Epirb Saves My Friends After Their Boat Capsizes at Sea, USCG Rescue, Charleston SC, Full Video

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steveo1kinevo : "What is he doing?"...he is saving your life!

Jim Norton's Alcoholism : Coast Guard rescue sounds like a fun job. The adrenaline from saving someone must be amazing.

Opt : That Coast Guard rescuer was like a super hero. Flies down, saves you, then flies away. I bet he loves his job.

phototristan : These guys seem drunk

ACG : Staying calm saves lives.

Jon R : I'm a coast guard IRL and the best thing to do in this situation is to go under the boat and drink all the water inside it. That was it fills up with air and flips over.

hamsterpaj111 : Glad they kept cool in that situation

James Owens : What a scary day. I was on the boat. To all the people that are talking shit r the ones who would die in situations like this. When we realized the boat was taking on water the boat went down less than 45 seconds. I'm glad we worked as a team. When other people would have panicked. I could not have better friends that care about each other. It makes me so mad to read comments that try to make us look bad. The four of us all have boats. We grew up on the water so having knowledge helped us out. This video only shows the part when we new help was on the way. The first 10 mins after the boat capsized I asked Chippy if we were going to die. He said NO not like this. He went under the boat to get more life jackets. I would like to thank Chippy, Ricky and Mika for saving my life. And to the Coast Guard no words can explain. After offshore fishing for more than 10 years I never thought this could happen. Never say Never

kal Desjarlais : coast guard was a beast of a swimmer

VA6IKR : i love all these comments calling them dumb. put yourself in their shoes and try to react to that situation

Aaron Stigall : I can almost smell the alcohol through my monitor.

bill braxton : Ding dong throws the striker into the sea, then asks where the striker is... Genius.

Needs More Flash!!! : "There was a little shark following me..." everyone goes quiet. including me.

Hool : Now that's a fishing trip to remember! Glad you guys made it out safely.

Callum Good : yep just throw the flare away....

Michael Steck : how does a boat fall apart at the keel, very strong part of the boat

Devy : How did you guys capsize? The water looks pretty calm..

playernameistoolong : nothing beats the sweet sound of a helo

wkeil1981 : Yo, you boat upside down dude.

xlxcrossxlx : "Wheres the striker at?" ... uhh ... your buddy threw it into the ocean.

Kojack : Why does everyone cheap out on life jackets? It literally saves your life

Evan Lukash : Anyone else see the kid chuck the striker overboard after it didn't work a couple times?

Vidman : That was one of the coolest videos I've seen in a long time.

Andrew : Mega douche bags rich kids saved by a dolphin......

LadyRotterdam : My "like" goes to the Coast Guard, not the bunch of morons on the boat.

c gusston : title should be "coast guard rescues four dumbasses"

aaron8862006 : USCG, professional as hell. Well done boys!

Jesus Christ : People are calling them dumb but this man is very wise for being properly equiped with emergency equipment, many boaters don't own EPIRB's.

Truth Matters : Simple minded, drunk numbskulls wasting the Coast Guards time and putting them at risk. Practice some responsibility and grow up!

popeye1250 : "The Three Stooges go to sea."

Do You Even Dab Bro : I’m glad it all worked out but the guy at the back of the boat was a little to loose for my liking.

Do You Even Dab Bro : This is one expensive video.

teccec : From the look of the hull I'd guess they were hauling ass and slammed the hull against the water.

CowsR4me : Nobody saved the beer cooler?

John Guthrie : I agree with some of these other posters. How dare these guys drink beer while fishing? Who even does that? How dare they cuss while standing on top of the wrong side of the hull 10 miles off shore? How dare they seem excited when a red sky fairy drops a merman in the sea to rescue them?

J mor : Never enough thanks for the USCG.

ShadyOnTheDaily : My dream is to become a rescue swimmer! I personally feel like it's what I was made to do and saving people on their worst day is what I need to do.

account not used. : I love the teamwork! Nice job to the USCG and the Good Samaritan Boat.

tr66 : Respect to the USCG.

Lyle Crafton : If one can afford a boat, one can afford an Eprib or PLB. No business being out on the ocean without one. Great video on the importance of having one and they happened to be out on a pretty decent day. Imagine heavy seas. I always have on my PFD, kill lanyard, and PLB on while underway. I also make sure everyone on the boat knows the location of the safety equipment.

Jay Mac : Foul-mouthed, redneck and irresponsible young guys should not be in charge of a boat!

Rasheed Well : The guys cursing the entire time needs to stop watching movies and wake up. You are not in a quentin tarantino movie mate. No one likes a foulmouth.

dnh300 : Damn they where lucky there boat kept floating

770-Arborist LLC : What kind of epirbs did yall have? did you find out if the coast guard heard 2 signals or one? if one, which worked and which failed?

Dean Fuller : Maybe if Yellow Shirt Numb-nuts put the life jacket on, it wouldn't keep going overboard.

Jose Gomez : I'll never buy a sea pro 😑

Kirby Kinsch : How did it fall apart? Did they forget to put the drain plug in?

Estevan Rodriguez : these kids were drunk now they are trying cover their ass saying something was wrong with the boat .just because they don't want to ruin their rich parents reputation.

Chris Hawley : Where's the striker at? Umm you threw it into the water...

Google It : Bravo for having an EPIRB and hand held VHF radios. Bravo on securing life jackets. Glad this turned out well for all aboard.