Witness the most IRISH accent EVER

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Bazza : These sheep haven’t been stolen, they’ve just moved themselves to a farmer they can understand.

Victor Coyenn : No one here seems to care about his sheep though.

Conrad Andrew : I can't understand the interviewer either Lassaturday mikie Joshie bought his fluka ska shee doon etc 😂 He is convinced over farty figh sheep etc

tōa šawamura : At some point it stops becoming an accent and it becomes a different language.

GREENWIE5EL : I'm french and this video doesn't seem to be the right place to learn english.

Fritigern : "Possibly at night. there’d be a full moon that hour of night, Sure it would be bright out and then could anyone go up in the mountains by night? sure. Well there was 45 sheep missing like, and with the lambs in there with em’ and the sheep, It counts out to a nice bit of money like? Can be done about it? nothing."

Arthur : Sounds scandinavian

kepeti86 : English is this guys second language. This area in Ireland is part of a Gaeltacht, a gaelic speaking region. He would never have learnt English properly more than likely, which explains why he is saying words out of order, as it is different in Gaelic. If you speak a different language, you will also more than likely say the words in the wrong order.

Alexander Borisov : This is how English sounds for those who don't understand English.

Aidan S : I think it's harder to understand because not only is he slurring words together. He also has a weird order to his words. Very Irish.

p schaub : He said "FARTY-FIVE"

HappyKat 9 : Even the sheep couldn't understand what he was saying

Yggi11 : He sounds like a drunk Norwegian with something in his mouth.

Arkenholm : Plot twist: he's a part time English teacher

xxlCortez : Sheeps left on their own because they couldn't take that accent anymore.

GentleCat : I am not a native English speaker , but I'm completely bilingual and live in a English speaking country and I never have problems understanding people but.... I didn't understand a single word he said

GentleCat : Not even the closed captions can help

Liam Does : I'm pretty sure Ireland is the only place where we can't even understand each other

Mr.Wellington Von Duke III : God created light and said it was good. Then created the earth and said it was good. Then created the Irish-man and said "I cant understand a word he's saying!".

Let's eat Grandpa : That's one hell of an accent! Love it!

Adam Baum : we should open a gofundme page for this dude and reimburse him for the sheeps. the least we can do for the 15 mins of laughter he gave us. Irish peeps - whats the going rate per sheep over there?

Timothy Moynihan : Sounded like my grandfather after a couple of pints. He was from Ireland. Thanks for the upload. Reminded me of my youth.

Adriano Martello : is it normal that i'm italian and that i can understand him?

hoover2001 : That guy's just making shit up and everyone else is just nodding, pretending like they understand.

bigfriki : I'd love to help this poor man and his sheep, but I didn't understand one word! XD

Lord Voldemort : I think he said he got the dragon.

DudeManGuy : Is that even english?

James Gray : That was beautiful... I think I understood 2 words from the first gent and about 5 from the second

Stupig DA : I want Saoirse Ronan to translate this for me.

PK PK : This is what you find when you reach the end of the rainbow.

Musicos Wateros : If you want to have a good laugh, then turn the subtitles on and enjoy ;)

dtfbhd : there must be some muslim bachelors in the area. It's their tradition to have a lot of wives

Hamza Shahid : Didn't understand shit. However, this reminds me to take the lamb chops out of the freezer

Troll Phace : Words I heard: sheep, difficult and dragon? Im guessing hes talking about how difficult it is to protect his sheep from dragon attacks?

Demetris : Not farty five sheep!

Bon Chance : enjoy the accent while it lasts the Indian/Irish Prime Minister is overseeing the interesting mix of large numbers of economic migrants to Ireland. facinating.

Dunja Jovicic : I only understood "pick em up"

bluemeannie : Scottish person : wis he sayin

Martina Lopez : They probably ran away because they didn't understand him lol

notorious 209 : Do Irish people understand what he's saying??

Indiana Joe : Those are American sheep. Red, white and blue. They probably just went home.

Alex AGC : Dude, I need someone to translate his English in English.

Fury Of Titans : Sounds like an Iberian pronouncing English. Actually Irish Celtic people and Celtic Iberians have a common tie.

Callum Yeater : Farty five sheep?

Bon Chance : now Ireland will be hearing the lilt of African , Middle Eastern accents... fare thee well dear Ireland

Zyro Beats : coming from armagh i cant get a word hes saying where in the hell in ireland is he from? Cork?

Stupig DA : Is he speaking Proto-Indo-Sino-Semitic?

Becky Warren : I love the Scottish and Irish accents.💕💕💕

Eugene Song : Not clickbait, 100% delivered on video title.

Clay Crei : I don't understand a single word and it fascinates me.