Turn down for what! Boat-Fail (extended video-mix)

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Taco Face : this is why the internet was made

Period Six Mining and Exploration LLC : This is never not funny.

Antonia Noël : Three years later and this video still makes me laugh so hard I cry.

Freedom Isn'tFree : I don't know who's going to Hell first, me for laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face, or the genius who made this.

YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM YOU ARE THE MONSTER : Mr.Clean saw a stain & leaped to magically erase it. Occupational hazard really.

Tom Lemsky : Eating hull for what

Curt G : omg, the infamous captain durp! almost gettin everyone killed cause hes too cool...hopefully the side of the boat knocked some sense into him

JBzzzz : I laughed/cried for 30 mins watching and reading these comments.

Gleep Wurp : Mr. Clean goes limp like a boned fish.

Chris San Filippo : Can the driver of this boat please do a Reditt AMA? I have a ton of questions lol

strafe777 : Freakin hilarious. Captain Obvious went down faster then a Mike Tyson knockout.

Christian Russian : Luv it, they think they r such hot shit then completely eat shit

fantasyqwest : OMG stop it, I can't breath. R.I.P me 😆🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣😆😆😂😂

conskate : Those sunglasses almost escaped but then they didn't...

teknomogul : the captain derping into the side of the boat like his head was magnetically attracted to the hull: the best!


Marvin Marv : the driver: "I'M DONE"

Noemi Rios : omg i almost died laughing. I literally peed on myself

Sein Schatten : the driver saw it coming and did an exemplary duck & cover

saquist : Nature; I'll teach you to wear sunglasses on a cloudy day!

Ramon Olivas : lol wow Mr clean bust his ass good

That Cannabis Guy : 0:12 in the video, top right corner, UFO.

Maverick Skolnik : The bald guy disappeared faster than my dad.

Ls Lx : what a hilarious amount of high caliber laughter you dosaged me with

FlyingShazbot : This is one of those timeless videos. It's like a fine wine that just keeps getting better with age.

TEXHO3OHA : These comments here are hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

Ayman Lockhart : Damn shouldn’t skip leg day! He thought he was coolest dude in world speeding in his boat.

tarkushead : The lady in green really bent the crap out of the throttle..

elyhim : Girl on right is not smiling and gripping tight - knows what can happen. The rest are smiling idiotically and have no clue.

Lo Lo : I was having a crappy morning until I saw this gem 😂

Agulani : he found a penny....

Barb Dwyer : Family Guy should use this.

уσнαη : when he dropped like a dead fish on the ground he was like: "Oh look i found a dollar"

Stephen Merck : I still laugh my a$$ off watching this terd burglar eat boat carpet.😄

Thomas Jones : The old chick in green is still rocking hot bod 😂😂

The Hitman : If you look closely, the Captain's head misses the metal hand rail by about an inch. Had he hit that it would have been instant death.

Jason Voorhees : Baldylox had no business driving that boat

Jennifer P : Lol i bet the driver doesnt think hes cool anymore

Maxwell Winters : That dude was out cold even before he hit the boats floor

Paul Monaco : If Timmy is wearing a Timex watch, this would be a great opportunity for a commercial, ( It takes a licking and keeps on ticking) Did anyone else think Timmy was trying to get closer to spy on the Lime Green Bikini Girl?

Pandu Miharja : i can't stop laughing

John Reese : I seriously cannot stop watching this video. I've probably watched about 75 times😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 it gets funnier every time I watch it.

Zachary Eudy : I watch this for 3 years and it's still funny

houston texas : man... every time i watch this video it cracks me up!!! lmao

cman weavster : All their sunglasses disappear...lol

GH05TM0V3R : I know you should not laugh, but, I just can't stop! especially during the slow motion bit, it's like they're all in a dishwasher getting thrown around & then rinsed off!!! I need to watch it again lol

PINEAPPLE SODA : the driver drops like a ton of bricks....

Kyle Cobb : The guy in the blue shirt in the back hit his head like 3 times in a row.

TheAlphatony : The guy in the back with the blue shirt is hitting his head on purpose because of the dumbness of this driver

A H : I died Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha