how many shrimps does cumlord have to eat

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Rumble 2.0 : If God isn't real, then explain this! _Checkmate, atheists._

Wicked Amoeba : Just....why?😂

Twelve20two : I could listen to Kero Kero Bonito and watch Cumlord all day

BrotherGoro : Ah yes, my daily dose of God

Marco Holmberg : This is a quality content ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

puzzlii : this is actually so cute wtf

tea ray : I, personally, would die for Cumlord. I love him so much.

Kevinofrepublic : If someone tries to say art is dead just show them this video. Like, Sweetie. Art is alive and well.

Honey : What were you on while naming your dog? 💀😩

Natalie Alfera : Why is the marshmallow’s name Cumlord

DaniDonut : W-why would you name your dog Cumlord

WonderCreek : Lil marshmallow pupper has a great name

ampersand : what did the pup possibly have done in its past life to have such a name

Tallest Lady : Cumlord x KKB = the goodest shrimp of all ❤️

kath : The cinematography in this video is beautiful

Slurps : and i thought this channel couldn't get better

Justin Y. : God bless you for naming him with such a magnificent name.

NOOBTHESUPER : Cumlord will make Gabe proud.

Daddy Donald : look at this absolute _unit_

Lynx : I just can't get enough of cumlord

ArcaneActivist : So I lost my dog back in January, a few days after my birthday. Her name is Lexi and she looks exactly Cumlord. A few days after violently looking and posting her fliers and pictures on the internet, YouTube recommends this channel to me. When I watch the videos it makes me cry sometimes cause I miss her and I'm worried, but other times it makes me feel like she's out there somewhere having the wildest adventures

Pretzels722 : NAME OF SONGG?

Kobsta : The biggest crossover ever. Shrimp and marshmallow

I Don’t know : Everyone is this comment section is just happy people

「ジュリア」 : i would take a nuke for u cumlord

ridley crane : MY IDOL

WookedoutLINK : exit gabe enter cumlord

Avery M. McFarland : do you have to brush him pretty often?

Jennifer Cowart : I just whached a animaion video meme on this meme

HappyMaskSalesman : How the he'll has this channel not gone viral yet...

Tlow : I just stumbled upon this glorious channel from my recommendations and I couldn't be any happier. You my good sir, have earned yourself a new subscriber and i shall show all my friends your channel. You keep doing what you're doing with Cumlord and never stop.

PangoPixel : I'm new to this channel but... why is the dog's name Like That

H A P P Y •_•BE IT : My gf is a cumlord

L'Epouvantail : For some reason, I watch this thinking "meh" and every 10sec I burst out laughing because I remember this thing's name is cumlord.

The WaffleHead : CONGRATS ON 10k SUBS!

Alpay Bayraktar : He can have all of the shrimps.

Bon Bon : Gabe reincarnated?

mst3kanita : Luv those purple chairs. And of course, my baby cumlord!

Mvngoes : Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior cumlord?

bAD編集 : im scared that you refer to your dog as "cumlord"

Literal Crown : *giant hairy arm*

• Izumi • : That poor dog... I would hate to have a name like that... like you’re okay with calling your dog cumlord, especially in public...? Okay then..

bobtheboy bobtheboy : pure shrimp doggo

Skrynbox : You name your dog Cumlord ? *G E N I U S*

astral : subscribesd

DREW MoMo : All hail our lord cumlord

AndrewAddiction : *Art.*

YEN : aw yis

Endrance88 : best cosplayer ever

Julie Ward : Finally found some good entertainment. Thank you to you and cumlord for making great content ✨👍🏼