how many shrimps does cumlord have to eat

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Natalie Alfera : Why is the marshmallow’s name Cumlord

puzzlii : this is actually so cute wtf

Rumble 2.0 : If God isn't real, then explain this! _Checkmate, atheists._

Justin Y. : God bless you for naming him with such a magnificent name.

Daddy Donald : look at this absolute _unit_

Twelve20two : I could listen to Kero Kero Bonito and watch Cumlord all day

Honey : What were you on while naming your dog? 💀😩

NOOBTHESUPER : Cumlord will make Gabe proud.

Wicked Amoeba : Just....why?😂

ampersand : what did the pup possibly have done in its past life to have such a name

DaniDonut : W-why would you name your dog Cumlord

WonderCreek : Lil marshmallow pupper has a great name

Alondra Es extrañia : Why is his name *CUMLORD*

ArcaneActivist : So I lost my dog back in January, a few days after my birthday. Her name is Lexi and she looks exactly Cumlord. A few days after violently looking and posting her fliers and pictures on the internet, YouTube recommends this channel to me. When I watch the videos it makes me cry sometimes cause I miss her and I'm worried, but other times it makes me feel like she's out there somewhere having the wildest adventures

L'Epouvantail : For some reason, I watch this thinking "meh" and every 10sec I burst out laughing because I remember this thing's name is cumlord.

「ジュリア」 : i would take a nuke for u cumlord

WookedoutLINK : exit gabe enter cumlord

Mvngoes : Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior cumlord?

Skrynbox : You name your dog Cumlord ? *G E N I U S*

Tlow : I just stumbled upon this glorious channel from my recommendations and I couldn't be any happier. You my good sir, have earned yourself a new subscriber and i shall show all my friends your channel. You keep doing what you're doing with Cumlord and never stop.

Name Goes Here : Why does the channel have to have that name? Gonna make me feel odd seeing Cumlordofficial in my subscription box, but it has to be done. This channel must be subscribed to.

H A P P Y •_•BE IT : My gf is a cumlord

TOMO : How the he'll has this channel not gone viral yet...

Bon Bon : Gabe reincarnated?

Charblastaur : *Let’s break it down*

PangoPixel : I'm new to this channel but... why is the dog's name Like That

彼の目を盗む : This is what HowToBasic does on his free time... Plays with a marshmallow called cumlord

токето вото : All hail our lord cumlord

Pixel Wish : If cumlord has a adopted child oneday just call it *Semen squire*

Sarah B : Everyone is this comment section is just happy people

Ohlordy 456 : His little kicks fckin slay me

Proksy : Pronouncing Cumlord's name in a french accent nakes it sound fancy

Mittens R4 Kittens : Finally found some good entertainment. Thank you to you and cumlord for making great content ✨👍🏼

tea ray : I, personally, would die for Cumlord. I love him so much.

thenaynaycat : Well HOW MANY????

Matthewos Abebe : Who thought it was a good idea to name this dog cumlord?

bAD編集 : im scared that you refer to your dog as "cumlord"

fallen_lights : the greatest video on the internet.

BrotherGoro : Ah yes, my daily dose of God

Pretzels722 : NAME OF SONGG?

Anders Borgman : I only subscribed because of the name

WorldsWorstBoy : *MANY SHRIMP*

KrioThea : what a qute cummie

Gobble Kronme : Why you name your dog CUMLORD?

Sofia Porras : He’s living Gabe’s legacy.

bobtheboy bobtheboy : pure shrimp doggo

Walter Rowlands : Where's my "SiIva liked this" squad?

emptyspotlight : Gabe could sing. Cumlord can dance and cosplay

Ginger Mithra : This is literally my favorite video ever.

Top kek : *God has join the server*