National Aerobic Championship USA 1986 01.flv

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TheInspireImagine : The girl hair at 4:15 ... omg. looks like just woke up! Or went through some hurricane

Geniocrat : Our parents were sexier than us - computer nerds. What a shame for us!

Daniel van der woodsen : Idk why but this vídeo makes me feel happy

Jay George : What the actual fuck..

Beavernator : At 00:54 the brunette looks like she's orgasming, while the blonde looks catatonic from all of the secrets of the universe bombarding her brain...

Lauren Harrison : why was this recommended to me?

Rakiz : Is that Coach Marty Daniels from blue mountain state? :D

Alex : 2:05 at 0.5x speed they sound so drunk!

Cloud Here : Am I the only who loves this? I mean this is so cool.

Nagori Will Die : I'm addicted to 80's aerobic vidoes please help me

Sohn Ways : I can't get over their hair lmao

lelechim : Rachel McLish has the most hilarious hair.

Hystrangea ハイストレンジアー : I'd kill to go back to the 80s man..

Zice Isaac : These excersizes were on the level of pussies back in the day

TheSapphireDragon1 : we need to bring this back

Mathias Oviedo Niz : I bet mom of them has healthy knees

Alrighty Then : This is what a superpower looks like people... we have aerobics and nukes...

iwantme1234 : I think it's time for me to get off youtube.

RollsRoyce : When a health drink was orange juice

crona cronup : welcome to team fortress 2

darkmagic1701 : So how does one compete in aerobics?

Snaike Plissken : I smell the sweat here

AL_2017 : Is this the sequel to "the warriors"?

bird : I can't express how much I genuinely like this. This sport, if it were the same now I'd be in it and not just in it I'd be probably competing also I'd be so good at it. It's very very up my lane. I wish I... could start it up again, with the same 80s style

Fright Foo : im sorry but this is weird. usa never looked so horrible.

Uni Verse : Now I see where Key and Peele got their inspiration

ffles : Now THIS is the America I remember wanting to visit when I was a child! Hahahah, love it.

Les Grossman : National aerobic championship brought to you by crystal light...... And fuck tons of cocaine.

Alice Valencia : the opening looks like a porn movie

MisterBri07 : I think the weirdest part about this is you cannot tell any of their ages. They could be anywhere from 18-40.

Eugene Starchak : Cringy

Ladi Da : "Why don't they still air these? They were great!"- said no one ever.

Jason Carson : I feel fit and dirty after watching this.

Anna Leigh : What kind of hell is this and how do I become a member

Louis Yu : Omg can the Crossfit Games have an event like this?

K Lasbrey : the woman with the bedazzled white leotard, her hair looks like road-kill. Took the opossum from the pavement to her scalp.

Kristen Sanders : So y'all are just going to sit around and act like sis hair at @4:20 isnt the shit? O Okay!

Nick Guiry : Key and Peele anyone?

Little Headache : How the heck did I end up here from watching Kermit the frog videos?

alliecravulz : i want to stay on my couch and watch this for the rest of my life

bts's bestfriend : I do not regret having this in my recommended

jenn1916 : I love how their called called "althetes". The 80's was so cheesy. LOL.

Vanessa ButtuhFly : THESE VIDEOS ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

T L : Aerobics were to the 80s what Crossfit is to today, LOL

Bruno Ferreira : Omg I love this song I will totally dance to this everytime I step in a gym

Kelly Yeomans : Watch us glimmer!!

Rampage 5150 : I bet you it stinks like hell on set.

hyacinthdibley2 : Rachel McLish definitely still looks good in 2016/17. Nice.

Michael Faux : Trying to find an interracial couple? haha nop

Georgiana Pusey : None of them r sweaty....weird.