John Wick Style action scene I made alone at my apartment for filmmaking practice.

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BUTCHY KID VIDEOS : Awesome job ..... great editing

Dominic's Creative Films : Me as I'm watching this: "Ya, this is pretty good." Me after I realized everyone was the same person: "Ok, that's impressive."

Tiski : Its funny how silly you look at the end but the actual product is so badass.

funnyone : Can u do a tutorial on how u did all of that???This is awesome!!!!

MADD RAPPS : You gotta do a tutorial, it was super bad ass, but at the end when I seen it was you acting all the parts...mind blown....

I WILL REIGN : Astounding action sequences you have made! Especially all by yourself! But, without the carefully choreographed hand-to-hand combat in John Wick, you're just doing an ordinary action sequence.

Punky Partner McA : Just saw this on world star, going to watch your other stuff now. Cheers from Scotland.

Joseph Honny : Holy shit this is dope

Nelka Amp : A potential action movie director! Props to the badass video, you deserve a like! :)

MC MONSTER : you really need a story for you films. the scenes are looking good, but it would be 1000 times more enjoyable if you would have a story for that

e f : What technique did you use to get the shot of the camera infront of your gun as you turn the corner?

JaySMR : inb4viral. Seriously? Only 2k subscribers. You deserve a whole lot more!

Jozseffirst Lovin' gamin' : U have quite a talent,really nice video.I would only ask you not to use those watergun like fake shooting sound effects most Hollywood movies intend to.Use real gun sounds.

Charmander UK : Found your channel on 9GAG and this film is so satisfying. This is gold!

Matthew Rodway : great work! the end with all the dropping bodies makes it.

Ryan Holmes : damn thats was amazing

Michael Banno : Movie magic at it's finest. Great job.

Daniel Danielsen : That movie quality effects there. nice job

DefCat : Dude, if you ever need some custom music hit me up

TehondiTV : your gonna go far if u keep making content like this! Just subbed 😁

Mathijs B : This is really cool dude, good job!

superdacoolman : That was pretty good. Good work.

Fatian Berisha : Awesome!!!

Hào : Dude you made it alone wow

Trashbin2797 : kudos to you bro

Jay Malone : Great work!!!

Wombat HIJS : Really good! How long did it take to make?

Lexi74 Ttt : The Best movie I have seen this year next to John wick 2 is this.. CONGRATULATIONS such a great work alone

Nathan Kanz : Frickin AMAZING!!!

Paulo Costa : Man, this looks more badass that many action movies that I've seen! Great job!

MrEsquinade : Damm you whas alone to make it ?! Wow great work ^^

CineRoll : well done man!

BlairWeber : very good!

YannickFilms : Wow very awesome that you´re not just two but several persons in one shot! Great job!

Little Regina : U gives me courage. Airsoft is banned where i live but watching u doing the aftereffects, I can make a video with Realistic toy guns, thanks to u.

Coury McGinnis : Very impressive

Medick : arvostan iha kamalasti kuinka paljon yksin voikaan saada nii hyvää matskua aikaseks, varsinki kaikki effektit ja kamerakulmien käyttö :D. toivottavasti tulee hyvää kamaa viä tulevaisuudessaki.

VidEvage : When I was watching this I figured you had doubled yourself and masked each person back into the shots. Regardless of that fact though, it looked really good. I think in a way, because its all layers you were able to perfectly time the hits and body drops that really made the professional killer scenes sell. I wanna try this now.

Darjaboo : Good job! must have been a lot of work.

Kunal Kaushik : You have done an awesome job for a home alone production!!.......kudos...1!!!Wish i could do wat u did..great job mate!

enaqtim : Incredible work! It was a pleasure to watch.

Frankly Freddie : Im no expert on making fight scenes but i am a expert in watching them and that was not bad at all. Awesome job!

Rhys Black : Very well made! Nice one, dude <3

Shawn Wavy : this is beyond good.

Wayne Willis : Impressive...i was thinking wheres the hand to hand combat

Grant Bayliss : Excellent.

Brockston Smith : *aims for legs* *shot hits head* Is this CS:GO?

Korizon : awesome

andrejoss475 : *when you dont have friends*

SPML : Love the video, I also like how the reloading is very constant