how many shrimps does cumlord have to eat

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Ohlordy 456 : His little kicks fckin slay me

Daddy Donald : look at this absolute _unit_

Mvngoes : Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior cumlord?

Sofia Porras : He’s living Gabe’s legacy.

Cat C : If cumlord has a adopted child oneday just call it *Semen squire*

lilrosethrone : Why is his name *CUMLORD*

「ジュリア」 : i would take a nuke for u cumlord

Name Goes Here : Why does the channel have to have that name? Gonna make me feel odd seeing Cumlordofficial in my subscription box, but it has to be done. This channel must be subscribed to.

Skrynbox : You name your dog Cumlord ? *G E N I U S*

puzzlii : this is actually so cute wtf

彼の目を盗む : This is what HowToBasic does on his free time... Plays with a marshmallow called cumlord

Sean MANNION : The amount of likes is the same amount of the times cumlord is the cutest

Xplode Studios : Do you own a dog, I only see a marshmellow

Valen I : this guy really loves his dog

Top kek : *God has join the server*

Proksy : Pronouncing Cumlord's name in a french accent nakes it sound fancy

oh yeah yeah : All hail our lord cumlord

H A P P Y •_•BE IT : My gf is a cumlord

Justin Y. : God bless you for naming him with such a magnificent name.

Satanlovesmilkk : I love the dog but it’s name...

chocolatemilqq : this is the most wholesome thing I've seen all day

Zuki da cute dog OwO : Flamingo IRL meme

thenaynaycat : Well HOW MANY????

tea ray : I, personally, would die for Cumlord. I love him so much.

Mittens R4 Kittens : Finally found some good entertainment. Thank you to you and cumlord for making great content ✨👍🏼

Piper Karrenbrock : *hOw MaNy ShRiMpS cAn YoU eAt* Me: *jUsT dOnT tUrN pInK*

DJrobber : He protecc He attacc But more importantly he want a tasty snacc

Ginger Mithra : This is literally my favorite video ever.

Marillium 108 : Me at 9 pm: i should go to bed. Me at 11 pm: HoW mAnY sHrImP

Charblastaur : *Let’s break it down*

KumaPaws376 : ˢ ʰ ʳ ᶦ ᵐ ᵖ ˡ ᵉ ᵗ ˢ

Quantum Radiation : Apparently zero... :( Cumlord didn't get any shrimp.

WorldsWorstBoy : *MANY SHRIMP*

Sora Jackson : Doing God's work I see, m8 👌🏽

Gobble Kronme : Why you name your dog CUMLORD?

Matthewos Abebe : Who thought it was a good idea to name this dog cumlord?

KrioThea : what a qute cummie

MissPurple2004 : I need to go to the hospital This cute little pie is too much for me (YOU'RE SO CUTE I WANT TO HUG YOU)

Eliana Graham : At first i thought it said cumload

LoopyOrWhatever : Now i wanna name a dog cumlord aswell This is sucha goid name

Twelve20two : I could listen to Kero Kero Bonito and watch Cumlord all day

c H i n A : He's walking the path of *Gabe*

MiChaengster Captain : Why the heck would you name a dog *cumlord*

Yuzuki Nakashima : I suddenly became a cumlord fan 😂 sick beat y'all


BrotherGoro : Ah yes, my daily dose of God

Takami // Blue Jay : As we slowly acend into the darkness from within our hearts and evil minds, watch this video and at least be glad you live in a timeline where this exists.

mihaelkyeah ksjn : Outraged internet youth: "Why is he called Cumlord?! His earlier owner was an asshole!11!1 :'''(" Members of the Church of Cumlord: "All praise Cumlord, and welcome our messiah, Jizzking!"

Potato Girl : Cumlord Has To Eat 420 Shrimps 👌 9 ( 9