National Aerobic Championship USA 1986 01.flv

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bakerXderek : That music kills me every time 

R.D. Dragon : I know it's kind of cheesy, but damn, those people are in good shape.

BangTango : Am I being brain-washed? Do I like this? I am confused...

Jean Quad VanDamme : please leave the 80's  commercials next time

Jeremy Kleiman : I wish every elite athletic competition began with the competitors doing a choreographed dance together

MartyMonster : They're aerobicize fighting.

InfinitR : I'm addicted to these 80s aerobic championships.

Air Kang : this feels like a whole different dimension....

XxL3GiTxSNaKExX : Man the cocaine quality back in the 80's must have been great.

Speider : I can't get over how awesome, happy and upbeat this is, compared to 95% of TV today.

E D Daly : The 80's was the perfect hiding place for gays.

eightypuff01 : This is the most 80's thing I've ever seen in my life.

Hannah Hardy : This was the peak of humanity

Charles Landreth : This is the weirdest soft core porn Ive ever seen.

pathetic mortal : most people these days wouldn't get past the presentation, never mind the competition

Naho Saenoki : Amazing bodies... evil hair

ThricetheFun : thoe 80's bodies doe...

MrMineDraw : God damnit, music gets me everytime.... 

Lignum : why do i like this

What the Truck : Crystal light knew not what the people wanted, *but what they needed.*

itsjemmabond : "Keep dancing..."

Gaia Seraphina : Yeah the 80's and their Fitness/Aerobic craziness! 30 years later ... what do we have now? Over 30% of the population is obese and some of them even have to use this walmart scooters because they cannot walk while doing groceries! We have gone to the dogs. I fear that Pixar's Wall-E is a prophetic movie. >< PS: Watch "Physical" by Olivia Newton John on youtube!

FROZEN EMPIRE : 4:11 = My wife has such hair after our BDSM session...

Mimi1985d : well... maybe it's cause of the theme song of this championship but they all seem to be too hyped-up, it looks like a Speed-Rave in 2005.... not that I would know how that looks like ... -_~

Sonnambulist : Regina Hymen? Poor Woman, she must have had it tough in high school

trailblazehaze : Watch it on 1.5 speed.

sirrus dundle : All these people are probably dead.

Jeff Mendoza : this fucking song again.... We are the champions... (look somewhere, look back) THE CHAMPIONS!

Robyn Nussbaum : They need to bring this back.

Samuel Tribolet : Their body's say yes but their faces say please help.

Spectans1 : Vintage porn?

Sam Martin : that keyboard riff is dope

Transit Tycoon : Ahhh nothing like a dry ice bath after a hot workout.

frances brown : Man, that opening music makes me want to run a marathon...then give up after 2 minutes lol. I don't run. :(

Prince of Epirus : Would love to live in the 80s

Arboza liyan : I saw too much, I will never be as I was before.

Vic : Crystal Light huh? Sure it is... sure it is... 

QueenCersei Lannister : LEG WARMERS!!!!!!! LOL I love the whole "Let's get healthy!!!" ... but then.. "Let's get into tanning beds and get skin cancer!" theme too. lol

Brandon Jepson : Wow, look at those dudes pulling those high kicks

Raden Binar : This is so gay and yet entertaining

CaliPatriot88 : Girls back then looked so much hotter than now.

KenzieVlog : I freaking love their outfits. So colorful and shiny.

superfast30 : I loved the 80's regardless of how cheesy things were. Things rocks lol!

MultiTomata : I don't know why i'm watching this, really...

MyselfTheThird : Reagan's America, everyone.

TripleTCaptain : If any one is interested in buying the song, go onto Itunes and lookup: National Aerobics Championship Theme Its 0.99 on the US store. Share this on other aerobics videos with this song so everyone will know!

Attmay : This is jerkoff material for every sexual orientation.

Kaileigh W : I cant believe this was actually a thing...

Xeranxies : I love the way women looked back then.

Malik X : Key and Peele anyone?