GI Joe - Pork Chop Sandwiches

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Royberg : "You detect it. Did ya no goin' and you tell me do things. I dun runnin'." Poor kid... there's no bus that's short enough for him.

Jeff J. : I think his face at the end is when he realized these kids weren't worth saving.

BluDog35 : Still amazing 10 years later...

hi i'm emily : My God, did that smell good.

nicoleab88 : you not cookiiing ye dood

wryterzblock : That GTFO rant is my alarm. It is surprisingly effective. :D

Shane's Book Corner : this is an absolute classic and has a lot to teach our young generation about cooking as well as pork chop sandwiches

tubenachos : That blank stare at the end got me

Herbinator_88 : I think what the kid meant was: "The smoke detector went off, and I wasn't sure to go, but you told me to go, so I ran."

Doofus McFuzzbag : My god did that smell good...


John Henley : At my work, they announced that there would be a pork chop dinner coming up soon. I yelled out "PORK CHOP SANDWICHES!" My boss corrected me and said it was just chops, no bread. Nobody else got the joke. FML

Ozzmosisf35 : This video has changed my life.

TheSquishBucket : n-detect it d-d-to no go in n you tell me do things i done runnin

TheBrothersCompound : i quote this randomly till this very day.

Monke Phukr : "yur naht cuken?" "yah, dood"

Ozzmosisf35 : If this doesn't make you shit your pants from laughter the first time you see it, then there is definitely something wrong with you.

ilikecakecuzitscake : Someone tab this for bass? Thanks so much, I love you.

Harpoon : That closing-in shot of Blowtorch saying "Porkchop sandwiches!" is so amazing for some reason...

Felipe Revuelta : Detective no go in and you tell me do things I done run and

Joobie Joob : I could not believe they used the " Porkchop sandwiches" reference on Borderlands 2, LMFAO! I nearly lost it when I came across a grenade mod on Borderlands 2 and saw in the description: PORKCHOP SANDWICHES!

HaloedG : No matter how many times a patron orders porkchops, no matter how many times I relay this reference, I am still met with blank and clueless stairs...those PSAs had life lessons I still use today!!

kacie bombastic : 2006 god bless

salamon mohammad : Urr nut kookin...

Charlie Bear : If the G.I. Joe live action films were more like this, they'd have been bigger successes...


PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is boring you idiots : My GOD did that smell good.

Scotty Sammi : I made porkchop sandwiches for lunch today. My god that smelled good.

Cavey Möth : I love how calm and friendly the fireman looks as he yells and curses at the kids.

Golden Terrabyte : Detect it, d-no going, and you tell me do things I done runnin'

DBT57 : This video forever changed the way I react to smoke detectors.

tonymtlwpg : This is my ring tone....

Brian Moore : Well, what can I say to this but vavavavavavavava

manga4774 : i only just discovered this

Dark Light : OOOHHH ONE OF YOUTUBE'S MANY GEMS! I found you again

Myles Garcia : Even after 6 years since I found this, STILL gold in my book in 2015

Lanzenreiter Galaxis : My kindergarten teacher showed us this for fire safety

ShadowMaster862 : Ah, classic YouTube. Can't get enough of it.

crazyinsane500 : These guys got sued because they tried to put the Porkchop Sandwiches line in the Gi Joe: Rise of Cobra videogame

Cath : Detectit diji no goin you tell me do things I dun runnin

vileBrenman : This is like a venture bros episode

Anthony Renteria : If he wasnt hungry those kids would be dead haha

iSpitLegit : Like this if the Schmoes sent you! 👍🏻

Ryan Derry : 10 years later....still funny.

Doug MacRay : After watching this at least 200 times, I feel confident saying this is the funniest thing ever to grace the Internet.

nuwavegurl : Ten years later and this still makes me laugh like an effin' maniac. Classic and never gets old.

Derek Hamby : I love it how he says "Pork chop sandwiches" as he's running to save the kids. LMAO! It's like the most random thing to say like "toilet brush" or something. Lol!

Ashleigh Gibson : My God did that smell good😂💀

lolabunny : I think my laugh box is broke i didnt laugh at all

The Pineapple : How have I not seen this until now...I feel like a failure