIOP : 20 year old me thought this was hilarious

nuwavegurl : Ten years later and this still makes me laugh like an effin' maniac. Classic and never gets old.

Myles Garcia : Even after 6 years since I found this, STILL gold in my book in 2015

Ashleigh Gibson : My God did that smell good😂💀

Ryan Derry : 10 years later....still funny.

Aurabolt : Woot, sent by vechs. That was so funny. 

ShadowMaster862 : Ah, classic YouTube. Can't get enough of it.

Brian Moore : Well, what can I say to this but vavavavavavavava

Haruhi Akizuki : Beautiful pre Youtube memes.

Lance Armstrong : This is my ring tone....


Roland Collides : I liked how well the firefighter handled the situation XD

Dark Light : OOOHHH ONE OF YOUTUBE'S MANY GEMS! I found you again


manga4774 : i only just discovered this

F.A. Tapia : yuh nah cookin yeh du