National Aerobic Championship USA 1986 01.flv

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E D Daly : The 80's was the perfect hiding place for gays.

Furno : editing was so good back then Everyone knows women cant get muscles

Cloud Here : Am I the only who loves this? I mean this is so cool.

Anna Leigh : What kind of hell is this and how do I become a member

Andrea Douglas : Oh Lord. I got sucked in. I really wanna see the other finalists perform. 😔

Gini V. : We are the CHAMPIOOONS, CHAMPIOOONS :'V, i put these videos again and again and i never get bored 😂😂😂😂

Nick Guiry : Key and Peele anyone?

Eugene Starchak : Cringy

Jason Carson : I feel fit and dirty after watching this.

K Lasbrey : the woman with the bedazzled white leotard, her hair looks like road-kill. Took the opossum from the pavement to her scalp.

Kristen Sanders : So y'all are just going to sit around and act like sis hair at @4:20 isnt the shit? O Okay!

Ladi Da : "Why don't they still air these? They were great!"- said no one ever.

IKDL : bach then people in the u.s were fit unlike nowadays

Bruno Ferreira : Omg I love this song I will totally dance to this everytime I step in a gym

bts's bestfriend : I do not regret having this in my recommended

alliecravulz : i want to stay on my couch and watch this for the rest of my life

hyacinthdibley2 : Rachel McLish definitely still looks good in 2016/17. Nice.

T L : Aerobics were to the 80s what Crossfit is to today, LOL

Rampage 5150 : I bet you it stinks like hell on set.

Michael Faux : Trying to find an interracial couple? haha nop

Saving/me : So how do they pick the winner?

Kiwi's Fluff Stuff : Who else just wants to be an athlete just to do that...

Jofer Alvez : The hair and outfits😅😅😅😅😅

piper.spirit : This is like the intro to the running man

Patcha Padelante : And now im playing this song on Spotify 😨😨😨

DaveTheBasha : that woman was mrs olimpia. didnt look roided up to fuck. I wonder what olimpia would look like if they banned steroids.

eydubz : That music is a classic indeed.

Caleb Craig : That music makes me want to light myself on fire and jump out the window. Into second fire.

PSGFANATIK SUPRAS : Je me suis encore perdu sur you tube

Nicholas Brown : Has anyone noticed that they get out of a hot tub full of dry ice in their sneaks and everything 😀😀😀😀

DangerMou$e : All day today I'm going to be like "🎶Champion1🎶...

Amadz Balboa : Hey. The Ms. Olympia doesnt have rough voice.

TheWheelofLife100 : I was to stupid and ignorant growing up in the 80's to notice what was going on,I guess after watching this I've might've been blessed.

TELEVISIBLE : 80's is the gay age !

pilotmale : Americans have been doing exercise for decades but they are still obese.

Mohamed Wassa Pedo : WHY??? Why do I like this? I have failed Allah.

GpD79 : Man, could you imagine a remake of this show today? It would be EPIC!

Lord Butthole : 80s overloaded

TeacherTeacher : The opening looked like the beginning of an orgy you'd see in a porno.

NegoReniz : Those were good time . These guys are so fit. And their body is beautiful unlike stupid gym freak of these days.

Ali Babtou : A lot of bla bla blaaaaa

Jay : what I know is that USA is the country of obesity. What happened in the past 30 years to you guys?

Jake Wickey : Is this still a thing today

Han Solo : I don't know what's worse, the fact that this ever existed, or the fact that people actually took part in this "competition". Everyone on this show had to go through lower tier competitions...that astounds me.

saturninenight garcia : Crystal indeed...

Noble Ringmybell : They really need to bring this back to tv💕

dreammyw0w : I'm signing up for the National Aerobic Championship in 2018. Like if you wanna partner up!

Nightfangfox : So this video tells me that the 80s was all high french-cuts, bad perms, bad mustaches, and dance routines. Is this accurate?

nothing to see here move along : They're not the champions anymore?

Jacob Jarvis : If aliens visit us, this is the first thing they need to see